Music for the New Year 2019

Before the long New Year holidays, companies hold celebrations for their employees, partners and customers. No matter what kind of evening is planned - formal or unconstrained, one of the important components in the organization of the corporate party is music for the New Year 2019. The atmosphere of the holiday and the mood of those present depend on it.


How best to organize music

During a joint meeting of the New Year, work colleagues discuss the outgoing year, share their impressions of the work done, summarize and make plans for the future. So that this procedure does not look dry and boring, the event organizers think through every detail of the holiday. Many moments are served in a joking manner and accompanied by music. Of course, in the official part they use more serious compositions. When the celebration of the New Year begins, and especially the dances, cheerful and rhythmic music sounds.

Music for the New Year 2019

It so happened that corporate parties are now held, both in reputable organizations and firms, and in small offices. It is clear that the possibilities of these organizations are completely different:

  • A rich solid company can invite eminent artists to their party.
  • Firms more modest cost DJ services.
  • Very small offices are organized by their own. At the same time, music lovers from among the working personnel are involved in organizing music.

There is an option available for everyone.:

  • invitation to corporate cover groups;
  • organizing a karaoke party.

Consider in more detail each case.

When are these artists invited?

If the company is prosperous enough and has a good income, then to raise prestige, it can invite real artists to its New Year corporate party. It is clear that such a solid holiday will require good money, but some companies go to such expenses to show that they value their employees for their contribution to the company's prosperity. Despite the big fees to artists, such an event pays off. The work collective is rallying and ready to perform any tasks set by the management.

In some cases it is advisable to invite a few cover bands performing hits of famous artists to corporate events. Such a New Year's holiday, as a rule, is quite fun.Group members try to have a lively conversation with all those present and can perform a song at the request of the guests. Sometimes artists offer participants of a corporate party to sing a composition together. This raises the tone of the holiday at times.

Typically, cover bands perform hits in a particular musical style, so party organizers should think about inviting several bands to satisfy the needs of the entire work collective.

Sometimes clowns, illusionists and other circus artists are invited to the corporate party. This makes the New Year program more intense and interesting. This case is very relevant when events are organized for children.

Corporate with karaoke

An excellent option to unite the company's team in the Year of the Pig will be holding a New Year's evening in the style of karaoke. It does not require huge funds. It is enough to have a tolerable sound reproduction apparatus, discs with a different repertoire and a pair of microphones. It does not interfere with thinking about the lead. He can be selected from the company's team or be invited.The last option is more acceptable, as a professional presenter knows a lot of chips, thanks to which the heat of the holiday never falls. He always has witty jokes, anecdotes, etc.

Recently, a sound engineer and backing vocalist have been invited to such parties very often.

Sound producer: monitors the sound and so that the corporate party went according to a specific scenario.
Backing vocalist: thanks to him, the performance of the songs by the staff becomes more saturated and vivid. He can cheer modest and indecisive performers. The holiday is becoming more relaxed and informal. Also, a professional singer can fill the pause when the participants are tired or want to dance. The backing vocalist can also organize a song contest for children and thus take the kids while the adults make a toast or are busy with other things.

Stylish and themed corporate parties

Today, the holding of New Year's Eve in a particular style or dedicated to a particular topic is gaining in popularity. The organizers of the New Year celebrations are constantly looking for new forms of celebration.Particularly liked the party in the style of the 80s or nineties, when the basis of the repertoire are songs of that time.

Music for the New Year 2019

In some firms there are many fans of jazz and retro music, then the parties are held with the invitation of jazz groups or just under the records of that time. The parties look very stylish when there is a gramophone or a violin. Often, for such an event, participants prepare appropriate retro outfits. Such corporate parties in the style of the 20s or 30s of the last century will long remain in the memory of the company's employees.

Inviting a professional DJ

New Year's Eve evenings are no less popular, where after the official part the disco begins.
The advantage of such a party is that:

  • no need to think about corporate scenario;
  • no need to conduct a preliminary survey of the musical tastes of employees;
  • there is no need to look for sound reproducing equipment;
  • no need to worry about the host of the evening, etc.

Corporate in the year of the Pig with the participation of the DJ will cost the company not very expensive, but will be able to rally the team to perform important tasks in 2019.Currently, professional DJs charge about 30,000 rubles for their services. This amount can allow almost any company.

Organizing a party on your own

Creating a truly festive mood at a joint party is not so easy. First you need to write an event script. Then you need to think about creating a playlist of musical compositions that will be played at the celebration of the New Year. Here it is important not to lose money and to take into account the tastes and wishes of all employees of the company. For these purposes, before organizing an event, a survey of musical preferences among company employees is conducted. After all, people of different ages can work in a work collective.

Creating a corporate party based on the tastes of the organizer is a very risky undertaking. Sometimes when organizing a party using ready-made collections of popular music, downloaded from the Internet. However, experience has shown that such music collections often contain random compositions that are designed for a specific taste or little-known melodies.

Very often, corporate parties are attended not only by the employees themselves, but also by their family members,including children. The organizers of the New Year's evening, therefore, should carefully consider entertainment for children and music for them.

In general, a properly organized corporate event in the Year of the Pig can raise the prestige of the company and inspire employees to perform new tasks for the prosperity of their favorite company.

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