Lunar calendar hair cuts for April 2019

Verify with the moon phases, it was taken many centuries ago. According to the movement of the body, people determined the days when planted plants were well taken into growth, when it is better to harvest, so that it is kept for a long time, and when it is not necessary to do work and it's time to rest the body.

In modern realities, we cannot fully be guided by the lunar calendar, because we need to go to work and do many things, regardless of the satellite’s movement. However, there are those classes that can be coordinated with the Moon without loss and disruption of plans.

At a minimum - it is planning haircuts and hair coloring. Manicure, modeling, coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as care procedures and beauty rituals fall into this category as a bonus. If you perform these actions on the right day, you can achieve a healthy hair and nails, adjust the growth rate, thickness and volume.

Moreover, the connection of our body with cosmic energies through hair has been proven for a long time.Trimming the hair on certain days, you can set up an energy exchange and attract the goodwill of fate into your life.

The calendar of hairstyles for April 2019 will give a clear schedule of successful and “forbidden” days for a new hairstyle and cosmetic procedures.

General characteristics of the month

Haircut calendar for April 2019

In the first half of April, the Moon is in the growth phase. Haircut at this time will accelerate the processes of hair and scalp renewal, the hair will quickly grow back.

If you need to increase the volume, not the length, and get a thicker hair, move the haircut to the middle or the end of the month.

When the moon subsides. On April 5, 12 and 21 in your calendar, mark in red - these are hard, negative days when it is better not to touch your hair, not even to wash it and, especially, not to put it into complex hairstyles so as not to disturb physiological and energy processes.

April 1

This day is suitable for experimenting with the image. Change your image, you can make a very short haircut, or increase the length. On the health of the hair, it will not affect.

April 2

Avoid exposure to various chemicals, so as not to get problems with the scalp and roots.Hair loss threatens coloring, bleaching, perm and styling with an abundance of styling products - varnishes, gels, etc. Preventive haircut will be distinguished by an extremely short result: during a week the tips will grow unevenly and become dry.

April 3

Not the best day for a haircut. The shortening of the hair may result, not less than a little, a shortening of life. Haircut will affect your health, be sure to transfer it to another day.

April, 4

Time to take care of the hair roots. Make a nutritional mask or visit a cosmetologist for a mesotherapy procedure (or similar). A haircut on this day will not renew, but damage the curls, deprive them of their natural volume and luster.

5th of April

One of the most negative days for any actions with hair. Gather them in a loose tail or braid and leave them alone. It is recommended that you rest yourself on this lunar day.

April 6

haircut affecting health

Haircut April 6 will have a positive impact on your health. After the hairdresser you will feel a surge of strength. But be careful: the moon is still in growth, which means the haircut will quickly lose its model form.

April 7

New hairstyle will give your curls the perfect look. Thick, healthy shiny hair, as from advertising shampoo, will delight you for a long time.Salon styling easily last several days, until the washing of the hair. Today you can also do eyebrows and eyelashes, make a manicure.

April 8

Good day for any cosmetic manipulations. Haircut will strengthen the hair, but even better to give yourself a professional care from the roots to the tips. Painting eyebrows on this lunar day will last longer than usual.

April 9

Today's haircut has a great effect on the volume of hair, because it is recommended for those who have thin hair, and will not suit the owners of a magnificent mane, because the hair will become completely out of control. Good day for coloring, especially clarification or transition to lighter shade.

April 10th

The energies of money and material well-being literally hover in the air. To catch them and pull to yourself, there will be enough preventive haircut. Model hairstyles will also benefit, they will have a soft firming effect on the immune system.

11 April

Dual day. On the one hand, a hairstyle in the future will have a positive impact on your intuition, sharpen your senses. On the other hand, the hair will become less docile, styling will last only a few hours, and the process of cutting will seem long and tedious, the mood can spoil.

12th of April

unfavorable day on the calendar cuts for April 2019

The moon in the constellation of Cancer will attract a lot of negative energy. Cut hair will be an excellent antenna for space "garbage", therefore, today it is better to do nothing with hair.

April 13

Good day for any procedures, from a hairstyle, to difficult stains. To cut the hair on this day is to protect yourself from diseases and evil eyes.

14th of April

Today, any actions with hair will benefit you. After the haircut, the curls will become thicker and shinier, the hairstyle will easily fit. Successfully will pass coloring. Today it is possible to carry out dyeing with natural dyes and tint hair with unstable dyes.

April 15

It is not recommended to get a haircut today, especially in the afternoon. Impact on hairline can damage your health, aggravate existing chronic diseases.

April 16

A very positive day for a visit to the hairdresser. Haircut will pass for you unnoticed, you will get pleasure from the actions of the master, and from the result. The shape of the haircut, like the color when dyeing today, will last a long time.

April 17

new haircut with a positive effect

Raise the financial situation can, if you cut your hair on the current lunar day.Fresh hairstyle will serve as a guide for the energy of wealth.

April 18th

Haircut today can have a beneficial effect on the monetary energies around you. But, unfortunately, the hair, trimmed on that day, will not keep fit and it is difficult to fit. Soon you will have to change the haircut.

April 19

Try not to get a haircut today. Cut off hair, even the tips or bangs, permanently deprive you of cheerfulness and good mood.

20 April

There is a high probability that a haircut will lead you to conflicts, especially with your beloved person. Avoid cardinal changes in appearance, and if possible, transfer and small - manicure, coloring, etc.

April 21

One of the most difficult and negative days of April. Try today not only not to get a haircut, but also to avoid any active actions. The only thing that does not harm is the hair and skin care procedures. However, it is better not to do all sorts of injections today, because the results may be unexpected.

April 22

Whatever you do with your hair today, the result will be short. Haircut will grow quickly, the color will wash out, the effect of treatment will pass unnoticed.Absolutely ineffective day for any manipulations.

April 23new hairstyle for confidence

Haircut today will give you confidence and a beneficial effect on the state of the body. A preventive haircut is shown for people suffering from lung diseases and other breathing difficulties.

April 24

To strengthen the hair, make it lively, resilient and perfectly smooth, be sure to cut your hair today. Successfully develop and any experiment with color, even at home.

25th of April

Updated hairstyle will raise your fighting spirit. If there is an important event ahead - cut your hair today.

26 April

Great time for full hair care, haircuts and coloring. This day of beauty!

April 27


hairstyle to raise the tone on the calendar cuts for April 2019

Neutral day. Haircut today will not affect the condition of the hair, but your health will be affected by raising the tone. There will be strength and desire to do pending affairs.

April 28

On this day, you can make unusual and creative haircuts. Coloring will go well, but the result itself will soon disappoint you. If possible, dye your hair another day.

April 29

Bad day for treatments, it is better not to even wash your hair until the next morning.A haircut will act as a battery and reward you with more energy and vigor. Therefore, it is necessary to enroll to the master for the first half of the day.

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