Magnetic Storms in February 2018

Despite the fact that the magnetic field of the Earth is invisible, it has a significant impact on all processes occurring on our planet. This also applies to a person whose life and health depends on the state of the earth's shell. She is also subject to cosmic influence. Magnetic storms in February 2018 are proof of this.


Why magnetic disturbances occur

As a result of the activity of our luminary, a huge number of different kinds of particles are thrown into space. They have a diverse impact on what is happening around. Having reached the magnetic field of the Earth, the charged particles cause geomagnetic disturbances, which are called magnetic storms.

Without the earth's magnetic shell, all life on our planet would have perished overnight. However, the altered magnetic field does not affect nature for the better. Animals and people have negative effects from fluctuations in the magnetic field.

Magnetic Storms in February 2018

How magnetic storms affect

Magnetic bursts cause instability in the work of many human organs. This applies primarily to the heart and nervous system.During magnetic storms, there can be heart attacks, sudden pressure surges, and both upward and downward. During the activity of the Sun, the human reaction is dulled; therefore, accidents at work and in transport are observed.

Magnetic storms suffer, first of all, people suffering from certain diseases, as well as pregnant women and children. For young and healthy people, changes in the Earth’s magnetic field have little effect on their well-being.

Unhealthy people have:

  • frequent headaches;
  • dizziness;
  • trouble sleeping;
  • weakness in the body;
  • aching joints;
  • malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • nausea.

Magnetic disturbances affect the state of the circulatory system. The blood may thicken, resulting in reduced blood flow in the vessels, which in turn causes blood pressure imbalance. In these moments, the head starts to hurt and bleeding in the brain can occur.

Is it possible to save the body?

Medical professionals believe that anyone can help their body reduce the effects of magnetic disturbances.For example, if a person suffering from some kind of chronic disease carries an elementary set of medications with him, the likelihood of complications may decrease by several times. In this case, you can prevent severe cases of heart and pressure.

Also, if a person is less likely to drink alcohol, coffee and tea during magnetic storms, this will protect him from the complications of his health.

Doctors recommend that people use natural water during this period. It is better to forget about carbonated drinks and prefer herbal juices and teas. It is also worth reviewing your attitude to nutrition. You should not eat heavy, high-calorie foods. It is necessary to abandon smoked meat, sausages, fried foods. This also applies to fast food and fast food. The menu should be mainly products of plant and natural origin. For people suffering from frequent mood swings, it is recommended to drink herbal infusions, tea from mint, lemon balm or chamomile.

In the days of magnetic perturbations, psychologists do not recommend visiting crowded places. The presence of a large number of people can cause panic in sufferers of nervous diseases.

During this period, it is better to go to the park, forest, etc. Communicating with nature can calm the nervous system and reduce brain stress.

Schedule by day and hour

During the month, several geomagnetic storms are possible. They can also be different in strength: barely noticeable, medium and quite powerful.

Some meteozavisimyh people, they are felt long before the onset. Usually, it is 2-3 days. Most often this applies to hypertensive patients and people suffering from heart disease. People with mental disabilities behave restlessly. Their mood worsens, and there are bouts of rage or vice versa depression.

Magnetic storms in February 2018. Schedule by day and hour

Since the psychological state of many people changes during the change of the magnetic field, it is better to postpone important matters for this time. You should also not negotiate, sign the most important documents, especially financial ones. Not recommended at this time and any long trips. During this period it is better to plan a day off, if, of course, it is possible.

The hourly forecast of magnetic storms for February 2018 to make so early is very problematic. This, like ordinary weather, is influenced by many factors.As a rule, such a forecast is made a month before the appointed date. In this case, scientists can calculate for how much and on what scale solar radiation can reach our planet and in what position the Earth itself will be.

At present, only a preliminary forecast of magnetic disturbances can be made on the basis of historical data for the past period. For example, how many magnetic storms were in February in previous years:

2013 9
2014 5
2015 9
2016 6
2017 4

Scientists leading a constant observation of the Sun already know approximately the frequency of the processes occurring on our star, so they can predict the behavior of the Earth’s magnetic field. Although, as with any natural phenomenon, the probability of prediction will not be very accurate.

So, the researchers of the Sun are sure that in February 2018 there will not be too many magnetic storms - 8-9, as there is some lull in our luminary. At the same time, geomagnetic disturbances can not be too small, for example - 1-2. The fastest magnetic storms will be about 3-4, and they are distributed as follows:

  • 05.02.18;
  • 07.02.18;
  • 10.02.18;
  • 15.02.18.

These days you should take care. Do not engage in hard work, sports.It's time to do some relaxation. You can take a bath with mint, melissa or other relaxing herbs. A good option would be to listen to calm beautiful music. You can sit comfortably in a chair by the fireplace and look at the flames. It is said that its flickering lights can bring peace and tranquility to a person’s soul.

During magnetic storms need to maintain a positive mood. Watching comedies and humorous TV shows can help. We must not forget that a lot depends on you to maintain your health.

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