Moscow Mayoral Election 2018

The elections of the mayor of Moscow in 2018 will be on a par with the procedure for electing the president of Russia in order of importance. Moscow is the political, cultural and financial center of the Russian Federation, in which almost all the main state institutions of the state are located. At least for this reason, the election of the mayor of the Holy See is a nontrivial event. The memories of the election campaign of 2013, which was remembered by scandalous statements and mass protests, are still fresh. Therefore, the closer the election, the more excitement is generated around the upcoming plebiscite.


The date of the election of the mayor of Moscow

The election campaign awaiting the minds of political scientists will take place in 2018. The exact date of the election procedure of the mayor of the capital is unknown. The will of the citizens of the Russian Federation takes place on a single voting day (EDG) - the second Sunday of September. If you start from this formula, then the plebiscite will be held on September 9, 2018. However, there is a reservation in the law on a single voting day.If elections to the authorities of the subjects of a federation or local government and the procedure for electing the president of the Russian Federation or the deputies of the State Duma are scheduled for the same year, the EDG is postponed to the day of presidential or parliamentary elections. In this case, the will of the Muscovites will be held March 11, 2018. This is the date of the presidential election. However, before the hour X is still a lot of time. Therefore, the exact term of the plebiscite will be announced later.

Moscow Mayoral Election 2018

Who will participate in the election of the head of Moscow in 2018

Five years ago, in September 2013, several dozen candidates were arguing for the mayoral seat. A total of 41 applications were filed with the Moscow Election Commission. Among the candidates for a high position were leaders of social and political movements, as well as the most ordinary people: retirees, businessmen, teachers and people of working professions. Many of them were promoted as self-promoted. But in the end, the struggle unfolded only between 6 candidates:

  1. Sergey Sobyanin (independent candidate);
  2. Alexey Navalny (RPR-PARNAS);
  3. Ivan Melnikov (CPRF);
  4. Sergey Mitrokhin (Yabloko);
  5. Mikhail Degtyarev (LDPR);
  6. Nikolay Levichev (“Fair Russia”).

The electoral race with an impressive result was won by Sergei Sobyanin, who had managed the capital for three years. Sobyanin’s success was brought by his personal and business skills. Being the mayor of Moscow, Sergey Semenovich actively reformed the municipal economy, saving the city from the sad heritage of the past of the head of a megacity. That is what allowed him to collect during the elections 51% of all votes. Opponents of Sergei Sobyanin could not reach the hearts of voters. In the course of the campaign, they often slipped into dirty political moves. Most of all, his scandalous antics were remembered by Alexey Navalny. But this is not surprising. Outsiders are always inclined to blame the winners for their mistakes.

But all this - the affairs of bygone days. Who is ready this time to go camping for the seat of the mayor? A full list of candidates for the election of the head of Moscow in 2018 has not yet been determined. However, some figures have already made curious "gestures".

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Moscow Mayoral Election 2018The former prisoner of the Chita penal colony No. 10 avoids active participation in the political life of the country. However, this did not prevent him from opening a school to prepare candidates for municipal deputies in Moscow. In total, the “factory of deputies” should prepare up to 400 “graduates”.Khodorkovsky hopes that among them there will be a sufficiently intelligent and talented person who will submit not only the chair of the people's choice, but also the position of mayor of the capital. The founder of the “school” himself does not intend to participate in the elections of the mayor.

Yury Luzhkov

Moscow Mayoral Election 2018. Who will participatePresumably, the everyday life of a wealthy Moscow pensioner was fed up with Yuri Mikhailovich, so the legendary Moscow mayor is again ready to return to the ranks. On this occasion, the 80-year-old politician even burst out with a brief but very curious pre-election speech in which he promised to return flea markets, numerous barbeques, markets and "give the green light to talent of Zurab Tsereteli." In his election campaign, the doctor of chemical sciences, the author of more than 200 publications and honorary professor of countless Russian and foreign academies, is ready to rely on “the general population”. In its concept, it is “Tajiks selling shawarma, Armenians who own taverns and kebabs, Azerbaijanis selling tangerines.” If this is not banter, then the campaign of Luzhkov in the election of the mayor of Moscow in 2018 could be one of the most memorable in the entire history of the Moscow plebiscite.Well, Yuri Mikhailovich can only wish good luck in their endeavors.

Sergey Sobyanin

Moscow Mayoral Election 2018. Who will participateActing Mayor Sergei Sobyanin is not wasted on loud campaign promises. The mayor is engaged in much more boring and routine activities: in record time, he opens new metro stations, builds new road junctions, saving Muscovites from traffic jams, and in every possible way improves the city entrusted to him. Sergei Semenovich very restrainedly commented on the possibility of his participation in the elections: “wait and see.” There is only one objective reason why Sobyanin will not run for the post of governor - the transition to a high position in the state apparatus of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin appreciates the professionalism of Sergei Semenovich, which may be the reason for such an imperious castling.


Most applicants for the mayor's office is not yet known. For the time being, politicians “probe the soil” to assess their chances in a plebiscite. However, some applicants have already fed up with political fat, having noted loud statements. So we can say with confidence that the election campaign is slowly gaining momentum.Muscovites should be willing to be able to distinguish the wheat from the chaff, as they did in 2013. The future mayor must be “his own person” who knows the capital economy well and is not afraid of strong-willed decisions. After all, under its management will be a huge metropolis, in need of further reform!

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