New 2018 in Vietnam

The new 2018 in Vietnam is a sea of ​​positive impressions, affordable prices and. This amazing country is considered to be a real tropical paradise for travelers, which offers a huge range of entertainment. It is important that for Russians the visa-free entry into Vietnam is allowed, therefore the flow of tourists from the Russian Federation, wishing to discover the mysterious Asian world, is gradually increasing.

January weather

Vietnam in January 2018 will delight guests with the warm sea (water temperature - 23-25 ​​ºС), bright sun and white beaches. The coldest of all will be in the northern regions of the country, where the temperature during the day varies between 12-18 ° C, and at night it drops to 3-5 ° C of heat. Fortunately, all popular resorts are located in the central and southern part of the country, where the thermometer rarely drops below 20-25 ° C.

Weather in Vietnam


When planning a holiday in Vietnam in January 2018, be sure to bring an umbrella with you, or buy it right after landing at the airport. The tropical climate brings heavy showers, under which in seconds you get wet to the skin. Rains start suddenly, but pass within an hour, and the beaches dry out in 3-4 hours.If you do not want the weather to take you by surprise, try to have an umbrella with you.

Where to go for the New 2018 in Vietnam?

Traditionally, several resorts are popular with foreign tourists in Vietnam. This list includes:

  • Mui Ne;
  • Nha Trang;
  • Phu Quoc;
  • Phan Thiet

Nha Trang is a wonderful resort city in the central part of the country. During the winter holidays, it is transformed beyond recognition: everywhere are hanging garlands, decorating shop windows, and on some streets you can see artificial fir trees with Santa Claus figures. On the evening of December 31, Nha Trang’s beaches, cafes and restaurants in the city will be crowded. Tourists on the beaches will be able to exchange souvenirs, dance to the fiery music, admire the fascinating views of the night sea. The abundance of attractions, comfortable hotels, many shopping centers - these are the main advantages of Nha Trang for Russians.

Phu Quoc

On the island of Phu Quoc, located in the Gulf of Siam in the south-west of Vietnam, all the conditions for a beach holiday and water entertainment. New Year is usually met here in restaurants of hotels, each of which organizes an original show program.Some travelers prefer to spend the main winter holiday on the coast, but in this case it is necessary to coordinate their actions with the owner of the beach (as a rule, the owners are hotel complexes).

The resorts of Mui Ne and Phan Thiet in the south of the country are considered to be an excellent place for lovers of intense extreme rest. Here it is warm enough to swim, and the height of the waves on some beaches reaches 3-4 meters. Many tourists come here especially for surfing, kiting or riding jet skis. In addition, tourists can appreciate the beauty of the region, seeing the White Dunes, Red Canyon, Lotus Lake, pitahai plantations and other unique attractions.


The cost of holiday in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries in terms of tourism, and prices for the New 2018 rise slightly. Rental housing will cost the most, especially if you are going to visit the country on your own, without the services of a tour operator. For example, in the hotels of Nha Trang and Fukuoka, the cost of a double room in a three star hotel varies between $ 25-40, and similar rooms in hotels with 5 stars will cost from $ 80 / day.It is inexpensive to rent a house in Mui Ne or Fantet, because here the price of a double room in budget hotels starts from $ 7 per day (for long stays, guests receive good discounts).

Bazaar in Vietnam

As for the prices for entertainment, food, souvenirs, they are at a quite democratic level:

  • dinner at a restaurant - $ 20-40;
  • a small snack in a cafe - $ 5-15;
  • cosmetic procedures - from $ 8;
  • excursions - from $ 10 to $ 50 per person;
  • rental of sports equipment - from $ 7 per day.

It is noteworthy that in Vietnam merchants and institutions willingly accept US dollars, euros, and sometimes Russian rubles. However, officially in this country it is allowed to pay only dongs. Therefore, in order to avoid misunderstandings or unpleasant situations, try to acquire local money. In Russia, this is quite difficult to do, but there are several exchange offices at the airports of Vietnam, although the rate in them is extremely disadvantageous for the budget traveler.

What do tour operators offer?

Since prices in Vietnam are low and the quality of service is beyond praise, the flow of tourists to the New 2018 will only increase.In summer, 7-day vouchers for January to this country with the “all inclusive” option are sold from 40 thousand rubles per person (departure from Moscow), but closer to December, their cost increases to 80-100 thousand rubles. Last-minute tours are quickly dismantled, but they are not much cheaper than regular offers - from about 35 thousand rubles per person.

Vietnam Tour

Vietnam is a fabulous place on earth, which for the New 2018 will please with good weather, a variety of recreation, an abundance of exotic fruits and culinary delights. Every tourist who has visited this distinctive Asian country will bring back positive memories, interesting souvenirs, as well as an attractive bronze tan.

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