Military pensions from January 1, 2018

State social protection of citizens from among former military personnel in the field of pay is regulated in the Russian Federation by Law N 4468-1 (February 12, 1993) and N 166-FZ (December 15, 01). They set the criteria for the appointment of payments: duty stations, positions, citizenship, categories of recipients.

Military pensions from January 1, 2018


Legislative regulation of military pensions in Russia

Military pensions from January 1, 2018. Changes, latest news

After retirement, military retirees and citizens equal in rights may apply for the accrual of retirement benefit payments if:

  1. total service life exceeded 20 years;
  2. the military is dismissed due to the inability to serve longer for health reasons, upon the occurrence of the maximum allowable age or due to organizational and staff changes at the place of work; on the date of his dismissal he was already 45 years old, and his total work experience exceeded 25 years, at least 12.5 of which were military service.

Depending on where the last duty station was, the payroll is:

  • Ministry of Defence;
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation;
  • Federal Penitentiary Service;
  • Federal Security Service.

There is a restriction: if a military pensioner joins the military service or the national guard of the Russian Federation, the internal affairs bodies, penitentiary bodies or the fire service, then the payment of retirement pension is suspended.

Payments are subject to review in two cases:

  1. when the cash allowance of the respective categories of employees increases
  2. annually from January 1, taking into account the increase in the monetary allowance taken into account when calculating social benefits. Until 2035, an increase of 2% per year is foreseen. Depending on the level of inflation, it can be increased by the Law on the State Budget.

The actual state of affairs in previous years and the latest news

Military pensions from January 1, 2018. Changes, latest news

The norm on the gradual increase in payments introduced in 2012. But due to a shortage of money, this item has not been respected since 2015. For several years in a row, the Government has declared that such methods to save the budget are temporary, and the suspension of the increase in the monetary allowance of the law enforcement officers planned by the Law, and, as a result, pensions for former employees, is an emergency measure.The military men complain that the norms of legislation are declarative in nature, and in fact they cannot take advantage of the provided benefits in full, and they are supposed to be annually fixed on January 1, plus 2% have long been frozen.

The state really finds difficulty in adjusting the amount of social benefits even for inflation, not to mention the additional 2 percent. In February 2017, amid a general indexation of pensions of 5.4%, the military added only 4%. In the summer of 2017, it was said that military salaries could still be raised. But there was no money in the budget. The expectations for indexation of pensions to security officials from October 1, 2017 were not confirmed either.

Plans for 2018 are still under discussion. According to preliminary estimates, based on today's realities, the state will be able to afford a 4% increase in benefits for retired security officials. Final figures will be adopted with the federal budget for 2018.

In general, the reform of the content of the military can enter a new phase. So, the authorities are discussing the experience that must be served for retirement. Some officials believe that it is necessary to increase it from 20 to 25 years. The authors of the bill say that this will save several hundred billion rubles a year.

Opinions were also expressed on the termination of accruals to working military retirees. They argued that for most men, 45 years old is quite a working age. Their potential needs to be tapped into the economy, helping with professional reorientation and retraining.

Pension reform is always a painful process. Such measures on the eve of presidential elections are extremely unpopular. Therefore, the likelihood that officials will risk losing the confidence of voters, infringing on the interests of people in uniform, is extremely small. Experts believe that the State Duma will most likely return to the discussion of such options for patching up budget holes later, after the elections. In the meantime, the legislators did not accept any changes.

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