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The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams on the letter A

Prepaid expensePleasant events that will have consequences. For example: the guy invited to the cinema, and he has the intention to build further relations with you.

Bus stationWaiting or starting a relationship.

AdamBeginning of events related to partnerships.

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GamblingIf you play a game of chance with your partner, there is no sincerity between you, but there is passion. Passion (by someone or something) that exceeds reasonable limits.

StorkPregnancy warning.

IcebergColdness in relationships.

ActorInsincere relationship. False.

SharkAggressive desire. Strong woman.

Diamond (diamond)Diamond ring on the ring finger - to a rich fan

EnsembleGreat family relationships. Good pastime. If the ensemble broke up - the opportunity to lose a family

Antiques Return the old relationship.

Intermission-pauseStop in a relationship. You should take a break from each other, and then communicate further.

ApocalypseEvents that do not end very well. The crisis in the relationship. To parting.

WatermelonTo pregnancy

ArenaIf you are alone in the arena - spiritual loneliness.

RentNot serious, temporary communication (if the main plot goes for a pair relationship).

ArmatureStart building family relationships.

The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams on the letter B

BalanceEqual relationship. Stable financial income. Harmony in relationships. Making the right decision.

Messing aroundNot a serious relationship or action.

BambooIn the presence of symbols of partnership - a rapidly developing love relationship.

DrumSomeone or you are preparing for some sorting out (in the family, at work). Be careful - you, or you yourself, may not hear each other - and this may have consequences. Active period of life, which is connected by communication.

VelvetPleasant, soft relationship. You should look at the color of velvet: red-to love relationships, green to rest, etc. A tattered piece of velvet or worn is a sign that relationships that were comfortable and even “worn out” and for this reason there is a threat of rupture and quarrels.

BarterMutually beneficial exchange. If it is an unequal marriage, then someone gives up youth, energy, but gets material stability and protection. Such a marriage can exist for many years. If barter did not take place, then the opposite is interpreted: the marriage will be unsuccessful

DunesTo loneliness.

The troubleStrengthening of family, kindred bonds through the difficulties of fate.

BinocularsIf you are looking through binoculars - someone is interested in you. You may be approached or removed from yourself.

BilliardsPaired relationship. With you, someone is not building a serious relationship.

ShinePleasant event. Admiration with something or someone. Attract attention.

BlockCategorical reluctance to communicate with someone. To brake events.

BlondeA stupid, stupid woman. Attractive woman.

Wineglass(wine glass)For the holiday. The symbol of a beautiful, fragile woman. The triumph of

Lap dogSymbolizes a mistress with whom you have an easy relationship.

To chatfrivolous relationship

BombNoisy, interesting woman.

BrothelMeeting with a mercenary, corrupt woman. If a woman sees herself in a brothel, then her attitude to sex is in the form of goods (you tell me, I tell you).

BorschtSymbol of a quiet family life.


SandalsNew sandals talk about new pairs of relationships that can begin in the summer. But they may not satisfy your requirements - and therefore the relationship will not last long. You should look at the look and color of sandals. On a high heel, expensive sandals - to the provided partner, with the high social status. Black sandals - a meeting with a brunette (or such a meeting will bring a lot of sadness). Such shoes can dream of business cooperation - which also will not last long.

BotanistThe symbol of a person not adapted to the solution of everyday problems. Romantic.

BootsNew shoes - for women to a stable new relationship with a man. For men - a symbol of business, sustainable relationships. Old clean shoes - return of old connections, comfortable communication. Old, dirty shoes - a warning that you do not have to go into the old relationship (personal or business) - do not learn any of this good.

MarriageIf you dream about shoes with a marriage - a high probability of marriage (but not very happy). Marriage registration - the beginning of new events. Government agencies that you will have to visit in the near future.

A braceletIf you were given a bracelet, the other person has a desire to control you (your desires, thoughts, movements). Find a bracelet - to something or someone attached themselves. If you give a bracelet - then you yourself limit the other person in freedom.

Log.Frigidity in a woman.

Throw. End the longest relationship.

Pants. If you have men's trousers on the bed, then it is important for you to have a man, mainly for sex and for social status. (No matter what character he is). If you are a woman and you see yourself in trousers, you clearly have a masculine element, which you manifest in the outside world. Ripped pants - indicate that your relationship with a man may end. The presence of leaky trousers for a man in a dream is an indication of a pierced etheric body, in matters he may lack luck and success. This threatens to lower social status or a career.

Brunette.Smart woman. Business woman.

