Macrame Hoop Earrings

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Hoop earrings are a very popular female adornment. Still, because they are universal! Yes, these accessories look a little rustic, but that’s why they are suitable for any outfit.

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That's only if you wear ring earrings for a long time, over time they will bore you. Sometimes you want to get something new, and get rid of the usual jewelry. Well, or for a while, just forget about them.

If you love your earrings, rings and do not want to part with them, but they are a little bored with you, we offer you to completely transform the usual earrings with your own hands! What is important, it does not affect the state of your product. If the additional accessories do not like you, you can easily cut them off and return the usual ringlets.
And macrame technique will help us out. To transform the jewelry, we need only dense threads of floss (you can take two shades of the same color, you can choose contrasting if you plan to wear earrings with bright summer outfits).In addition, we will need decorative beads (no one bothers you to play with flowers, but if you doubt that you can choose them correctly, take the same shades as the thread).

earrings rings

How to make earrings?

We begin to weave and to begin with we fix the first thread in the center. Making a knot (as in the photo).

earrings rings

Now we make similar nodes on a segment approximately equal to one third of the ring. It is better to leave the ends longer, so that it is convenient to work with them. Then we prune them.

Next, take a new thread. We thread its end into the first knot, and then we move along the segment and make knots, fastening each end of the first thread with the second.earrings rings

Take the third thread (another color) and repeat the same. Then do the same thread one more row.

earrings rings

Now we begin to weave the beads. Carefully study the photos that show how many threads need to be set aside, and how many to link together. Focus on the size of the beads. It is important that she "sat down" exactly, tightly and not loose.

earrings rings

earrings rings

earrings rings

When all the beads are in place, tie the remaining ends into one and crown the end of the product with a large bead. At the bottom we tie a neat knot so that it does not fall down.

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