May holidays in 2018

Our people love this spring month, as the really warm days come and you can finally relax with the whole family in nature. I wonder what will be the weekend for the May holidays in 2018?


Production calendar

Getting acquainted with the calendar of 2018, you can see that the holidays: the first and the ninth of May fall in the middle of the week:

  • 05/01/18 is Tuesday;
  • 05/09/18 - Wednesday.

May holidays in 2018

In this situation, you can hardly count on a long weekend in May. So far it is known that the Ministry of Labor has proposed to postpone the weekend of January 7, 18 - Sunday to 05/02/18, and make the weekend Saturday of April 28, 188 work so that April 30, 1998 - Monday, make holidays. Thus, the following picture may turn out:

  • 04/29/18 - Sunday - day off:
  • 04/30/18 - Monday - day off;
  • 05/01/18 - official holiday;
  • 05/02/18 - day off due to the transfer of Sunday 07/01/18.

That is, there may be four continuous weekends. In addition, there will be another official holiday - May 9th. There are no options here - we rest for one day, moreover, 05/08/18, as it should be, will be reduced by one hour.

Of course, this is not 7-8 continuous weekends, as it once was, but still not bad. If this is officially approved by the Government of the Russian Federation, we get:

Number of calendar days: 31
Number of working days: 20
Short days: 1
Transfers: 2
Weekend: 9
Official holidays: 2
Work time:
  • 159 - at 40 hours slave week;
  • 143 - at 36 hours slave. a week;
  • 95 - at 24 hours slave. a week

Thus, the Russians in May of 2018 will rest for a third of a month, which is very good, considering that there will be wonderful weather outside.

May holidays in 2018

Professional holidays

In the last month of spring, representatives of different professions celebrate their professional holidays:

  • 05.05.18 - divers and obstetricians;
  • 05.07.18 - radio workers;
  • 08.05.18 - employees of the criminal investigation department;
  • 05/12/18 - nurses;
  • 05.13.18 - escorts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia;
  • 05/14/18 - freelancers;
  • 05/16/18 - biographers;
  • 05/17/18 - pulmonologists;
  • 05/18/18 –workers of museums;
  • 05.20.18 - workers of metrology and traumatology;
  • 05.21.18 - military translators, polar explorers and workers of the BTI;
  • 05/24/18 - personnel officers;
  • 05/25/18 - philologists and welders;
  • 05/26/18 - entrepreneurs;
  • 05.27.18 - librarians and chemists;
  • 05/28/18 - optimizers and border guards;
  • 05/29/18 - military motorists;
  • 05/31/18 - employees of the bar.

Religious dates

In May, many Christian holidays are celebrated. Here are some of them:

  • 05/02/18 - Matrona of Moscow Day;
  • 05/06/18 - the day is dedicated to St. George the Victorious;
  • 05/17/18 - Ascension of the Lord - celebrated forty days after Easter;
  • 05.21.18 - John the Theologian is honored;
  • 05/24/18 - Cyril and Methodius are recalled;
  • 05/25/18 - Commemoration of all those who died not by their own death;
  • 05/26/18 - Parent Saturday;
  • 05/27/18 - Trinity - celebrated on the fiftieth day after the Great Day;
  • 05/28/18 - Day of the Holy Spirit.

Major May Holidays

May Day today is very different from the one that was under the Soviet Union. On this day, grandiose demonstrations were held in the country of the Soviets in solidarity with the working people of the whole world fighting for their rights. At present, the holiday has lost its political coloring and has become the Feast of Spring and Labor. On this day, all those who contribute to the prosperity of our power are honored. These are ordinary workers, employees of various organizations and village workers. Everyone can rightfully place himself in this category, which means that May 1 is a holiday for all of us without exception, it is not surprising that everyone is waiting for him every year.

The second official holiday in our country is May 9th. It will be the seventy-third anniversary of our victory over fascist Germany.On this day, Russians will remember all those who defended our Homeland many years ago and to whom we owe our peaceful sky. As before, official celebrations take place in the capital of our Motherland - Moscow, as well as in all settlements of our vast Motherland. After all, in our country there is not a single family where someone would not suffer from this greatest grief of the last century. All from small to large will come to the monuments of Soviet soldiers and lay flowers.

Especially impressive will be the military parade on Red Square. On it we will see those. who now protects our peaceful life, as well as the latest military equipment, which has no equal in the world. Without a doubt, the already famous action "Immortal Regiment" will be held. In the evening we will all witness the grand salute in honor of the victory of our country in the Great Patriotic War. Such events will be held in all major metropolitan areas of Russia, as well as in the cities-heroes.

May holidays in 2018. How to relax, the production calendar

How to rest other days

In recent years, the Russians have developed a tradition in the May holidays to open the season of outdoor recreation. After all, in a large part of the territory of Russia, stable heat is already established, trees and flowers are blooming, and the whole air is literally filled with magical aroma. It is no coincidence that most Russians rush to their favorite vacation spots:

  • to the country;
  • in the village to relatives;
  • on a picnic in the forest or to the nearest reservoir.

Among the entertainment most popular cooking on the fire field porridge or kebabs. Fans of outdoor activities open the season of beach soccer or volleyball. Tourists of all stripes arrange evening singing with a guitar. In general, all holidays are held under the slogan of communication with nature.

There are Russians who prefer to go to the southern seas these days. They use every free minute to enjoy the warm sun of exotic countries and splash in the warm emerald sea.

There are among our citizens and those who do not miss the moment to get acquainted with new historical monuments. It is no coincidence that during the May holidays, tours to Europe are so popular, where each city represents an open-air museum. Not less popular in recent times began to enjoy and our domestic historical places. What is worth only a trip to the Golden Ring of Russia.

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