Mobile and interesting games for children on the street: a card file of games for children of different ages on the street in the summer, autumn, winter and spring with rules, scenarios and videos

on 18.12.2017

With the advent of various gadgets of children playing on the street, it becomes less and less. There is also a category of children running aimlessly along the street. They do not know what to play, because the older generation showed them only a couple of street games. Outdoor games to strengthen the health of the child, expand his horizons. On the street there are new entertainment, but the old games also remain popular. Let's remember the old games and get acquainted with the new ones.

The main thing in the article

What games do children play on the street?

On the street, children play in:

  • mobile games;
  • Mind games.

Movables are divided into:

  1. Power - tugging object or opponent.
  2. Catch up - where you need to catch up or catch the enemy.
  3. Ball games - all sorts of games, where the main attribute - the ball.
  4. Search - search for items or participants.
  5. Accuracy - target shooting, "war".
  6. Jumping - used gum, jump rope, "classics".

Depending on age, street children games are slightly different.

  • Most often the main attributes are: ball, crayons, water (or just toy) pistols, natural materials.
  • Younger children prefer ball games. They just throw it around each other, in a circle.
  • Older children expand the ball game options: they can play “knockout,” edible-inedible, square.
  • Younger kids play a moving stream.
  • Older girls jump on a skipping rope and through a rubber band.
  • Boys depict cool cops and terrible terrorists, it turns out a little modernized game of "war games" or "Cossacks-robbers."
  • If chalk is available, you can draw a field for playing the classics and the snail.
  • Badminton, throwing frisbee, hide and seek - there are lots of games for children in the fresh air.


Active winter games for children from 3 to 7 years old on the street: rules and photos

Options for winter street activities:

  • Go sledding
  • Arrange a competition for the most beautiful snowman
  • Play snowballs
  • Draw a stick on the snow.

On the trail
It is a kind of catch-up game. A game for a small number of children. Some of the guys will be wolves, others - hunters. The hunters turn away and count to 10. The wolves run away, hiding in the bushes and behind the trees. Hunters must catch up with the wolves, stepping only in the footsteps of a clear trace.

Own garden
To begin, children must collect dry branches. Then the child with the help of a shovel and a rake makes a garden - smoothes out the snow, then makes him beds, in which he plants the branches. It remains only to blind small lumps-fruits and hang them on the twigs.

Two frost
It is necessary to choose a playground for the game and to fence it or designate it conditionally. At a distance of 4-5 steps from both edges, 2 more features are drawn. These will be the houses, and the space between them - the street. Among children, two Frost are selected - Blue and Red nose.Frosts are located on the street, and the children - in one of the houses. The task of the children is to run across to another house, and Morozov is to catch up with the guys and touch, or rather freeze. A frozen child should stop and not move. All the others gather in the second house. Now the guys have to go back to the house, simultaneously touching and defrosting the frozen participants. After a time, Morozov needs to be replaced by other players.


Games for children from 7 to 12 years old in winter

Arrange a small quest for children. When the snow falls, hide the treasure from the children in the snow drift. Make a map or hints and let the kids run around searching. You can hang tips on trees, trample the right way, leaving their traces.

Hot cold
At the site you need to hide any small object. The child should find it at the prompt:

  • cold means the subject is far away
  • warmer - the child began to move in the right direction
  • hot - the child is very close to the subject
  • hot - a child in a couple of centimeters from a hidden object

Living target
The area is 20 meters in size. Players are divided into two teams: runners and arrows. Runners must take turns.Immediately start the first, the arrows should fire at him with snowballs. The goal of the runner is to reach the opposite end of the ground and dodge all the snowballs. If a snowball still hit - the player leaves. The last "survivor" will be the winner. Further, the arrows and runners change places, the game continues.


Fun summer games for children in preschool age

One child stands opposite the rest and reproduces any movements. The rest must clearly copy these movements. Who made a mistake - is eliminated.

Air water fire earth
Children form a circle, leading is located in the center with the ball. He throws the ball on the choice of any player, shouting one of these words: "air", "water", "fire", "earth". When you say the word "water", you should say the name of the fish, "earth" - call the animal, "air" - the bird, "fire" - swing your arms. If a player makes a mistake, he leaves the game.

Children need to line up and explain the rules. At a signal, the children run away around the perimeter of the playground, play, dance, jump. As soon as the children hear the whistle, they need to return to their original place and line up again.

