Mittens from an old sweater

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This master class will teach you to sew beautiful and at the same time very simple mittens in just 10-15 minutes. You do not need any special skills, or any special materials, or even a sewing machine - a bit of free time and effort, and you will have cute new gloves on your hands.


The master class will especially appeal to those who do not like to part with old things. So, if your favorite sweater is already worn out, you will not have to throw it away - we will redo it into mittens and we will wear more than one year. In addition, mittens can be made from an old fleece blanket, and the lining can be made from a soft towel or scarf.


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What do we need?

  • pullover
  • Lining material (optional)
  • pins
  • durable thread
  • any decor


When choosing a thing from which you will make mittens, pay attention to what it is made of. Will the fabric crumble if you cut it? Consider that it is better not to choose crocheted things (this is about fine lace fabrics), since mittens, even well-made, will spread out after the very first wash.

sweater mittens

It is ideal to choose a woolen, but already slightly “felted” sweater or a sweater from soft synthetic fabric. However, it is worth considering that thin polyester will not work either - it stretches too much and is inconvenient to sew it.


There are two options for creating patterns:

  • You can circle the palm of the paper (or measure the parameters of any old mittens and draw the product with their account), then attach it to the sweater and cut the part.

sweater mittens

  • Another way is to attach the palm directly to the sweater and cut around its outline with soap, and then cut it out in four copies.

sweater mittens

It is best to use a sweater with cuffs. This will make them on mittens. By the way, if you leave the cuff a little longer than necessary, then later it will be possible to bend it - you get a pretty decorative element.

Now is the time to make a lining for our mittens, if you need it. When all the patterns are ready, repeat them on the fabric for interior decoration. Then cut all the blanks, put them on each other and fasten with pins as tightly as possible. Try on. If your hand is comfortable, you can start sewing. If not, move the pins so that the mitten of the village is denser or, conversely, looser.

It remains only to sew the parts of the pattern together and cut off the unnecessary edges. You can sew on a typewriter, but doing it with your hands is also very simple. Perhaps it is even easier, because with a thick cloth it is easier to work with your hands.

Remove the mitten and decorate to your liking. Use appliqués, buttons, fur, pompoms and everything that will appeal to you.


Original decorated mittens, also made with your own hands, are not ashamed to present to someone as a gift, and it is pleasant to wear it yourself. In addition, the mittens from the sweater can be changed depending on the season: from the old wool sweaters, excellent mittens will come out in extreme frosts, and a lightweight pullover from the Angorka will be an excellent basis for mittens in the early spring.

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