New cartoons in 2019

The season of cartoons in 2019 - new items that are doomed to success. They contain the magic of sincere emotions that unites both adults and children. Friendly family viewing of cartoons is like a waking dream, returning adults to the fabulous world of childhood, and children to the universe, where the nobility of good is always victorious and creative. We present the cartoons of 2019 - a list of exciting full-length pictures of varied genres from the best animation studios in the world.

How to Train Your Dragon 3

Genre: cartoon fantasy, adventure, family.
Directed by: DeBlois.

How to Train Your Dragon 3

Rejoice, lovers of fascinating animated films - the third part of the story about dragons and the heroic Viking tribe from the island of Olukh is finally published. It is finished: "How to tame the dragon 3" - cartoon 2019! Now precisely and irrevocably. Fans of the incomparable Bezzubik (the rarest dragon from the night furies) and the fearless Hicking find out what new adventures and trials await mature characters.

Animation action from the studio DreamWorks Animation is based on the books of the British children's writer Cressida Cowell. The film project, which already has two parts, shot in 2010 and 2014, instantly fell in love with the audience with a touching story of a selfless, self-sacrificing friendship between dragons and people (previously irreconcilable enemies) and the fantastic reality of special effects.

The first part of the charming cartoon proved that fame can be found not in battles for the sake of destruction, but in friendship, support and mutual understanding. The second one, which united not only reconciled dragons and people, but also a mother with a son - that love can defeat the most terrible evil.

The plot of the third part is carefully hidden by the creators, but it became known from the director of triquel Dean DeBlois: this will be the real culmination of the story. Both Hiccuping and Bezzubik will become leaders: one - the tribe, the other - flocks, and they will want to finally unite their two worlds. They, of course, will be helped by Valka - the queen of dragons and the mother of Icking. He didn’t talk about anything else, but they still say that the plot of "How to Train Your Dragon 3" is full of unusual turns, and even a new intriguing hero appears in it - the untamed relative Bezzubik - a wild night fury! We are waiting for the premiere closer to spring.

Cold heart 2

Genre: cartoon musical, fantasy, comedy, adventure, family.
Director: Jennifer Lee.

Cold heart 2

Hurrah Hurrah! A new snow sequel is expected by autumn: “Cold Heart 2” - a cartoon from 2019. The story of the princesses Erendella, sparkling with the burning magic of the Christmas miracle, continues. The first part of the cartoon gave us the story of the two sisters of Elsa - the mistress of ice and snow, and Anna - a good-natured and trusting little girl, introduced Olaf, a living snowman, in whose chest a heart full of love beats; showed that trolls can raise from a lost little boy a courageous man who is ready for feats - Kristoff.

The second part promises to reveal the secret: how did Elsa get the icy gift, because she is the daughter of the most ordinary mortals. Animated ribbon will be even more colorful. The story of two sisters acquires new details. Rumor has it that Elsa may not be the king’s blood at all, and therefore the younger sister, Anna, may ascend to Erendell's throne, and the simple-minded Kristoff can become king. There is a possibility that Olaff will have an amazing girlfriend. In any case, “Cold Heart 2” is warm,despite the abundance of snow, the heart story of a friendly, overgrown family of crowned sisters of the magical kingdom, which immensely loves its charming monarchs. And his beauty will be filled with fascinating music, elegant songs and sparkling jokes of heroes.

Mavka. Forest song

Genre: animated fantasy, comedy, romance, family.
Director: Alexandra Ruban.

Mavka. Forest song

An incredible cartoon premiere awaits us: “Mavka. Forest Song "- a lyric cartoon of 2019.

The primeval beautiful forest is full of wonders and inhabitants hidden from the human eye. And the very soul of the forest lives there - dreamy Mavka, the embodiment of mother nature, in whose heart there is only love for everything living and beautiful.

The forest lives by its own laws, but people are invading it, that instead of miracles and magic they see danger and a way to enrich themselves at the expense of forest gifts. A collision is inevitable, but a miracle happened - the forest princess heard the sound of the pipe smith Lukash. They met their gazes, and in their hearts lit love. Breathtaking feelings swirled the two worlds in a magical unity, but beauty was destined to face evil destroying everything and everyone: Kilina (according to another version of Akulin) - the rich fellow villager Lukasz - wanted to seize the riches of the forest.Her grip slay all around. Will the wicked Lukash and the forest mermaid Mavka be able to save and protect both their love and the house presented by nature itself. The fight will be serious.