BouquetThe symbol of the bouquet indicates the strengthening of the symbol of the colors of which it consists: if it’s red, for love, sexual and ardent relationships, if daisies are uncertain about relationships. If the flowers are sluggish and fade, the relationship has come to an end. If you make a bouquet yourself - you are “driving” in relationships. Quick-moving bright events. A symbol of celebration, pleasure, recognition.

Pin.If in a dream you have been pricked with a pin, difficult (aggressive) relations with a person who wants to be close.

Bulldog.To a woman in a dream, this symbol bears a “lover” from a high social stratum.

Beads.If you collected beads and could not find them all, then your parting will be very long. Most likely, you will have no one to blame for this sad event, apart from yourself, so your fate will be a bitter regret. However, if you received a gift in a dream, then your family life is destined to be successful and happy.


Bud.The beginning of a relationship, love.

Bust.A large bust of a woman - soulfulness, a symbol of motherhood, sexuality.

The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams in the letter B

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Vase.A vase can represent a woman in a dream.

Felt boots.Indicate a close, old-aged, shaggy man, but with whom it will be warm and cozy

Jack.Playing cards and holding a jack of diamonds in hand - such a dream means future temptation, the jack of worms foreshadows a meeting with her beloved a jack of the rush - early widowhood,

Mitten.Support family. If you lose one mitten, the other is left with you: the threat of losing warmth in a pairwise relationship. To tie up mittens, work in building family relationships, creating comfort and warmth in the house.

Widow.A man dreams that he married a widow - to a serious illness or death. If a married woman sees herself as a widow, she will outlive her husband, but it may take more than a dozen years. But here is the likelihood of a serious illness of her husband, with a fatal outcome. If a woman is divorced, but in a dream sees herself as a widow, it is difficult to remarry. To dream of a widow dressed in all black - any marriage will lead to separation, or to the death of a spouse.

Witch. A witch is a wicked woman who may appear to be good, she may have knowledge in black magic. The symbol of danger that comes from a woman.

Fan.Cooling love, relationships. To easy quarrels and quarrels.

Wedding.To dream of a wedding is a long paired union. Spiritual unity of hearts. The events that occur in a given period of time bless Heaven (even if they are difficult and tense).

Rope.If it is thrown on the ground, you will be thrown (or you will throw someone who is very attached to you. And it will be a painful break. A rope on a tree is in the form of a loop, and you seethat someone is trying to hang himself, someone in the literal sense of the word "hangs" on you, because trying to be close to your family, besides your will.

Hanger.May symbolize a woman (girl) who hangs himself on guys, or a very thin woman.

Cherry.. May symbolize a young, unbalanced girl

Beloved. (In love) If you see that a familiar girl has fallen in love with you, she is very warm and good about you.

The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams of the letter G

Harem.If a man dreams of a dream that he is in a harem, he has a predisposition to change women, or he is sexually active. If a woman dreams of a dream, her husband changes her (unless she is married to a Muslim)

Harpoon.If you are caught on a harpoon big fish, to love relationships. If you have prepared a harpoon, you have a great desire to get pregnant.

Nails. For a strong union (marriage, partnership) .If you buy nails with your husband in a store, the time has come to strengthen the family that can break up

Cheetah.Aggressive family relationships.

Geranium.May symbolize a modest, homemade girl in a dream. Symbol of home comfort.

Gaiters. (Knitted socks) If you were in a dream, you yourself knit leggings (socks), with your thoughts you attract events that are associated with paired relationships. If the socks are beautiful, warm, and fluffy, the same will be your relationship, if the threads get tangled, the appropriate actions will be torn in your pair.

Hypnosis.You see that someone started hypnotizing you - this person wants to draw attention to himself.

Guitar.To play a guitar in a dream, to a romantic relationship. If you have a guitar in your hands, then you can play on the feelings of another person.

IroningIf in a dream you iron your underwear, then you try to smooth out intimate problems in your pair. If you are ironing curtains. Which are designed for windows, you are trying not to put your family problems on people.

Eyes.If you look into the eyes of another person, you will see him soon.

Globe.. If a woman dreams of a dream, the probability of pregnancy.

Nest.The symbol of the parent home. Nest with eggs - the beginning of a new family life. To arrived at the house. If the nest nestling - to the birth of children.If the nest fell from the tree, to infertility by kind. Empty the nest to family afflictions. Broken eggs in the nest - the cracks of family relationships, the inability to bear the child. The ruined nest to the family cash disassembly. You see a hornet-nest near you.Cuckoo's nest-the symbol of a person who does not like children.

