New 2018 in Tallinn

The New Year is a wonderful holiday, which for many of us is associated with a special atmosphere of joy and delight, wonderful aromas of the Christmas tree and tangerines, sparkling bright garlands and illuminations. It is a magical time when each of us dreams to be in a fairy tale with a taste of childhood for at least a few moments. New Year's holidays in Tallinn in 2018 - this is a unique opportunity to realize your desires, having been in the fabulously beautiful winter Estonia.

New Year's Eve

What to see, where to go in Tallinn for the New Year

The capital of Estonia in the New Year holidays turns into a fairy-tale city, which, like Prague, attracts tourists from all over the world. Gingerbread houses, tiled roofs with old carved weather vanes, cobbled streets, narrow streets, on which aromas of marzipan, pine needles, cinnamon gingerbread and mulled wine are created, create an indescribable atmosphere of a true holiday. It is as if the city wakes up, emerges from the measured pace of life and turns into a bright, cheerful and noisy phantasmagoria of laughter, music and dazzling illumination.

You just don’t have to be bored, because Tallinn for the New 2018 offers so much entertainment that it’s just right to get lost. I want to go everywhere, and at a fun fair, and in small, typically Estonian restaurants, to taste the delicious dishes of national cuisine, to get acquainted with the original history of the city, its sights and architectural monuments, which are many.

Be sure to visit the Old Town, which starts from the alley of Katharina and Viru gate. Go there in the oldest pharmacy, where you can buy, oddly enough, not only drugs, but also a wonderful wine made according to an ancient recipe - Claret, marzipan and sweets.

New Year's Eve

The main attractions of Tallinn are its ancient relics, monuments of architecture, located, as a rule, in the city center. This, and Toompea castle, and the Dome Cathedral, and the tower-protective structures Kick-in-de-Kec and Hellemann, and Tower Square, and the ancient wall, according to legend protecting the city from enemies, and the church Niguliste. The list of Tallinn’s iconic places is endless, as the city has a very ancient and rich history.

Where to celebrate New Year in Tallinn

In the coming year, the most luxurious Christmas tree will be traditionally installed on the Town Hall Square. Then a fair fair will unfold, without which it is impossible to imagine the New Year in the capital of Estonia. Here you can not only have fun from the heart, listen to performances of street musicians and professional artists, try traditional Estonian food, such as roast pork, and wash it down with a glass of flavored spiced mulled wine, but also buy traditional handmade clothes, cute inexpensive souvenirs. You can even take part in creating the festive Piparkook cookies, which are presented for Christmas and used as Christmas-tree decorations.

Classes are also for kids. The children will be able to visit the market where the house of the Estonian Father Frost, Jõuluvan, is located, in a mini-zoo with real deer, ride around the carousel, in short, have fun from the heart.

New Year at the Town Hall Square will give both adults and children a lot of unforgettable fabulous impressions that will remain in memory for the rest of their lives!

New Year's Eve

You can enjoy the authentic atmosphere of medieval Tallinn in some restaurant, for example, in Olde Hansa, which is very popular among locals and guests of the capital.It is interesting in everything, and the conceptual interior of the Middle Ages, and the historical outfits of the staff, and the unique kitchen with old recipes. Here you can taste chicken in almond sauce, pickled cucumbers from Livonian count, Sultan Andalusian salmon, homemade bread with bacon, pearl barley, fried with hazelnuts and other exotic dishes. The cost of a New Year's Eve dinner: 125 euros for an adult, children - 50% discount

If you want something more modern, then we recommend you restaurants, Nero in the Tallink Spa Hotel & Conference, Regatta (Pirita Spa Hotel), The Able Butcher (Hilton Tallinn Park), Monaco (Nordic Hotel Forum), which offer an exciting program, a festive dinner and prizes for travelers - from souvenirs to a cruise to Stockholm! The cost of the banquet - from 140 euros. In simpler establishments, for example, in a cafe, dinner will cost you about 60-70 euros.

The list of restaurants in Tallinn is extensive, but pre-booking a table would be a very sensible decision.

For those who care about their health and prefer an active lifestyle, you can consider this option meeting the New Year at the rink. The main ice arena of the capital is located next to the Town Hall, and on New Year's Eve it can easily accommodate everyone.And most importantly - there are many cozy cafes nearby, where you can warm up and rest.

Well, lovers of extreme fit Nyim and Pirate slopes for skiing or climbing.

How to choose a tour for the New Year in Tallinn

On the eve of holidays, travel agencies offer a lot of interesting and convenient tours to Tallinn for the New 2018 year. The travel time is 2-8 days, starting December 30th. Accommodation in such hotels as Pirita SPA, Tallink SPA & Conference, Tallink City, etc. Arrivals are carried out daily.

New Year's Eve

The cost of the tour includes accommodation in the selected hotel, meals (3-5 single buffet, etc.), use of the hotel’s services (sauna, water treatments, game complex for children), city tour and sightseeing, entertainment programs for adults and children. New Year's Eve dinner may be included in the program or paid in addition, depending on the tour. Price per day: from 120 euros, in the event that you choose accommodation + meals, from 39 euros - only accommodation. Naturally, the higher the level of the hotel, the more expensive it will cost its services.

Visa fees are additionally paid (75 euros for adults, 40 for children), railway travel or air travel (from 225 euros), medical insurance for tourists from 66 years old (2-3 euros per day).

It is better to find out the prices of tours for the New 2018 in Tallinn in advance.

Tourists who wish to settle in an independent order can be recommended by the Metropol Hotel or Reval Hotel Central a few minutes from the Old Town, Baltic Hotel Vana Wiru - not far from the Town Hall Square. The cost of living in hotels - from 70 euros. Children under 5 years old (in some hotels - under 12) stay with their parents for free.

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