Mazda 6 2018


To date, the sixth generation Mazda in its category can rightly be considered one of the most voluminous, roomy, elegant passenger cars of the sedan type among its counterparts. The proposed models СХ5 and СХ7 have received a lot of changes, which together make it possible to say that the manufacturers from the Country of the Rising Sun offer the new:

  • Unique appearance and memorable presentable exterior.
  • The modern look and conceptually new geometry of the future.
  • A great combination of equipment and prices are very affordable for such a car.
  • High cross-country performance in all conditions, enhanced security system.

It is thanks to these improvements in the new body it became much more comfortable for passengers who will travel in the second row, where three adults can easily be placed on a common couch, in the photo you can see three prototypes of separate anatomical seats.

Mazda 6 2018

Some facts of modern engineering

What fundamentally distinguishes the automotive industry of the future, the basic concepts of which are being formed in Japan today, from the engineering industry of the past. Almost everything. If we look at the history of the construction industry of passenger cars, then it is not so long, about a hundred years. Literally all this time, car makers, developers, engineers and designers have formed the trend of automotive fashion. Today, cars are created on the basis of the wishes of potential and actual owners, representatives of large retail chains and the recommendations of leading industry experts. That is why the release date of each new model is the result of hard work not only for design, engineering, technology groups, but also for a thorough analysis of consumer wishes and demand trends.

Domestic car enthusiasts will soon be able to appreciate the sixth generation Mazda, the start of sales in Russia is considered by the manufacturer as the prospect of the end of 2017 - the beginning of 2018. Usually, the first impression is formed in the process of studying the appearance of a novice.

Exterior Mazda 6

Design departments of the auto concern developed a truly unique concept for the creation of all models of the line, the program dubbed "Kodo" - the soul of the movement.The Mazda 6 2018 presented in Paris corresponds exactly to the basics of this concept in all respects. Spy photos that appeared on the network allow you to see all the features of a progressive appearance, where there is not a single face or step transition. And this is not a fad, thanks to the soft outlines of the body solved the main task - the maximum reduction in resistance to air flow during movement.

Mazda 6 2018

The car received excellent reviews of experts after tests on aerodynamics. Thanks to the work of the designers, the desired effect was achieved. In addition, the total mass of the sedan is reduced by using special innovative light alloys designed directly for the 2018 proposal.model yearwhich distinguishes a number of innovations:

  1. On the front, a set of two pairs of adaptive headlights improves the road lighting by several orders of magnitude.
  2. Enhanced security thanks to the on-board computer, which autonomously adjusts the light intensity, light switching, and other technical features required on the road.
  3. Robotic lighting changes with changes in the terrain and the number of oncoming traffic.transport.

Mazda 6 Dimensions

Length of car, total cm. 487, 00
Body width - size of mirrors cm. 184, 00
Height cm. 145, 00
Road clearance cm. 16, 50

The ground clearance is designed to provide a comfortable ride in the "city".

The latest news is encouraging. Two variants of the body will enter the market at the same time - a wagon and a classic sedan, in the future one of the types of sports cars.

Salon Mazda 6

The interior of the new itemsMazda 6 2018need to pay special attention. Almost completely changed the dashboard and center console. The architecture of anatomically adapted chairs with inserts made of genuine leather with individual heating has changed. Test drive showed the highest level of technological methods in the car's equipment. The media system today is the best in the world. The navigator is equipped with elements of artificial intelligence, the electronics are super modern.

Mazda 6 2018 year.Specifications, price, photo, test drive, sales start, latest news


The updated car is equipped with gasoline and diesel engines with the following indicators:

  • Volume 2, 0 liters. power 145 - 165 liters. from. Manual transmission.
  • Volume 2, 5 liters. , power 192 liters. from. Automatic transmission.
  • Diesel, volume 2, 2 liters. power 150 - 170 liters. from. four-wheel drive.

Prices for today are not announced by the manufacturer, the intrigue has been preserved in other matters.

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