An owl is chosen among the children.This child closes his eyes and does not move. The rest of the children are birds and insects, they run around, jumping around the owl. Then the presenter reports: "The night has come!". Children freeze and do not move. The owl opens his eyes and walks around the children, carefully peering. If one of the players moves or smiles, the owl takes him to himself. Caught children automatically become owls and help the main owl look for violators. The moderator says: “The day has come!”. The owl closes his eyes, the children continue to have fun and run. Day and night are replaced, until they catch most of the insects and birds.

Portrait of happy kids outdoor looking at camera

Interesting games for children from 7 to 12 years old on the street in summer

Twelve sticks
The driver lays a catapult-type board on the stone. At the end of the plank laid out 12 sticks. The driver steps on the opposite edge of the board, the sticks fly away. At this point, the children should run up and hide, and the driver should collect all the sticks and put them on the edge of the plank. Then the driver is looking for the guys. If he found a player, they run to the “catapult” together, trying to hit it first. If the driver had the first time - he returns the sticks to the “catapult” and the game continues, the other player has reached the first - he turns into the driver.

Above legs
This game is a kind of saloks.The only difference is that a player cannot be stained if his legs are higher than the ground. That is, you can sit on a bench or a swing, take your feet off the ground, and hang on a tree branch. Long to be in this position is impossible. If all players simultaneously lift their feet off the ground, anyone can be salted. For those who want to make a variety in the game, you can come up with “metal” sals — untouchable participants, touching a metal object, “wooden” — untouchable if you touch a wooden object, etc.

Little ring
Players sit in a row on the bench. Leading takes a real ringlet, or any small object. He folds his palms, hiding the object inside, approaches each child in turn, saying: "I will wear the ring and give it to someone." Putting their hands one by one in the hands of the participants, the driver must quietly leave a ring to any child. The one who received the ring should sit with a serious, imperturbable face. The driver moves away a short distance from the bench and says, "Little Ring, get out on the porch!" The player with the ring must jump abruptly and run to the one who leads. The task of the other guys is to prevent him from doing this.If the child with the ring managed to reach the driver - they change roles. If not, the game continues.

Team games for school children outdoors in the fall and spring

Players form two teams with an equal number of children. Teams line up opposite each other, team members should hold hands. Then they say:
“We are chained!”
- What do you need?
- Free us!
- Who do you need?
- Zhenya! (called any player name from the team).
The named player must run up and try to break through the tightly linked hands of the guys from the neighboring team. If he did not succeed, the child remains in that team, taking up the place where he tried to slip. If it worked out, he leads one of two players to his team, whose hands he was trying to break. The game continues.

Two teams are required. Each gets two newspapers. At the start, you need to be on one newspaper, the second to hold. Earth is a huge puddle. You need to walk through the newspapers without stepping on the “puddle”. The players put a newspaper in front of them, pass over with their feet, put a second newspaper in front of them and stand on it, the previous one is shifted forward, etc.The winner is the team that first came to the finish line, fewer times attacked the “puddle”.

Autumn treasures
Two teams need to be given a task by writing it on paper. It is necessary to collect autumn treasures, for example, 3 yellow leaves, 5 cones, 2 acorn, 1 sprig. Children issue packages or buckets, where they will put the finds. Wins the team that quickly bring natural materials leading.

This game shows well how kids can get on the team, who is the leader of the team. Also, the game improves observation and expands horizons.


Outdoor games for children on the street with the ball: the rules

Participants form a circle, leading - inside. It is necessary to pass the ball, so that the one who leads will not catch it. If the ball was intercepted, the guilty ones with the driver change. Fundamental rules:

  1. The ball in the hands of delay for a long time is prohibited.
  2. It is allowed to pass the ball with the help of various maneuvers: roll on the ground, beat off the ground, throw in the air.
  3. Fraudulent maneuvers and false throws are allowed.
  4. A ball ejected from a circle can be intercepted by both the leading and any player.

Stand still!

  1. Players form a circle.
  2. The players in a circle throw the ball until some member suddenly turns it off.
  3. The child who hit the ball, turns into a driver. While he is catching the ball, everyone else must escape.
  4. When the driver got to the ball, he shouted: “One, two, three - Stand still!”. All participants must stop.
  5. The driver must throw the ball at any player. That can squat and deviate, it is forbidden to go from a place.
  6. In the case when the driver hits another player, the game repeats from the beginning. Missed - runs to catch the ball. Meanwhile, the children run away again. Leading repeats paragraph 4 and 5.

