New buildings Kursk from the developer with delivery in 2019

Children grow up and try to make their nest, overgrown generations of families are leaving for the purpose of improving their living conditions, labor migration, again, requires space for their accommodation ...

All these objective prerequisites become a justification for the most powerful development in the last years of housing construction, and, what is infinitely encouraging, not only in the metropolitan area, but also on the ground. In particular, Kursk was no exception, it was an absolutely wonderful one, rather violently and steadily improving, becoming more and more attractive so that many Russians, a city, would want to call it home.

For reference, this ancient settlement is located five hundred kilometers from Moscow, to the south of it, on the picturesque banks of the rivers Kur and Tuskar with their numerous tributaries. This is one of the most ecologically clean parts of the country, with a long and glorious history, the first mentions of which are dated to the beginning of the last millennium.

Once it was part of Chernigov, and then Novgorod-Siversky, Pereyaslavsky principalities and the second son of Vladimir Monomakh, Izyaslav, sat first on his throne, and in the Middle Ages he was destined to become a powerful outpost on the southern borders of Moscow principality.

The favorable location at the crossroads of trade routes, the actively developing trades and the wealth of the surrounding nature contributed to the fact that Kursk was constantly growing in size and population. Under tsarism, he passed on to the Kiev gubernia, then to the Belgorod one, and then became a separate regional entity. Under Soviet rule, the city continued to improve: many key industries opened here, several universities, and, of course, work continued on the protection of historical sites, as well as museum collections of these places.

Now there are excellent conditions for living in an environmentally friendly environment, infrastructure and entertainment are well developed, and the population is close to half a million people.

It employs many factories and plants of the chemical, food, engineering, construction industry and the production of electrical equipment.The message is extremely developed: two railway lines of key destinations pass, there is an own airport with regular flights to the capital, St. Petersburg and other cities of the country, and a network of highways is developed, including access to and on the federal highway.

There is no metro here, of course, but there is a quite decent variety of public transport, besides Kursk is considered an extremely loyal and promising city for the younger generation, as the general secondary and pre-school education is very well developed here, and there are more than a dozen universities of various directions.

Kursk is constantly expanding its borders, including at the expense of brand new modern residential buildings and housing complexes, developing both the central streets of the city and its other districts, as well as the outskirts. The turn of many of which is expected just in 2019.

LCD at pr-te Plevitskoy

As a result, this complex will constitute a full-fledged microdistrict of 19 ten-story monolith-brick houses of budget development, with a total area of ​​17.5 hectares.

New buildings Kursk 2019

It is located in the southwest of the city, near V. Klykov Avenue. Nearby there are stops for various public transport links to any part of Kursk: only ten minutes to the center, 20 to the railway station, and five to the bus station.

On the first floors of the houses there will be a developed network of shops, firms providing various services, there will be own health-improving formations. Nearby there are several schools and kindergartens, a university with a sports complex, as well as markets, clinics and a regional hospital, many large supermarkets. Near the LCD - the outskirts of the city with its fields, Popovsky forest, river and pond.

The houses offer apartments of 1-3-room layout, which can have both a full finish and minimal. There are also in the housing stock and euro-planning for two-room apartments, one-room studio apartments, as well as interesting options with corner loggias and double-glazed windows. The courtyards of the complex are landscaped: there are footpaths, broken lawns and recreation areas, playgrounds, as well as surface parking.

LCD "Belarusian quarter"

residential complex "Belarusian quarter"

In the north-west of Kursk, on Maysky Boulevard, a beautiful architectural design residential complex of six houses with two entrances in each, 10 floors high is being built. They are being built on energy-efficient technology, they are distinguished by well-developed residential areas with spacious parking lots, a place for children to play and for adults to rest. And they offer there one-bedroom apartments, ranging from 39-60 sq. M. in panel buildings of economy class.

In total, the plan of the complex assumes the presence of seven buildings, and in 2019 they are just going to take the last two of them.

LCD "st. Gaidar, 26A"

An extremely nice design residential complex with an interesting facade solution, the main highlight of which are stylish and comfortable balconies, immediately attracts the attention with spectacular towers on the roofs and roof windows.

It consists of only one building on 10 floors, built on monolith-brick technology with economy-class apartments and a well-developed surrounding infrastructure. The adjoining territory will also be qualitatively landscaped, including both children's and sports grounds, as well as recreation areas, spacious parking lots and green areas. Delivery is scheduled for the second quarter of next year.

LCD "Ryabinki Park"

LCD Ryabinki Park Kursk 2019

In the most prestigious district of the city - Severny, on Ryabinovaya St., an extremely cheerful modern design is being built on a residential complex of three ten-story buildings, just 400m from Pobeda Avenue.

Luxury building is a club quarter with a closed protected area, private parking and excellent layouts of apartments.Many interesting energy-efficient and “smart” technologies have been introduced in the houses, and the areas around them have been fully landscaped - there will even be a large-scale children's playground and a recreational green zone with a fountain. The infrastructure around the complex is extremely developed - there are shops, a gymnasium and a couple of kindergartens.

Offered 1/2/3-bedroom apartments with improved planning in monolithic houses.

LCD "Star"

In the Central District of Kursk, two ten-story buildings are being built with surface parking, a playground, a recreation area and landscaping. In total, more than three hundred apartments of various layouts of one-three-bedroom from 37 to 85 sq.m.

Nearby are numerous infrastructure facilities, including schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, shops and service enterprises. Apartments are equipped with all the necessary individual meters, and in the basement there are rooms for renting offices with separate entrance groups.

Microdistrict "Silver Hills"

Microdistrict in the Northern area "Silver Hills"

Another whole microdistrict in the Northern region, in the Central Administrative District, will appear on General Grigoryev St. with a futuristic facade design, public transport stops are five minutes away, and you can get to the center in 10-15 minutes by car.

The apartments are heated individually, there are various layouts, incl. and studio apartments, and there is a wide range of footage for all types - from 28 sq.m. to 105. The area around the houses will be landscaped, with flowerbeds and lawns, recreation areas and active pastime, children's and sports grounds, as well as underground and guest land parkings. Very close - a chic forest park zone, and in general the area has a well-developed infrastructure.

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New buildings Kursk from the developer with delivery in 2019 11

New buildings Kursk from the developer with delivery in 2019 31

New buildings Kursk from the developer with delivery in 2019 95

New buildings Kursk from the developer with delivery in 2019 89

New buildings Kursk from the developer with delivery in 2019 14

New buildings Kursk from the developer with delivery in 2019 87