Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018


The most respectable European motor show this year shows a lot of new products and modifications of city cars. A considerable share in this segment is occupied by compact crossovers of the Mercedes-Benz GLB series of the current season. For several years, the design team of the German automotive giant has been working to improve the progressive direction of cars.

Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018

  • The GLB series has replaced the GLC lineup, which has become a follower of the famous GLK class.
  • The manufacturer plans to release eight modifications that are different equipment and prices. It was officially announced by the head of the Mercedes-Dieter Zetsche division in Detroit at the January auto show.
  • The novelty allows you to maintain a positive trend in the dynamics of the active formation of demand for small urban crossovers. In the new body this time, the buyer receives a slightly reduced version of the famous Gelendwagen.
  • The pricing policy has been revised, now the novelty will become much cheaper, the cost of GLB in the North American market is approaching the premium class "B" and in the future will approach the $ 44,000 - $ 45,000.

Work on improving the model continues, the date of entry into the international market - presumably the beginning of next year. The official release for today is not presented and full-fledged data on the appearance and technical equipment motorists can not get yet. Nevertheless, test runs on the Northern Loop allow us to evaluate the features of its appearance and technical equipment.

At present, the expansion of trade in German cars in the official dealer network of the brand is not planned, the start of sales in Russia is likely to take place in the last months of 2018. Exterior data allows you to present the car as a modern promising high-tech innovation with good making for the future. At present, the work of designers, technologists and designers continues, and the crossover will go into mass sales somewhat modified.

External features

Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018

First of all, the manufacturer focuses the car on the American and Chinese motorists. The appearance of the novelty is significantly different from the analogs of another class - GLC and GLK, but the popular G class direction is still the prototypeReviews of fans of the German brand about the external data allow us to make a general picture and trends of the exterior of the novelty. On numerous photos you can see the following features:

  1. Faceted muscular lean style, characterized by a slight angle of the racks supporting the ceiling;
  2. Spy photos confirm the similarity with the conceptual model Enter-G Force, familiar to the automotive public since the Los Angeles auto show in 2012;

SUV is focused exclusively on assertive young car owners who prefer comfort, reliability, speed. The category of compact SUVs replenished with the largest and longest of them. The updated crossover has two modifications of the five-seater and seven-seater type, 460, 0 cm and 480, 0 cm long, respectively.

Interior features of Mercedes-Benz GLB

New Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018 model year.Specifications, price, photo, test drive, sales start, latest news

Salon is becoming more modern and advanced. This applies not only interior solutions, but also electrical equipment. Mercedes 2018 model year crossover in the cabin has the following innovations:

  • Split is an AC system, a modern multimedia complex called COMAND, where a large touch screen, a navigator and the functions of combined monitoring and control immediately attract the attention.
  • Several modifications of the cabin have been proposed - for four, five and seven seats, upholstered in natural leather, and a voluminous trunk.
  • A test drive showed airbag reliability; anti-lock braking system, brake force distribution functional, dynamic stabilization, permanent all-wheel drive 4 MATIC;
  • The manufacturer confirmed the excellent technical characteristics of adaptive cruise control, position fixation systems during descent from the mountain, electric drive of side-view mirrors.

Thanks to the use of MirrorLink technology, wireless interaction and car options are controlled using gadgets. Music fans will appreciate the three-dimensional positioning of the acoustics of Harman Kardon.

Power system

New Mercedes-Benz GLB 2018 model year. Specifications, price, photo, test drive, sales start, latest news

Fans of the German automotive industry will appreciate the latest news regarding the engine and power of the new crossover.

Gas engine Volume 1, 6 l Capacity 190 liters. from.
Turbo diesel Volume 2, 0 l 160 l. from.

A new generation of engines involves the emergence of the engine of 400 forces, which will be equipped with a charged set of Mercedes-Benz GLB AMG and a hybrid powertrain.

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