Shtander Stop

  1. The guys form a small circle, in the center of which becomes the one leading with the ball.
  2. He throws the ball into the air, at the same time calling the name of the child from the circle.
  3. The goal of the named player is to grab the ball before it falls.
  4. The player grabbed the ball - automatically becomes leading.
  5. I didn't catch it, or I caught it, but the ball fell out - all the children run away. When the player picked up the ball, he shouts “Stop!”. Children freeze.
  6. The child with the ball becomes the center of the circle, calls any player and tries to guess the number of steps it takes him to “fool” the selected child. Options:
    • Ordinary steps
    • Liliput (the heel of one foot closely comes into contact with the toe of the other)
    • Giant (maximum)
    • Camel (you need to spit and take the place of spitting)
    • Zhabka (player moves with the help of squats)
    • Duck (need to move squatting)
    • Ant (as Liliput, just need to go on socks)
    • Umbrella (you need to step, turning 360 degrees, like an umbrella under the gusts of wind)

    To make it more interesting, you can combine steps, for example: 2 Liliput, 3 duck and 5 camel

  7. After a given condition, the child walks. The rest monitor the correctness of the conditions. If in the end it turned out to fool a player, he turns into a driver. If it does not work out - the child with the ball remains leading one more lap.

Children's folk games on the street

Keen eye
This game is best done in a park, wooded area, where there are trees and bushes. Leading becomes near the tree and turns away. The rest of the participants run off to a certain distance and hide behind bushes, trees, large stones. Then the driver turns and starts to turn around, peering closely.The task of the other guys is to sneak up on the one who leads, while continuing to hide behind objects and shelters. When the driver noticed the movement, he should give the name of the one he saw. If the driver makes a mistake - the participant continues to hide. But when the name is named correctly, the participant leaves the shelter and becomes near the driver. After a certain time, the game ends. Players go out, won the one who was closer to leading.

pravila_igry_v_pryatki.jpg.crop_displayBlind man's buff
It is necessary to choose a small platform. Obstacles that may hurt should not be. Leading close his eyes. For a more honest game, he is blindfolded with a scarf or scarf. Leading one needs to touch any player. Players run away, but give commands in a voice, shouting "I'm here!" Or ring a bell. Who is first stained, will lead in the next game.


  1. It is necessary to split into brave Cossacks and cunning robbers.
  2. Next you need to come up with a distinctive feature, for example, bandages on the shoulder in different colors, caps, etc.
  3. The border for which it is forbidden to run away is discussed.
  4. The “dungeon” is chosen - they will plant robbers there.
  5. The robbers need somewhere to hide, and after some time the Cossacks go looking for them.It is not enough just to see the robber, the Cossack is obliged to catch up and tarnish the enemy.
  6. If possible - the robber goes to the dungeon, accompanied by a Cossack. Another robber has the right to spot the Cossack while he leads his team player to the dungeon. The prisoner is released and both robbers escape.
  7. If the Cossack was smart and noticed that they were stealing to him, he should stain the second thief, then there will be two prisoners. Near the dungeon is a Cossack watchman. Rogues can stain a prisoner and free their prisoners. But the watchdog Cossack can notice this and have time to tarnish the liberator. Then the captives in the dungeon are added.

Soviet games for children on the street: rules

The classics

  1. Chalk on asphalt should draw a field with classic squares.
  2. Players become one after another. The first player throws a pebble at first class and starts jumping from square to square. On 1,2,5,8 steps with one foot, on 3,4,6,7,9,10 - left and right.
  3. Then the player turns 180 degrees and jumps in the opposite direction. Jumping back, you should pick up your pebble.
  4. A player passes a move to another player if: he has become on both legs, a pebble or foot has fallen on the line.
  5. If the player managed to jump back and forth, then he throws to the next class and so on until it reaches the 10th.
  6. At the end of the field, behind the 9th and 10th class is fire. In the case when a pebble flew there or a foot fell, the player automatically moves to a lower class.

Sculpture_girls, _playing_in_classes, _v_baku

  1. Requires a gum and at least 3 players.
  2. Two stretch the gum on their legs and move to the sides.
  3. The third player must jump, performing certain tricks:
  • birch - jump sideways alternately both parts of the gum;
  • candy - twist the rubber band (it will become a hike on the candy), become inside and jump out, becoming your feet on the unwound parts;
  • a handkerchief - hooking the middle band with your feet, you need to jump to the far side.

