Modern Russian female names in 2018

The question of what a beautiful female name to call a girl born in Russia in 2018 concerns all future parents. Usually, the name selection takes place during all 9 months of pregnancy, and sometimes even after the birth of a baby. Disputes, disagreements, the study of values ​​and even lots are waiting for a young couple and their entire family.

In the process of selecting a name for your child, parents follow the following principles:

  1. Value. Almost the most important for moms and dads is the value of the chosen name. Unfortunately, not every name has a beautiful meaning. For example, Marina translates as “sea”, and Tamara from the Greek “palm tree”.
  2. Prevalence. This is also an important factor in the discussion of this issue, because no one wants all the girlfriends of their daughter to be named Katya or Masha, as well as her own.
  3. National identity. If any other nationalities are represented in the family other than Russians, the choice can be made in favor of an international name,convenient to each of the family members. Beautiful international female options: Alexandra, Diana, Julia, Maria, Milan, Tatiana, Violetta or Sofia.
  4. Year and month of birth. Those who believe in astrology, in this matter will help the stars. Such people are extremely important in what year the child was born and under what sign of the zodiac.
  5. Compatibility. Almost all moms and dads try on their favorite names under the name and patronymic of the baby. Although people like Petrova Evangelina in our time also surprise no one.
  6. Family tradition. Sometimes they decide to name the child as all the girls in the family, in honor of the grandmother or some beloved relative.
  7. Holy Day (name day). When the child is already born, some mothers look at the church calendar and see what kind of Saint was born on this day.

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How to choose a female name in 2018?

Everyone knows that the name of a person in a certain way affects his character and destiny. To give the child a name that he will be proud of all his life, you should refer to the list of names and their meanings. Each of us has been asked at least once in our life about what our name means. Therefore, the beautiful meaning inherent in this word will give us the opportunity to show our best.Girls especially like to answer that their name translates as "moonstone" or "fire flower."

Some couples prefer traditional female names, such as Dasha, Katya, Nastya, Varya or Anya. These options do not lose their relevance at all times.

Others, when deciding how to call a girl, are looking for something original, but in the end they call the child a fashionable name for their time. In recent years, Alice, Milana, Eva, Milena, Kira and Darina are very popular among girls.Baby girl

Those who want their child to be one in a million, remembered by every teacher, and perhaps even became a star, call their daughters rare names such as Quita, Valencia, Homeland or Ophelia. Someone calls her daughter, like the Egyptian queen (Cleopatra) or the Greek goddess, and others just in honor of the beloved singer (Rihanna or Beyonce).

Modern beautiful Russian names for girls in 2018

If you pay attention to the coming year, it is worth noting that 2018 is the year of the yellow earthen Dog, which has the right character and good character. It is believed that people born in this year are talented, friendly and confident.So what is the name of such a girl? Consider the female names of 2018.

Actual and beautiful in 2018 are the names of Victoria, Daria, Vasilisa, Margaret and Elizabeth. Many mothers also prefer to change the traditional names, thereby standing out from the crowd. So there are Daria, Alesia, Sofia, Natalia and Olyona.

Another theory, not related to the calendar of the calendar, distributes the names of the characters of the seasons. Winter girls are quite strict and strong, they are called Lyubov, Asya, Snezhana, Yaroslav, Lesya, Mirra, Nika, Polina and Svetlana. Spring children have a softer character, so they are named Ruslana, Stella, Stanislav, Claudia, Irina, Sabina and Sophia. Those born in the summer are active and persistent, such girls are called Margarita, Valeria, Elizaveta and Antonina. Zlata, Zoya, Olga, Nastasya, Kapitolina and Vera are suitable for autumn, calm and patient natures.

Choosing a female name for the Holy Week

In deciding how to name a baby, you can refer to the Saints (the church calendar of names), which are a list of names distributed over all 12 months.

If parents choose this method of choosing a baby name, they should contact a priest or father who will tell you how to name a child born on a certain day.January girls are encouraged to call Uliana, Anastasia, Nina, Emilia, Eugene and Nina. If a girl is lucky to be born on January 25, then she can be called a beautiful female name Tatyana. Names suitable for February babies: Inna, Xenia, Maria, Anna, Svetlana and Rimma.

If a woman gave birth to a daughter in the first month of spring, then she should pay attention to Vasilisa, Nick, Christina, Marina and Kira. In April, the little lady can be called Daria, Alexandra, Lydia, Galina or Larissa. For May, the calendar of church names suggests Marfa, Tamara, Pelageya, Julia, Irina or Taisiya.

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For those who have to celebrate their birthday on a hot June day, the names Helen, Ulyana, Akulina, Antonina and Valeria are suitable. July is Margarita, Marina, Julia, Angelina, Agrippina and Valentina. Girls born in early August can be called Maria, Catherine, Anna and Anfisa, and at the end Maria, Nonna, Seraphim and Evdokia.

Autumn beauties, born in September, called Natalia, Anfisa, Anna, Rufina, Elizabeth and Oia. October girls - Irina, Sofia, Ariandna, Veronica, Zinaida and Praskovia. For November, the Saints offer Anastasia, Mavra, Matryona, Alexander and Stephanides.

If a child appears in December, attention can be paid to the names of Augustus, Catherine, Barbara, Angelina and Zoya.

It is also allowed to change a male name suitable for a date to a female one. For example, Alexander on Alexander, Darius on Darius, Oles on Olesya. All the proposed options are relevant among the female names of 2018.

Whatever name the parents choose, the main thing is that they like it and harmoniously blend with the surname and patronymic.

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