Luxury Bath Criteria

Luxury bathrooms have at least several of the following criteria:
1. Space. Utility room, most bathrooms are small to allow more space in other areas of the house. So, a large bathroom is a luxury for people. Create the look and feel of a larger space by removing the visual clutter, choosing a monochrome color palette and using a few extra luxurious qualities.
2. Light. Skylights, walls of the windows, beautiful views. Light is a factor that may be in short supply, and its abundance in the bathroom is a luxury. If there is no light, stick to plumb or window coverings that allow the best possible illumination. For people with a view of the air shaft or without windows, pay attention to the lighting that simulates natural sunlight.
3. Materials. Luxury bathrooms use beautiful, natural materials on floors and walls. Granite, marble, all the luxury of nature - If you are repairing, invest in high-quality natural materials. They are not only luxurious, quality lasts forever and never goes out of fashion.
4. Texture.Whether you feel your feet in a comfortable state from a smooth stone floor to a plush sheepskin rug or envelop yourself in a warm bath surrounded by velvet curtains, textures create intimacy. Bathrooms are warm, wet and steamy, and not the best conditions for sheepskin carpets and velvet curtains. Consider different textures in other ways: plush towels and bathrobes, and a rock mat to contrast with stone floors.
5. In detail. Fireplaces, sofas, tufted golden baths, bronze statues - all these are details that personalize the space. But the details should not be large and on top. Here is a quality that every bathroom can use to include some kind of luxury. Something as simple as a tray with a candle, a book and tea, a chandelier or a rather decorative vault, can improve and increase the space. Regardless of your definition of luxury, you can recreate it in detail.

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