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Mercedes-Benz introduced a new convertible after 44 years

Oleg Skrinnik
2017 year of the rooster

Mercedes-Benz S-class cabriolet 2017- This is a full-fledged four-seat convertible, developed on the platform of the flagship S-class Coupe, which was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. The manufacturer calls this car "the most comfortable convertible among all existing in the world."

It must be said that in the production program of the cabriolet on the basis of the class “S” there were not as many as 44 years. In 1971, the last W111 and W112 series convertible rolled off the assembly line. And today we finally have a brand new convertible on the S-class Coupe platform, but much more attractive and original than the coupe version.

Car exterior

Over the design of the appearance worked the best German staff and it is noticeable in every element of the body, which is simply amazing. From the outside, the new S-Class cabriolet looks like a copy of the original coupe, except for the presence of a fabric top, which can completely fold into the designated compartment in the cargo hold in 20 seconds.

This procedure is easily performed in the process of driving, but if the speed is not above 60 km / h. In general, the exterior is quite bright, luxurious and modern.


Mercedes was equipped with heated head restraints, an improved AirScarf system — thanks to it, heated air flows to the necks of the passengers and the driver, as well as the modernized AirCap system, which, using a deflector, raises the air flow on the windshield and the wind screen behind the head restraints.

Mercedes Benz S-class cabriolet 2017

Also, this model of Mercedes 2017 is equipped with a modern climate control system, which automatically automatically creates the optimum temperature regardless of the position of the roof. This system has 18 sensors and 14 sensors in its design. In addition to this, the cabin boasts ionization and air cleaning functions.

In addition to a large list of security systems, which everyone has already met in other versions of the S class, safety bars located behind the back row of seats are used in a fresh cabriolet. During the tipping of the car, these arcs are extended and take the entire load on themselves, which allows the passenger to receive less injuries.

Technical features fresh car

As stated by the manufacturer of the coupe and cabriolet of the car have 60% of the total elements. In addition to noticeable differences, most of them are hidden from the eyes. For example, the model with a folding roof has a completely different power structure of the floor in the rear area, constructed of aluminum. The manufacturer claims that the engineers were able to get a similar torsional rigidity for the convertible, like the coupe.

new convertible Mercedes-Benz 2017

The 455-hp eight-cylinder 4.7-liter power unit is installed in the engine compartment of the cabriolet, which performs pair work with a modern nine-band automatic 9G Tronic transmission.

Also, the novelty is available in a modified version of the S63 AMG, which is driven by a biturbo 5.5-liter 585-horsepower V8 engine and 900 Nm of torque, which is transmitted to all wheels by the seven-band AMG SPEED SHIFT MCT Transmission. Before the first hundred, such a giant can accelerate in 3.9 seconds, as well as the S63 Coup., And the peak speed is electronically limited after 250 km / h.

Dimensional features

new cars Mercedes-Benz 2017

The dimensions of the coupe and convertible are almost the same. So the S-class cabriolet has the following values:

  • model length reaches 5027 mm;
  • width is 1899 mm;
  • The height is 1477 mm, which is a few millimeters larger than the hardtop version due to the design features of the folding roof.

Price New

Taking orders for a cabriolet begins in mid-December of the outgoing year, and then the official cost of the car will be known. Customers will be able to get their cars in the spring of next year.

Mercedes Benz 2017 convertible photo

According to unofficial data, the cost of new items for the American market will be about 130,000 USD, but everyone understands that the final cost will depend on the configuration and the installed power unit. It is also known that the AMG version will be offered for 250,000 USD.

That's such a high-tech, modern, and luxurious turned out a cabriolet from the company Mercedes-Benz after as much as 44 years. The manufacturer compares this new product with a cruise yacht and with a sense of pride calls the car the most comfortable and spacious among all convertibles in the world.

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