New-fashion slacks - what is it?

Recently, mods have increasingly starteduse such a thing as slacks. What it is? What are these trousers different from their relatives, what are they best to wear? Let's look in detail with the answers to these and other questions about the specifics of this type of clothing.

For modern designers is not new to the appealto the trends of the past years and their adaptation to current trends. Slacks belong to one of these symbioses of the past and present. But since its invention, this model has experienced a number of transformations, and the market has many versions of it, which differ from the original concept.

Turning to the origins

slacks what it is

Pants Slacks saw the light in the distant 40-ieslast century. They are due to the head of the advertising agency Edmond Haggar. He conceived this model as clothing for free wearing at leisure.

The first slacks were made from a dense fabric called "gabardine". They had a loose cut, the bottom part could be tucked. They did not have arrows.

The very name of these pants tells us about their purpose. Slacks - what is it? Translated from English, this word means "lazy, inactive, sluggish".

It may seem that such pantsare designed to roll on the couch. But these are not simple sports pants, in which we walk at home. This clothing is something more.

They were created as a more laid-back versionclassic classic trousers, in the wearing of which you can not do without rigor and restraint. Unlike their conservative relatives, slacks look more careless, and with them you can combine not only business things.

What are they today?

slacks for men

So, slacks - what is it and where can it be?to put on? Their modern models have several purposes. Men's options are created in a sporty and at the same time refined style. They are ideal for creating simple and fashionable everyday images.

For sewing, dense blended fabrics, similar to gabardines, from which the first such trousers were made, are used. Near the belt on them are special folds, and the pants at the bottom are tucked.

Initially, there were no shooters on slacks, but withtime there were models with them. Immediately there is this question: "Slacks - men's pants, but with a different name?". If not, how do they differ from the classical models? The second of their metamorphosis in comparison with the first models is a decrease in width and the appearance of narrowed shapes.

The cardinal changes

If the first models were created for wearing outside office hours, then their evolved counterparts began to fit perfectly into the business dress code.

Call them 100% classic or,conversely, informal, it would be wrong. This kind of clothing lies at the intersection of the classics and the cave, it equally belongs to both these categories.

slacks women

These pants were originally created for men, butover time, slacks also appeared for women. They have a similar cut and can be used both to create everyday street bows, and for business images.

Symbiosis of fashion genres

Slacks - what is it? Some claim that they look like jeans, but they are not made of denim, but of ordinary cloth. Others say that such trousers are relatives of chinos, but more dense.

pants slacks

From these examples it is possible to clearly understand how controversial the modern fashion is. Only specialists can give an accurate definition of this or that kind of clothes.

Also there is an opinion that slacks are more like official clothes than jeans and chinoses, which is quite problematic to fit into a strict image.

This thing, created originally to be worn in an informal atmosphere, safely moved into the wardrobe of business mods.

So, slacks - comfortable, stylish,sloppy-office pants that will be useful to you for virtually any occasion of life. In spring, they are perfectly suited for free sweaters, sweaters, informal jackets. And in the summer they can be combined with different vests, monotonous or with print T-shirts, T-shirts, any tops, jeans and light shirts and other things.

Slacks, unequivocally, can be called mast-hev of every mod. They are useful for creating a variety of images, in each of which you will look unique.

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