New Honda 2019 models

Trends of the global automotive industry today are clearly shaped by a deep study of consumer preferences, expert opinions, car enthusiasts with extensive experience, and the wishes of potential buyers. It is in this way that the novelties of the well-known Japanese concern Honda are created, which have numerous advantages that can be easily seen in the photo, which are placed on the old reports of automobile salons.


On trends and updates in 2019

Cars with the company logo have long been well known both at the world level and on domestic roads. The glory of reliable, good-quality and affordable cars from Honda is well-deserved. The main principles of the creators of the brand:

  • The maximum expansion of the technical and technological base;
  • Crossing all available real boundaries and opportunities, the desire to realize the most daring developments
  • The introduction of the most advanced scientific developments in passenger vehicles as the main driving force of progress

New Honda 2019 models

Even in the modern conditions of the most severe international competition of car manufacturers,Honda produces cars with a bright personality, different levels of value and a variety of body structures. Novelties of the next season, and there are more than enough of them, are shown in all the features on the video from the manufacturer. These are the CR-V crossovers, which first appeared in 1995, the Jazz hatchback, known for its expressive exterior and technological equipment, the compact compact-fit compact, which represents the ideal version of the budget line of urban transport, the Honda Prelude sports coupe of the two door type that first entered the market in distant 1978 year, Accord sedan with a distinctive design of the front.

Expensive, luxurious, prestigious and quite affordable for buyers with very modest incomes - they are all in demand and expected in the market. Judging by the available data, each of the promising models of the upcoming season is a combination of the classical traditions of the concern and prospects for the distant future. And each car as a technical new car is of particular interest.

Honda Accord season 2019

New Honda 2019 models

Cars category sedan - this is one of the main highlights of the Japanese company. First of all, for decades, this body structure allowed passenger transport to fully justify the status of its owner.In the 2018 Russian Accord market, this long-awaited update of the well-known model line for several decades can be called a long-awaited news. Where, if not on domestic roads, the elegant, stylish Honda is distinguished by its reliability, it is well adapted to quite tough climatic conditions and operation in Russia, and its elegant, stylish appearance.

  1. The stylistic decision is characterized by a combination of brutality, aggression and the finest taste;
  2. The front part has become much wider and more expressive, with narrow LED lights emanating from it, which are switching to the narrowed false radiator grille;
  3. Ellipsoid roof, narrowed side windows, a maximum of streamlined lines and a minimum of chrome. Glitter is not in the details, but in concept.

Inside, leather, metal, a little natural wood. Latest news - according to technological equipment, the Accord is ahead of many competitors of a similar design.


New Honda 2019 models

The sports coupe of the next season has become a long-awaited sequel to the legendary Acura, so beloved by young, energetic fans of high speeds.

  • The novelty will receive a high-tech reliable platform.
  • The exterior is distinguished by a lowered front part, exquisite thin headlights of front light.
  • In the interior, many details resemble the decoration and equipment of the Accord.

Given the minimum data on the new product, experts believe that today will be left front-wheel drive option.

Honda CR-V

New Honda 2019 models

CR-V model crossovers can hardly be called a surprise for car enthusiasts. The predecessors of the new 2019 are well-known to domestic motorists and have received excellent marks. The model is becoming more aggressive, masculine, becoming more assertive and sporty. Externally stand out impressive grille and radically redesigned front bumper. The 2019 CR-V crossover has a lot in common with Acura (headlights), Accord, Civic (chassis) models.


New 2018 Honda models

Hatchback is rightfully called one of the most attractive models from Honda manufacturers. It is distinguished by an economical power system, minimizing CO2 emissions while driving. There will be changes in the grille, bumper, head optics, functionality for smartphones and other modern innovations.

Honda fit

New 2018 Honda models

The surprisingly neat compact appearance, combined with excellent driving performance, a fairly spacious cabin and a roomy trunk for the carriage of goods allows it to be positioned as the smallest SUV in the world.Fit is environmentally safe, ergonometric, and the fuel consumed is gas, the volume is 1.5 liters.

Model Power l. from.
Accord 252 1, 390 million - 2, 000 million rubles.
Prelude Base - 200, turbo - 300 From 2, 450 million rubles
CR-V 185 No data
Jazz 100 The base is 22 000 dollars. , the top version is $ 33,000.
Fit 130 The base is 16 500 dollars.

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