Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2018

The model range of SUVs from Japanese automakers is updated every year with a new variety of copies. At present, the equipment and prices of Mitsubishi SUVs have reached the level of the most advanced in engineering and technical terms of passenger cars of a high level of cross-country ability.


About Pajero SUVs

Season 2018 will please fans of the Mitsubishi brand with a cardinal update of almost everything, in a new body the buyer will meet the technical and technological revolution. First of all, the car was rated in China, which is characterized by a changeable climate, a variety of relief conditions and almost no roads in some remote regions.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2018

  • The release date for the PRC market has already passed; the car market of this giant country has received an amazing, powerful, courageous car literally created for extreme conditions and the conquest of many thousands of kilometers of roads;
  • To compete in the field of difficult conditions for passenger transport operating conditions can northern neighbor - Russia.Home sales in Russia have already taken place in the early summer of this year.

For the Chinese market, the cost of new items is from 369, 8 thousand to 429, 8 thousand yuan. Reviews of experts in the field of power units confirm that the draft in an SUV is fully consistent with the sports orientation of the model. No less interesting are other details about the car, its external data and interior configuration.

Updated exterior

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2018

The dramatic changes are perfectly visible in the appearance of the new Pajero, in particular - in its front. He became a true example of the true Japanese classics, where power, aggression, masculinity prevail. In the photo, even a simple car enthusiast can see the signs of a modern style:

  1. A huge chrome-plated grille, proudly carrying three wide strips - inserts and a brand logo;
  2. The modified concept of LED optics, which is smoothly connected to the edges of the radiator;
  3. A long aluminum hood, where three expressive stamping lines stand out noticeably, which creates a relief look;
  4. Both official and spy photos clearly illustrate the air intake niches, edged with running lights interspersed with compact round fog lamps;
  5. In the front and rear parts, the lower protection is reinforced, the car received enlarged wheel arches, a set of expressive roof rails;
  6. Significant gaps around the wheel have become an excellent solution, which allows the famous 2018 model year to more successfully overcome hard-to-reach areas and off-road conditions.

The color gamut of the novelty is increased, overall indicators are changed.

Body length m 4, 785
Width m 1, 815
Body height m 1, 810
Clearance height m 0, 218
Trunk l 714 / 1813
Base m 2, 800
Mass complete set kg 2045, 0

Changes in the cabin

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2018 model year. Specifications, price, photo, test drive, sales start, latest news

The interior also shows significant studies, design improvements and the improvement of tooling. Updated Pajero pleased fans to enjoy on the go super modern interior elements. First of all, the security systems of people were strengthened by increasing the number of elements of artificial intellectual equipment.

  • The presented model is equipped with a new multimedia, the system features a 9-inch touch screen, which is conveniently mounted in the center console;
  • Significantly supplemented by the driver's driving control options, other visual improvements have appeared;
  • Latest news - the changes touched the clarified dashboard, the arrows are equipped with additional lighting, the steering wheel can now be installed in three positions.

Multimedia equipment is easily managed thanks to unified driving options. The entire amount of data in the shortest possible time is processed and displayed on the touch screen in excellent quality for visual study through the use of large format extensions. A test drive conducted under various conditions showed the quality, reliability and the need for an element such as a rear-view camera. Due to it, there is an almost complete overview of what is happening in the back, which creates additional convenience when parking.

Technical features and specifications

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2018 model year. Specifications, price, photo, test drive, sales start, latest news

The Mitsubishi concern offers Russian consumers several options for power systems, the technical characteristics of which are as follows:

  1. Gasoline, volume 3,0 liters, power 222 liters. from. ;
  2. The diesel, 2, 5 l, power is 178 l. from. ;
  3. Turbodiesel 2, 4 liters, power 181 liters. from .

The price policy of the manufacturer Pajero Sport depends on the type of kit. The base Intense format, costs 1,570.0 thousand rubles.Options above Instyle - 1 680, 0 thousand rubles. Model complete set Ultimate costs 1 869 990 rubles.

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