New 2018 in Sheregesh

The opening of the ski season 2017-2018 in Sheregesh traditionally takes place in November, but the greatest influx of tourists here is observed during the New Year holidays. Until recently, this resort in the south of Siberia was familiar only to a narrow circle of lovers of extreme sports. However, over the past decade, several ski slopes of various difficulty levels appeared near the village, after which the flow of tourists increased significantly. According to statistics, in 2016 alone Sheregesh was visited by 120 thousand travelers.

Leisure activities

The new 2018 in Sheregesh is not only skiing on the mountain slopes, but also many other exciting events. Among the current and inexpensive ways to spend time should be noted:

  • visiting entertainment establishments of the village;
  • excursions and expeditions;
  • rest at the camp site.

If you are planning to spend several days in Sheregesh, then combining all the listed leisure options will not be a problem. In addition, the prices here are quite democratic, so all the entertainment offered at the resort will be affordable for domestic tourists with average incomes.


Where to go?

When planning a vacation in Sheregesh, you probably want to ski or snowboard along a specially equipped track. The choice of descent must be taken responsibly, otherwise you can waste your own time or, worse, get injured. Conventionally, we divide all the tracks of the resort into three categories:

  • for newbies;
  • for lovers;
  • for experienced athletes.

The first category is better to go to the Redhead (SkyWay) route, or to the lower part of the Lob route. The “Redhead” has the least number of people, but only one rope tow works here. On the descent, "The Forehead" is more crowded, with the slope being minimal here, and the risk of injury when falling is reduced to zero.

For experienced lovers, we recommend to conquer tracks such as “Dollar”, “Panorama”, and “Elena”. Here, gentle areas alternate with sudden changes, and changing heights will benefit not only your skiing skills, but also your health. The only drawback is that during these New Year holidays there are a lot of people on these slopes, therefore queues to the ski lifts are formed (the cost of a one-time trip, by the way, does not exceed 100-120 rubles per person).

Training slope

For experienced riders, separate sections of the “Sector E” and “Utuya” tracks are provided.In addition, you can gain unforgettable impressions who lowered through the forest along the "Panorama", "Dollar" or "Helena". In order for an extreme holiday in Sheregesh for the New 2018 year not to turn into a tragedy, soberly assess your own capabilities and take with them your escort.

Recreation facilities of the village

Shereshen can not yet boast an abundance of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, but the list of places of entertainment is constantly expanding. The main restaurants of the resort are traditionally considered:

  • "Yurt";
  • Shoria;
  • "Beer Gesh";
  • "Lapland";
  • "Tumbleweed".

In each large hotel complex of the village there is a bar, whose doors are closed for visitors well past midnight. For youth in Sheregesh there is the only night club “AYS”, where during the winter holidays the best DJs of Siberia will play. As for prices in local places of entertainment, they are quite adequate. For example, the average check in a restaurant on New Year's Eve usually does not exceed 3-5 thousand rubles per person, and for this amount you will taste more than one company dish and an elite type of alcohol.

Excursions and hikes

If you want to admire the beauty of Siberian Switzerland and see for yourself the greatness of the local nature - then go on a ski trip with an instructor. Especially popular among tourists is climbing Green Mountain (altitude 1270 m). During the trip there are several stops in amazing places, so everyone will be able to take pictures against the backdrop of picturesque mountain landscapes. Also in Sheregesh there are walking excursions to landmark places, including:

  • Worship cross on Mount Kurgan;
  • Camels (oddly shaped rocks);
  • Yeti (hike to the places where the Snowman was found.)

In addition to these entertainment, all vacationers will be able to ride a snowmobile, sled or dog sledding, go to the rink, chat and pet friendly huskies. In other words, tourists in Sheregesh will not be bored, because for everyone here there is something to their taste.


Prices of tours and hotel accommodation

Today, almost all major tour operators in megacities of Russia and neighboring countries are invited to visit Sheregesh on consistently favorable conditions. The price of the package varies from the distance of the trip, the richness of the entertainment program, and the prestige of the hotel to stay.For example, the New Year's 3-day trip from Omsk with accommodation in a room of the Standard class will cost 12-15 thousand rubles.

Prices for accommodation in hotels range from 2-5 thousand rubles per day. Much cheaper to stay in boarding houses Sheregesh - you can accommodate from 1,5 thousand rubles per day. An important condition for obtaining low-cost apartments is earlier booking. Book in the hotels should be booked now, otherwise a few months before the main winter event cheap rooms will be rented.

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