Movie Spiderman (2017)

The third franchise re-launch will take place very soon.“Spiderman” 2017. At this time, the company Marvel Studio and Sony decided to unite and create a completely new story about Peter Parker. This means that everyone’s favorite spider will become a full-fledged resident of the Marvel universe, although Sony was originally its “parents” since 2002.

As Bob Iger (current Disney president) said in his press release, everyone is very pleased that this superhero joined the Cinematic Universe of Marvel (MCU), because he is a great character, strong and confident; Many viewers love to watch Spiderman-related adventures.

release date

Already in 2017, namely July 28, viewers around the world will be able to enjoy the adventures of the famous hero, deftly throwing cobwebs and saving people from trouble. The release of the new film will be carried out in IMAX and 3D.

Film crew

The director of the picture was Jonathan Watts, known for such works as “Police Car” and “Clown”. The script for the film will write Stan Lee - a popular American writer, the creator of comics,as well as the former chairman and president of the Marvel Publishing House; and Steve Ditko, the famous writer and comic book artist Marvel.

The film will be produced by Eric Hoserman Carroll, Amy Pascal and Kevin Faigy.


release date spiderman 2017

The full cast of actors who will take part in the filming of “Spider-Man” has not yet been announced. But the creators of the picture have pleased us with great news - they decided on the main role with the actor. They will be young, but talented Tom Holland. This American actor has already managed to do his best in the movie “Impossible”, for which he was nominated for many awards.

During the casting, he had to compete with such actors as Charlie Plummer, Asa Butterfield (“The Game of Eneder”, “The Keeper of Time”), and Matthew Linz (“Pixels”). According to rumors, Marisa Tomei (“My cousin Winnie”) and Billy Zane (known from such films as “Titanic”, “Phantom”, “Dead Calm”, etc.) will be removed in the restart of the franchise.

History of creation

The Spectacular Spider ManRumors that two huge companies began to work together on the film have been around for several months. After a hacker attack was carried out at the Sony Pictuers Entertainment studio, in December 2014, information appeared on the Internet that included Amy Pascal and Dag Belgrade's correspondence.

It was from these reports that it became clear that the franchise would be restarted in a completely new direction very soon. Already in 2015, directors, screenwriters and producer were appointed. They also determined the circle of actors, namely that Tom Holland will play Peter Parker, and Maya Parker will play Marisa Tomei.


Oddly enough, but the plot of the announced fantastic film of 2017 is already known. The story revolves around the young Peter Parker, who recently graduated from school, made plans, dreamed of his future. But the unexpected happened - he was bitten by a poisonous spider.

At first, Peter did not notice any special health problems after the bite, but gradually began to realize that something was wrong with his body. The radioactive spider has endowed him with supernormal abilities: now Peter can easily climb to the very top of a skyscraper, deftly weaves a web and has superhuman strength. Thanks to the new, this boy has now taken on the responsibility to help people in distress.

Soon a wave of robbery and murder struck New York, causing Spider-Man to get worried. He immediately rushed into battle, trying to prevent all these atrocities.But I had no idea who was behind everything ...

new spider man when will

It would seem that we have already seen this story before, but the creators promise to supplement it with a certain “highlight”, so that filmmakers can only hope that this idea will be successful.

Interesting Facts

  • So far, the preliminary name of the film is known - "Spiderman". But there is a possibility that the creators of the picture will give her the “name” of The Spectacular Spider Man, which means “Impressive Spider-Man” in English.
  • A new character of Daredevil may appear in the film.
  • Actor Tom Holland in addition to this picture will take part in the filming of films such as “The Avengers: War of Infinity” and the Split Avengers. Most likely, in the role of Spider-Man.
  • Billy Zane is likely to play in the Vulture film.
  • Before announcing the film, Sony wanted to create its own universe based on characters from Spider-Man. Supposedly there appeared spin-offs about the Black Cat and the Sinister Six.
  • This is already the 16th film in MCU and the first from Marvel Studio.
  • According to rumors, the main antagonist in the picture will be Craven the Hunter.
  • Kevin Feigi announced that the studio is thinking about introducing completely new, previously unknown villains to the film.

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