MIA reform in 2019

The staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are perplexed by the upcoming changes in their department, which are predicted from 2015 onwards. In the press, rumors about the reform of the pensions of security agencies are again being discussed. The changes have not yet entered into force, but the bill has already been prepared and is being prepared for consideration. What awaits pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2019, we consider in this material.

RF Police

The reasons for reforming

In accordance with the May Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on National Development Goals N 204, by 2024 the Government must reduce the poverty level by 2 times and increase life expectancy to 78 years. To comply with the instructions above, officials are looking for ways to save public funds and replenish the budget. Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs receive higher wages and pensions, which at least to some extent compensate for the dangerous and difficult conditions of their work. But there is a shortage of state funds for the provision of all units of law enforcement agencies and retired employees. The reason for the planned changes is the deficit of the state treasury.

Increased length of service

The need for global pension reform has been declared for several years. Along with the increase in the retirement age of “civilian” employees, an increase in the length of service of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is also considered. It is supposed to raise it from 20 to 25 years. This proposal came from Minister of Economy Siluanov in 2015, but was not accepted.

According to analysts, the embodiment of a wide range of social and economic reforms will be in 2019. To all appearances, starting this year, the bill on increasing the length of service of law enforcement agencies will come into force, the pension coverage of which is regulated by a separate law of 12.02.93, N 4468-1 “On pension coverage of persons serving in the military, in the internal affairs bodies , The State Fire Service, the agencies responsible for monitoring the circulation of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, the institutions and bodies of the penitentiary system, the troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, and their families (hereinafter - Law N 4468-1)

Bill review

The explanatory note states that these changes are aimed at preserving in the service of valuable experienced personnel, as well as in order to increase the size of the subsequent state security.

According to the bill, the total number of years required to receive a service pension will be 25 years. This applies to all security forces - the military, the police, the drug control service and the FSIN.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

An employee of the above departments must have a service record of 20 years, if he was dismissed due to:

  • diseases,
  • recognition of unfitness for service by a special commission,
  • reaching the age limit
  • as a result of the reduction.

This is a new clause; it is introduced into Part 1 of Article 13 of Law N 4468-1.

The good news is that retirement benefits are also increasing. If now it is 50% of the monetary allowance after reaching 20 years of service (Article 14 of Law No. 4468-1), then with the adoption of the law, it will be 65% of the allowance with a subsequent increase of 3% annually, but not more than 85% ( this part of the law does not change).

Article 14 will also be supplemented with a clause on the assignment of provision for employees who have been dismissed due to illness, disability and reduction after 20 or more years of service. They are entitled to a pension in the amount of 50% of the allowance with a subsequent increase of 3% annually.

The second section of the bill concerns only the military and makes changes to the chapter of the law No. 306-ФЗ “On the monetary allowance of military personnel ...”, it says about the salary increment, which increases as the service is paid.

Pensioner MIA

The third section is devoted to the entry into force of the provisions of this document and applies to all categories of employees. He says that when employees of departments are dismissed before January 1, 2019, the conditions for obtaining a pension under the previous wording of the law — that is, 20 years of minimum service — remain.

The full text of this bill you can download here.

When will take effect

In the details of the bill, the date of entry into force is not specified, but the text of the document mentions January 1, 2019. This suggests that if this act passes all readings in 2018, the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will begin in 2019. Given that in June 2018, the government begins to harmonize the law on raising the retirement age of ordinary citizens, it can be expected that in the second half of the year similar questions will be considered by law enforcement agencies.

Types of pensions

According to Art. 5 of Law No. 4468-1, employees in the service of the state have the right to choose which pension they receive - on the basis of seniority or disability, if it was due to professional activity. In addition, employees of the department are entitled to a regular pension.According to paragraph 6 of Article 3 of the Law of 15.12.2001 N 166-ФЗ “On State Pension Provision in the Russian Federation”, they are entitled to receive an insurance pension simultaneously with a specialized pension.

Getting a pension

To do this, the following general conditions must be met:

  1. Age (60 for men, 55 for women);
  2. Service experience outside law enforcement agencies (on a “citizen”) - at least 9 years in 2018 and 10 years in 2019;
  3. The points accrued by the FIU on a particular system (minimum - 13.8 for 2018).

Other changes in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The media contains information about future changes in the structure of the internal affairs bodies in 2019, but they do not rely on official sources. However, on January 1, 2018, it entered into force “On Amending the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 5, 2014 No. 300“ On Certain Issues of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation ”. According to the new instructions, the number of staff of the internal affairs bodies should be 894 871 people, which is 10 thousand less than in the wording of the decree adopted in 2016.

From this it follows that the staff will be reduced, and in what ways it is not yet known. There are several assumptions for reform:

  • the merger of the penitentiary service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • removal from the state of law enforcement agencies of employees of medical institutions and their transfer to the system of the Ministry of Health;
  • the merger of the patrol and traffic police;
  • the withdrawal to civilian positions of employees whose work is not directly related to law enforcement: psychologists, accountants, personnel officers.

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