Maternity leave in 2019: registration and experience

Many Russian women are closely watching the news in the field of maternity legislation, and this applies to both those who are already preparing to go on maternity leave, and those who are only planning to have a child in 2019. Let's see what is the procedure for registration of holidays now and how it can change next year.

Solid term

To date, maternity leave, he is maternity, in fact is a special hospital, which is issued to the expectant mother shortly before childbirth: it is issued in the antenatal clinic at the beginning of the last trimester. As a rule, it is 140 days: 70 days before delivery and the same number after.

However, in some cases, a woman in labor allows you to rest a little longer: for example, with complications of childbirth or pregnancy itself, the leave is 156 days, and in the case of twin birth, 194 days. Highlights the law and women living in areas of radioactive contamination: they are entitled to 160 days of vacation.

birth of a child

To get maternity leave at work, you must provide the personnel department with a sick-list (it’s important to check whether the doctor didn’t make mistakes in the company’s name or name - the mistake may cost tens of thousands of rubles, because such a sheet will be considered invalid) and a certificate that the doctor also gives - as well as make a statement.

If a woman claims a statutory one-time payment for registration during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, then the relevant certificate should also be attached to the documents. Now this payment is 628 rubles 47 kopecks - not so much, but it doesn’t hurt anyway, given that you can get help from the same doctor.

Continuous service

In addition to the pleasant moments like a long rest and cash benefits, there is in the maternity sphere and controversial: for example, many expectant mothers are interested in whether vacation in the total working experience. The law defines the length of service as actually worked time - however, in some cases, it may include other special periods.

Maternity leave is considered to be just such a period and is fully included in the length of service, since pension contributions for an employee continue to be transferred - and this is considered a key principle.And in the experience is and leave to care for a child until he reaches one and a half years; however, in total one mother may not have more than six years of such experience for calculating pensions.

Moreover, maternity leave is fully included in the special package, which is necessary for certain categories of workers for early retirement - for example, teachers or the military. However, after 1992, this experience does not include the one and a half year-old parental leave. You can sit at home for up to three years - but the last one and a half years will not be paid.

Maternity leave

Also, some women are planning to combine maternity and regular planned vacation. By law, they are independent of each other and may well go one by one, but it is necessary to correctly calculate the number of working days that give this right, excluding from them the duration of maternity leave.

There are two ways to do this. The first involves counting the days manually on the calendar - as a result, the calculation is accurate and takes into account the length of each month and even leap years. However, some personnel officers consider the method to be monotonous and use another one, on the usual holiday.

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