New frame SUV 2018/2019 model year

It would seem that the fashion for crossovers with a monocoque body finally crowded out of the market frame SUVs, displacing them into a niche for real adventurers. Nevertheless, almost all manufacturers of real crooks presented new frame SUV 2018/2019 model year.

Everybody knows about frame flaws: large weight, valkost, body space is eaten. However, there are advantages:

  • strength, especially in torsion (off-road);
  • durability;
  • general car safety.

Let's see how modern trends get along with the classic frame structure.

Terra - the new frame SUV from Nissan

Nissan Terra 2018 2019

The compact frame SUV from Nissan has experienced a lot of transformations and names. Immediately make a reservation: compact is by the standards of the manufacturer. That is, against the background of Patrol and Pathfinder. At different times, it was Terrano (aka Ford Maverick) and Xterra for the American market.

The current mid-sized frame rogue from Nissan is called the Nissan Terra.The first thing that catches your eye is the attempt of designers to combine the traditional simplicity of external contours with the corporate look of the brand. Given the potential markets: China, Asia, Africa and Australia, the beauty of the exterior is not particularly conjured. Same Toyota Fortuner Terra loses in the net. But, as they say, they meet on clothes ...

In fact, the frame SUV assembled on the base of the Nissan Navara pickup truck looks very balanced. Smooth contours, modern optics. Even the subwindow line creates a figured step. In general, except for high clearance (230 mm), no utility is observed.

Nissan Terra 2018 2019 Salon

Salon can be 5 or 7 seats, the length of 4882 mm allows. "Children's disease" of all frame SUVs grown from pickups (high floor and low ceiling) is absent. Salon comfortable, if it is the only SUV in the family - he will go fishing or to the central supermarket with success. The internal design simply repeats the Navara pickup.

Under the hood works 2.5 liters. aspirated petrol (184 hp 236 Nm), aggregated with 6 speed manual or 7 automatic transmissions. Drive Part-time, spring suspension on all wheels.

The appearance of an SUV in the Russian market, as well as the installation of 2.3 dCi diesel engines (163 hp) is in question.403 Nm) and (190 hp 450 Nm).

Japanese American Isuzu Mu-X 2018 will be collected in Taiwan

Isuzu Mu-X 2018

Designed in close collaboration with General Motors, the Isuzu frame SUV is a redesigned Chevrolet TrailBlazer. In this case, the similarity with the "partner" is present only in profile. The radiator grill and head light are completely new. Of course, slanted headlights. The back also looks Asian: tailored to the target market.

American-style technology does not shine with variety:

  • rear-wheel drive or full plug;
  • gearbox no alternative automatic 6-speed;
  • two engines: gasoline aspirated 1.9 l., 163 hp or turbodiesel 3.0 liters. 177 hp

Isuzu Mu-X 2018 Salon

Interesting innovations in the cabin: a redesigned front panel with new instruments and a steering wheel. In the center is a chic 8 inch multimedia display with a navigator.

The length of the Mu-X allows you to place 3 rows of seats, as a result, in the cabin you can freely accommodate 5 adults and 2 teenagers.

And what about the Chinese?

Chinese frame SUVs are present on the Russian market for a long time. If earlier these were turned into licensed models of Japanese brands (and sometimes frankly “pirated” copies), then today the situation has changed radically.

Photos of frame SUVs from China are not only original, the bodies have their own charm.

Roewe RX8 2018-2019

Roewe RX8 2018

It's hard to say who he looks like. In fact, there is no desire to look for common features. Solid body leaves no doubt in off-road abilities. At the same time, a certain brutality is not without beauty. The flat panels of the doors are decorated with embossed stampings, the pattern of stiffeners is also present on the hood lid.

The front end is interesting: the wide grille and high-set headlamps emphasize the original eight-eyed foglights, which serve both the DRL and the additional light on the off-road.

Inside, inexpensive, but pretty imitation of leather and wood. There is enough space in all dimensions, even in height. Of course, the complete stuffing of electronic systems (this is the same 100% Chinese!).

Under the hood there is no alternative petrol turbo 2.0 with a capacity of 224 hp Especially for this model ordered an automatic transmission from Aisin, 6 steps.

Sales of frame off-roader Roewe RX8 in Russia are actively discussed. By analogy of the transfer of yuan to rubles, the expected price is about 1.6 million rubles. The main competitors in size and capabilities: Korean Santa Fe and Sorento.

HAVAL H9 after upgrading

HAVAL H9 2018

A large Chinese ramnik has already been noted on Russian roads, the last restyling makes it possible to attribute it to models 2018-2019.

External changes are minimal: a new front bumper with an optimized off-road front overhang, and a stylish grille, which now adorn 5 horizontal ribs.

Under the side doors, the eye is looking for the usual massive rapids - and they are not. More precisely, they are: solidly leave from under the bottom when opening the doors. And this is a Chinese!

Now about the main changes in the 2018 model: power units. 2.0 liters diesel with two successive turbines produces 190 hp Even the Toyota Prado is smaller. The traditional 2.0 gasoline engine with a turbine has become more powerful. Instead of 218 hp he gives 251 hp (we hope that 249 hp will be indicated in the Russian certification).

For such power units, a new box has been prepared: the eight-speed ZX is without alternative placed in any configuration.

HAVAL H9 2018 Salon

The cabin also has something to see. On the dashboard, between the analog devices, a 7-inch screen is installed. “Premium” electronic helpers appeared: all-round visibility, car driver, lane tracking, adaptive cruise control with automatic braking.

For Russia, the only equipment offered for 2.3 million rubles.

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