New 2019 in the Moscow region

New 2019 in the Moscow region should be held for those who want to meet the main winter holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan metropolis. For a rich and peaceful holiday it is not necessary to buy a ticket to or, but it is enough just to drive a few tens of kilometers from the “gold-headed” one. In the metropolitan area there are many places where you can spend the night on January 1 in a fabulous atmosphere.

How to meet the New 2019 in the Moscow region?

If you are going to rest in the Moscow region for the first time during the Christmas holidays, then we recommend choosing the following holiday options:

  • rent a country cottage;
  • visiting eco-farms or estates;
  • sightseeing;
  • settling in boarding houses and motels.

Cottages for the New Year in the Moscow region

Each of these types of leisure involves certain financial expenses, but the prices for accommodation and meals in the Moscow region are much lower than in the capital, so tourists will surely be able to save.

Rental Property

A key rule applies to the issue of renting housing: the farther from Moscow, the cheaper.The table below shows the approximate cost of renting cottages in the metropolitan area for the New 2019 year:

Property Name

Remoteness from Moscow

Cost of living

Single-level house in the dacha cooperative "Fun Forest"

45 km on the Leningrad highway

12 thousand rubles / day

Two-storey cottage in Tuchkovo

70 km along the Minsk highway

15 thousand rubles / day

Two-storey cottage in Sorochany

50 km on Dmitrovskoye Highway

17 thousand rubles / day

Single-level house in the Russian style (complex "Etnomir")

70 km on the Kaluga highway

8 thousand rubles / day

Two-level cottage in "Kolkunovo"

150 km on Dmitrovskoye Highway

8 thousand rubles / day

Single-level house in the village "Pletenka"

120 km along the Simferopol highway

12 thousand rubles / day

Most of the proposed cottages have everything you need for a comfortable stay, including a bath, a fireplace, a barbecue, a private walking area, modern household appliances, etc. The main advantage of this holiday is privacy, and more and more residents of the metropolis choose it. Book your favorite home better in advance, a few months before the holidays, otherwise vacant cottages will not be available.

Eco farms and manors

A family meeting of the New Year 2019 in the Moscow region, many tourists organize on eco-farms and estates. There will not be loud music, shows or incendiary parties, and children will be able to join nature, feed the animals, ride a sled (ski, skate). The main advantage of the eco-farm will be natural food, since almost all the dishes here are prepared from the products of their own production.

New Year on the Eco Farm

The list of popular eco-farms and estates of the Moscow region for New 2019 includes:

  • "Luchino";
  • Kuznetsovo;
  • Vankovo;
  • Potapovo;
  • "Konovalovo" and others.

The cost of living in such institutions varies in the range of 5-8 thousand rubles / day. This amount usually includes three meals a day, room service, visits to animals with animals. For a fee, it is possible to rent sports equipment, ride horses, relax in the bath.

Sights near Moscow

The meeting of the New 2019 in the Moscow region, many tourists combine with a visit to the cultural and historical sites. The list of objects for inspection must be selected depending on the region of celebration, since there are several dozens of them in each district.The main attractions of the area are:

  • Vysotsky Monastery (Serpukhov);
  • House-Museum of P. I. Tchaikovsky (Klin);
  • Borisoglebsky Monastery (Dmitrov);
  • The palace and park ensemble "Arkhangelsk";
  • Museum complex "Horse yard" (Sergiev Posad);
  • Epiphany Staro-Galutvin Monastery (Kolomna);
  • Old manor "Big Vyazemy" (A. Pushkin's poetic birthplace), etc.

Vysotsky Monastery Serpukhov

Most of the cultural-historical complexes will work during the Rozhdestvensky holidays on a weekday schedule, as a result of which there will be no problems with visiting them. Those who want to see the modern sights of the Moscow region should look into the Angel Equestrian Club (Zaraisk), the Kolomna Skating Center, the Avanpost Ranch (Mozhaisk), the Russian Ostrich Farm (Serpukhov).

Resorts and sanatoriums near Moscow

Those who wish to have fun celebrating the New Year 2019 in the Moscow region, at the same time improving their health, must move into a sanatorium in the region. Clean air, advanced therapeutic techniques, qualified medical staff - this is famous for recreational facilities of the capital region.You will get information about the popular resorts, boarding houses and holiday homes of the Moscow region from the following table:

Institution name



Cost of living

Sanatorium "Pushkino"

The village of Pushkino (20 km from Moscow)

Comfortable rooms, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, gym, swimming pool, nearby pine forest, etc.

from 5,5 thousand rubles / day

Sanatorium "White Lake"

Shatura District (150 km from Moscow)

Satellite TV, gym, swimming pool, billiard room, massage room, lake, pine forest on site, etc.

from 3,5 thousand rubles / day

Sanatorium Victoria"

The village of Rakovo (60 km from Moscow)

Bar / Lobby, restaurant, swimming pool, gym, Wi-Fi, pine forest around the buildings,

from 4 thousand rubles / day

Pension "Bor"

Village Odintsovo (26 km from Moscow)

Diagnostic center, SPA center, several restaurants, bar, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, ski tracks, gym, etc.

from 5 thousand rubles / day

Rest House "Bekasovo"

Village Bekasovo (78 km from Moscow)

Ice skating rink, restaurant, bar, sauna, swimming pool, bowling alley, gym, solarium, etc.

from 8 thousand rubles / day

Sports Park "Volen"

Yakhroma city (72 km from Moscow)

Ski slopes, sports equipment rental, sauna, swimming pool, restaurant, Wi-Fi in rooms, gym, massage room, etc.

from 20 thousand rubles / day

All motels, boarding houses and recreation centers offer visitors incendiary New Year parties, during which you can enjoy live music, dance, make interesting acquaintances or take part in competitions. Entrance to such an event is paid (from 1 to 3 thousand rubles), but the holiday atmosphere and the resulting charge of good mood are worth the money spent.

Rounds for New year in Moscow area

To organize a holiday in the suburbs for the New 2019 is possible with the help of tour operators. The choice in this direction is truly enormous: from budget options costing 10-12 thousand rubles per person to trips with the "all inclusive" option in prestigious hotels in the region. Here are just a few suggestions from Moscow tour operators:

  • 3-day check-in at the Tropicana Hotel - from 45 thousand rubles for two;
  • 3-day ticket to Heliopark Talasso - 60 thousand rubles for two;
  • 3-day ticket to the Forest Art Resort "New Year" - from 70 thousand rubles for two

Moscow region in winter

The price of the tour includes medical insurance, food, accommodation, room service, use of hotel infrastructure, a number of excursions. For the New Year's banquet, as a rule, will have to pay extra separately.

Thus, for a bright and memorable New Year 2019, there is no need to go far from Moscow. In the metropolitan region there are dozens of institutions, where every year thousands of tourists are fascinating and nontrivially welcome the main holiday of winter. The main thing is to choose the right place based on your requests, preferences and expected level of service.

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