The cartoon is based on the majestic folklore-mythological, philosophical poem “Forest Song” by the great Ukrainian poetess, translator and writer Lesia Ukrainka (Larisa Kosach-Kvitka). The original has a tragic ending. The cartoon, filled with poetry and lyrics, is enriched with humorous notes and, of course, a happy ending.

Madagascar 4

Genre: comedy, adventure, family.
Directed by: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath.

Madagascar 4

Summer promises to be fun: Madagascar 4 is being prepared for the show - a 2019 cartoon. The inseparable four of friends: an artistic and courageous lion, a cheerful zebra, a romantic giraffe, a soft-hearted hippopotamus, travels again and ends up in dizzying adventures. And still they are waiting for the arrival of relatives: a little bit of unlucky, a little bit dissatisfied, very original, and, of course, forever in unimaginable situations.

The comedy is flavored with love sketches, hot clashes of related antisympathies and the wisdom of alternative solutions.Of course, the cartoon will not do without famous strategists and extra-original tactics - four penguins. “Madagascar” is impossible without them, because the ace of trumps is always hidden in their wings, which can help out at the most acute moment.

Toy Story 4

Genre: multi-adventure, comedy-fantasy, family.
Director: Josh Cooley.

Toy Story 4

Of course, you believe that toys at night (or when people don’t look at them) come to life. No? Then you will find a surprise: "Toy Story 4" - a cartoon in 2019.

The plot is radically different from the three previous cartoons. A friendly company of toys living in a cozy home, separated. Cheerful, resilient cowboy Woody disappears from the sight of friends. Moreover, he will have to experience the misadventures of Robinson Crusoe and not lose his guiding star - faith in friends, in friendship itself. No less tragic is the fate of the space ranger, Buzz, who was thrown into the ocean’s abyss by an influx of waves. How are friends saved? How to find each other? What awaits them? How have they changed and have they changed at all? We learn in the summer of 2019.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Genre: animation adventures, comedy, family.
Directed by: Chris Reno and Yarrow Cheney.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

May 2019 will give a new cartoon: "The Secret Life of Pets 2". The sequel promises to be grand. It is no longer just a playful and reckless history of pets: Max’s footed terrier, Duke’s bogus, Chloi’s well-fed and inventive kisun, Gidget’s active spitz-dog, Buddy, a sarcastic dachshund, and a snow-white rabbit in the wicked, malicious, rascal dachshund. bully The plot is twisted much cooler. Max and his friends, both old and new, will have to be balanced on the edge of a foul in order to preserve their lives and not fall into the mud with their faces.

More humor, adventures, ingratiating jokes and subtly noticed features of "mimish", but such wayward four-legged pets. The breathtakingly winding story of friends loyal to each other and to selflessly loving their masters. They may be different, albeit different breeds, but is this an obstacle to true friendship? The cartoon is a stunning dynamic and enviable ability to melt hearts with devotion.


Genre: cartoon fantasy, comedy adventure, family.
Directed by: Guillermo del Toro, Mark Gustafson.

Pinocchio 2019

March will present a new version of the classic "Pinocchio" - in the cartoon in 2019. Beaten plot, someone thinks. And no. In the picture is the old-new hero. No, of course, he comes from a carpentry workshop. And his nose grows from lies. And the flighty asks him sometimes good ... no - not a belt, but a swirling, eventful adventure. Such that makes the wooden heart come alive, and fill the soul with genuine emotions. The hooligan tomboy simply attracts misadventures, and oh, how easy it is to get out of them. But nothing is impossible.

Well, a very instructive story that you definitely need to see with the children, surprising them with a new reading of the old story and amazed by the possibility of special effects.

Christmas adventures

Genre: cartoon adventure, family.
Director: Anton Vereshchagin.

The ringing-haired Janglis from the magic Happyland are returning with wonderful “Christmas adventures” in the cartoon of 2019. Tiny little men in colorful funny costumes, which are so fond of Russian kids, want to celebrate the most magical holiday in the world.What is needed for it? Mood, snow, gifts, fireworks, Christmas tree and the ability to dress up. How? After all, they have never done this before? But is it possible to stop the Jingglik if they conceived something? They invented the snow, and an automatic machine for launching bright and brilliant fireworks, Santa Claus was found, and the Christmas tree was found ... Naturally, it turned out to be “not perfect”, and the tree disappeared somewhere. Adventure and hassle is enough.

The cartoon is so atmospheric, colorful and informative that it will win the hearts of not only the younger children, but also the sophisticated fantasy spectators. He is very kind and truly family-friendly.

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