New form of Rubin 2017-2018 year

The new form of Kazan "Rubin" for the season of 2017-2018 will be presented only in winter. Around this time, the leadership of a football club representing the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Premier League, and plans to dress their players in something more remarkable.

Now it is known that the technical sponsor of the "ruby" will soon become the New Balance. This company is now wearing, for example, football players of English "Liverpool" and Portuguese "Porto".

A new form of Rubin for the season 2017-2018

Ruby + New Balance =?

In turn, the contract with Jako at Kazan stopped its operation in the summer of the 17th, and thus, it lasted only one year.

By the way, before Jako, Puma acted as technical sponsor of Rubin.

His title sponsor in the face of NKNH "Rubin", apparently, is not going to change in the near future.

New home shape "Rubin" for the season 2017-2018

The new home form “Rubin” for the season of 2017-2018 has so far been presented exclusively in the form of renders. This means that there is a high probability that as a result, its appearance will change significantly.Similarities, of course, will be present, but, quite possibly, a lot of things will change, although not a fact.

A new form of Rubin for the season 2017-2018

Home Form (Render)

So, the wards of Kurban Berdiyev, who returned to Rubin after a while, hoping to win back with him everything that was possible, as it was not so long ago, when Kazan literally shone on the football field, at home in Kazan Arena The winter of 2017-2018 will appear in ruby-colored T-shirts, which for them is considered a classic, but made in a rather original style.

This appearance of Rubin's football T-shirts, it seems, has become more well-groomed, or something. New Balance offers ruby-colored T-shirts, on the perimeter of which all the inscriptions and logos will be highlighted with a golden hue. The edges of the sleeves and shorts (or shorts, if you will) will also be golden.

Interestingly, NB offers two options for homewear for “ruby”: a ruby ​​T-shirt, shorts and leggings or a ruby ​​T-shirt + black shorts and leggings. We are also interested: can we immediately approve these two options?

In principle, the home form has not undergone major changes, in comparison with its previous design, as you see.

Exit kit

But for games on the road New Balance, according to rumors, prepared a surprise for the Kazan people. But will they appreciate it?

A new form of Rubin for the season 2017-2018

Exit kit (render)

If earlier the guest set of the Kazan club form was with interlacing lines, now all this chaos was managed to be avoided. From now on, a T-shirt if it is green and white, without a pattern on the main part of the shirt.

Generally, the shirt is white, while the inner part of the T-shirt, shoulders (up to the sleeves) and the collar are highlighted in green.

By the way, the gate that on the home form, that on the away kit is presented in the form of a triangle and without buttons.

Third form

Let's tell you a little about the third form of “Rubin”. Here, the designers of NB suggested something similar than previously mersisaytsy were content: two wide lime strips + three black and white stripes with one of them in the center.

A new form of Rubin for the season 2017-2018

Third form

What of all this will soon come to life, we are about to find out. In the meantime, we can only enjoy the revival of the Rubin under the guidance of the notorious Kurban Berdiyev in his old clothes. We are waiting for the update.

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