Millennium Count: description of the character

Millennial Earl - the main antagonist in the anime D.Gray-man. Patriarch and first apostle of the Noah family. The modern Earl is Mana D. Campbell. Another part of this personality is the Fourteenth Noah.

Basic Form

The Millennium Count is to a certain extentgrotesque caricature of a Victorian gentleman. He has a rounded figure in a raincoat, wears a top hat on his head. On his face a wide smile, which, regardless of the emotions of the character does not change. His eyes are hidden under round glasses-pince-nez. Each appearance in public of this character is commemorated by eccentric and always new ornaments on the headdress. Earlier, when this hero was shooting a cylinder, under it one could see rabbit ears.

thousand-year-old count

Later there was a pair of demonic horns. The main form of the character is complemented by the Leroy golem, which looks like an umbrella. This hero can summon a huge sword.

Human form

We have already briefly told about whoThe Millennial Earl. The human form of it will be described later. Earlier, occasionally, it arose in the form of a special darkened figure. In this form, the Millennium Count is a man of high stature, also giving preference to the Victorian style of clothing. He has a monocle, a tall top hat, a tuxedo. You can also add that the Millennium Grafter is a middle-aged man with a small stubble on his face and black short hair. He wears a shirt decorated with a black-and-green strip, a light raincoat and a top hat. He has amber eyes, as well as a gray skin.

millennial earl of man


The Millennium Count wants to destroy humanity. At the same time, his character can be called carefree and friendly. However, he shows genuine attention to the members of the Family. He uses exclusively polite Japanese. The character has a hatred for all of humanity. At the same time, he sometimes shows indulgence towards individuals, in particular, children.

thousand-year count human form


The Millennial Earl is the first apostle of Noah. This hero deceived Allen and made him turn into Akuma Manu. Then the Pure Force was activated. The count left Allen, although he could kill. Later, he reproached himself for not having done so.


The character is first shown in the course of the story of Leo and Jan. There he goes to the house of Moa. Begins to cheer Mark - her son-in-law. After he is shown again next to Jan, in the cemetery. Soon, Allen Walker appears. The Count does not recognize him at first, but afterwards recalls the story with his father. After losing to Allen, the villain flies to Leroy and insists that this is only the beginning.

The Count under the stone bridge meets Tiki and asksit's ok to get dressed. Later, the heroes come together to Road, they help her with her homework. Then the Count offers Tiki's playing cards. They have a list of those whom he needs to kill.

Skin, Tiki and Jasdabi arrive at the Earl. He says that their real birthplace is Noah's Ark. Also there was the homeland of mankind as a whole. The earl declares that it is time to leave the Ark, and then build a new one. After that, he wondered why none of the guests had fulfilled the task assigned to him. The Count welcomes the prepared army. He makes a warning to Tiki that one should not underestimate the Pure Force. After that, it reminds Skina and Jasdebi of their failures.

thousand-year graph photo

The count gives an order from the army to destroy the Generals. Suddenly, he, as well as those who were near the representatives of the Family, attacked his Fiery Seal Lavi. While the exorcists are fighting, Graf begins to suspect that the Cross is already inside the Ark. The villain is worried about this. The Jasdebis say that they should move to the new Ark as quickly as possible. However, Graf notes that this is impossible. First you need to download information from the old Ark. Road is engaged in this. The Earl states: the right to use the Ark is with him, and also some other chosen ones.

The character begins to expound the story of Noah. It turns out that the latter had the right of the Executor and once betrayed him by the Family, having left the Ark. The Count killed him. However, before that, he transferred the right of the Executor to an unknown person. From that time, the Ark can not leave Edo. Only a person who has the rights of the Contractor is able to influence his location. The earl adds that this is why he made the creation of the new Ark. It also turns out that the people who are killed by Tiki are related to the traitor Noah.

The character is worried about coming to Edo Cross. It at it causes bad apprehension. After that, he again gives the army's order to move forward to destroy the Generals. When the Tiadoll team intervenes in the battle, the Count applies a technique that destroys all Edo. The villain sees Linali protected by her Pure Force. The graph assumes that, most likely, the girl can be the bearer of the Heart. He intends to kill Linali, but he is stopped by Allen who arrived on the Ark.

The battle of two opponents begins. The Count takes out a giant sword. Suddenly there is an explosion. Allen falls near Lavi, the Count disappears.

Now you know who the Millennium Count is. Photos of this character are attached to this material.

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