With each trick, the rezinochka changes its location to complicate the task. There are a few horses in the game: an elastic at the level of the ankles, then rises to the knees, at the hips, at the waist, at the level of the chest, at the level of the neck. If a participant stepped on a rubber leg, it changes with another player.


  1. Two participants - the bouncers are on different sides, between them in the various order are the other children. The bouncers must hit the other participants with the ball.
  2. The remaining players must deftly dodge the ball. The one who hit the ball is out of the game.
  3. When the last player remains, he must dodge the ball exactly as many times as he has turned full years.


  1. Chalk, ball and wall needed.
  2. On the wall with chalk you need to draw a mark, below which you can not throw the ball.
  3. Players line up one after another.
  4. The first player throws the ball, trying to get no lower than the mark. When the ball bounces off the wall, you need to jump over it.
  5. The next player must catch the ball and repeat the same manipulations. If the player has not jumped the ball or threw the ball below the mark, he is assigned the letter L. Then with each subsequent error all new letters until the word Frog is obtained. Who first collected all the letters, he lost.
  6. You can complicate the conditions. For example, the second time throwing the ball with a half turn, the third time, standing with his back to the wall.

Sports games for children outside in the summer in kindergarten: rules



  1. Children need to be divided into two teams.
  2. Each team is given flags - blue and red.
  3. The teacher holds two flags, blue in the left, red in the right. Children should line up on either side of the caregiver, each with their own flag.
  4. The teacher says: "Walking."Children wander, dance, run.
  5. After a few minutes, the tutor says: “Run everything here” and raises hands with flags. Children must gather at their flag. To complicate the task of the teacher, you can change the flags in the hands.

Traffic light

  1. The children line up, the tutor has his back to them.
  2. The teacher thinks color. The guys who have this color is present on the clothes, pass to the other side.
  3. If a child does not have this color, he must run across to the other side so that the teacher does not catch him. The one who is caught becomes driving.

Gingerbread Man

  1. The guys stand in a circle, then squat down. In the center of the circle sits a "fox".
  2. Children need to roll the ball to each other so that the fox does not catch it. The one whose ball - "bun" will be caught, becomes a fox.

Quest game for children on the street: the script

  1. Children are given a picture with a rebus on which the word "Stone" is encrypted. The guys check the stones around the perimeter and under one of them find the next clue.
  2. The next tip is a puzzle. This is a picture cut into 4 parts. Having gathered her children will see a bench.
  3. A balloon is tied to the bench.It needs to burst to pick up the clue that is inside it. Inside the word "sandbox".
  4. In a sandbox buried part of a plastic bottle, half filled with water. The plastic part of the kinder floats in the water with a note inside. Players need to guess how, without digging up a bottle, raise a hint to the surface. Having added water to the bottle, the guys take the last tip. It says “follow the arrows”.
  5. Children see arrows lined with natural materials (cones, stones) and reach a tree on which bags or bags of sweets hang.


Video: a game for children on the street “Find a treasure”

For leisure, there are plenty of games, all not count. But even those games that we have listed in the article will be quite enough for the child to enjoy his time on the street, training dexterity, endurance and ingenuity.

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Mobile and interesting games for children on the street: a card file of games for children of different ages on the street in the summer, autumn, winter and spring with rules, scenarios and videos 17

Mobile and interesting games for children on the street: a card file of games for children of different ages on the street in the summer, autumn, winter and spring with rules, scenarios and videos 2

Mobile and interesting games for children on the street: a card file of games for children of different ages on the street in the summer, autumn, winter and spring with rules, scenarios and videos 83

Mobile and interesting games for children on the street: a card file of games for children of different ages on the street in the summer, autumn, winter and spring with rules, scenarios and videos 33

Mobile and interesting games for children on the street: a card file of games for children of different ages on the street in the summer, autumn, winter and spring with rules, scenarios and videos 21

Mobile and interesting games for children on the street: a card file of games for children of different ages on the street in the summer, autumn, winter and spring with rules, scenarios and videos 54

Mobile and interesting games for children on the street: a card file of games for children of different ages on the street in the summer, autumn, winter and spring with rules, scenarios and videos 7