PigeonsIf you see that two pigeons have joined together, you will find your narrowed one. Seeing a pair of pigeons sitting alongside and cooing - for love, loyalty, for the wedding. Seeing a dead pigeon - to the loss of friends, a loved one, unfortunately.

Blue.If a man is wearing blue swimming trunks - perhaps he is not of that sexual orientation. Blue color symbolizes peace, tenderness, spirituality, stability.

Naked.Seeing yourself naked in a dream, to loneliness

MaidIf a man sees in a dream that he enters into a sexual relationship with a maid, then you have a relationship with a woman who does not suit you for social status

The dream of love - the interpretation of the dreams of the letter D

dream dream in a dream

To give. It is necessary to take into account the subsequent characters with the word give. If in a dream you were given a wedding ring - as a quick wedding

Palace.To see the palace of marriage, to an acquaintance, which will lead to a wedding. Climb the stairs to the beautiful palace-raising social status

Virginity. Natural protection against licentiousness. If a mature woman, married, sees herself as a virgin, events will occur that remind of the past.

Home shoes.If you bought new home shoes (slippers) - a new place of residence, a new marriage partner. If you get old home shoes, you will get close to the person you once parted with. You saw torn home shoes, the threat of divorce. bad relationship with a marriage partner because of quarrels, aggression, accusations. If you lose one slipper, your partner changes you, you are not interested in him (maybe he will).

Brownie.To see a good brownie - to good relationships in the family, to prosperity, comfort. Evil to quarrels, lack, chaos. If a house patient is sick in a family relationship, it is worth contacting a specialist to find out the causes of the problems (to a psychologist). If the house officer was killed, the family falls apart and it cannot be restored.

Jewelry. If you have found a treasure with jewels, a successful marriage (or getting married)

Tease.if in a dream you are teasing someone, it means that in real life you are flirting with the opposite sex.

Fight.Fighting with someone in a dream is a desire for contact with this person. In real life, you will meet with him.

Drill. If a woman dreamed in a dream that she had a drill in her hands, in real life she would “punch holes in her head for her husband” constantly

Firewood..If you cut wood with your spouse, you will soon be parted because of a grumpy nature

Oak. If your husband was standing next to an oak, he has a firm and stubborn character, it is better not to argue with him.

Cudgel.If you are beaten with a club, to a quarrel that will put an end to your relationship.

The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams of the letter E

Raccoon.If an unmarried girl saw that she sees a raccoon, there will be a meeting with a wealthy person who can be her husband. To dream of a raccoon you feed serious business partners with. If you kill a raccoon, let your chance get rich.

The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams on the letter F

Jacket.The symbol of warmth, comfort, classic family relationships. If you knit a jacket from the threads, you consciously build up such a format of relations.

Jalousie. Blinds in the windows of your apartment in a dream suggest that you are not inclined to let strangers into yours. Blinds that your husband (wife) is trying to close - they are hiding something from you.

Pearl.The symbol of pearls in a dream - to strengthen and build a house, protects from anger, hatred, betrayal and unrequited love. . If you lose a ring with pearls, the threat of parting with a marriage partner, find a common house. Spread pearls –to tears and separation. Accept pearls as a gift — you have the ability to be a good mother and wife.

Wife.If the wife is a symbol of certain obligations and demands. If she fights with you - the wife wants to convey something to you, but you don’t hear her, kissing your wife is going to have a conversation, having close, healthy relationships between spouses, if you see That your wife leaves you is not good, you lose contact with her. If she leaves with another man, to treason and parting. If you saw in a dream that your wife changed you (this symbol never indicates sexual betrayal), and you cry - your relationships change for the better if you laugh - your relationship Niya change for the worse.

The groomTo see the bridegroom in a dream, to a meeting with his betrothed. To be a bridegroom in a dream, to sorrow. To see the bride and groom in a dream, to noise, quarrels, disappointment.

Stallion,(foal). Symbol of male sex. If you see a husband in a dream that he is sitting on a stallion (this word comes in a dream) - he is not picky about the connections, he is most likely to be changed. with time.

Victim. Jealous domineering partner.

The tenant.In a dream, if a tenant appeared in your house.

Juggler.If you see yourself in the form of a juggler - to manipulatory abilities, dexterity, ease. If a woman sees a juggler in a circus, in a dream, an unserious relationship with a man who plays you. But this will bring happiness and joy for a while.

The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams on the letter Z

TieTying shoelaces on shoes -binding dating. Tying, in a dream, your own eyes, do not want to see what is clearly visible. If someone blindfolded you, something hides from you.

Registry office.. The decision to create a family.

Marriage. If you dream of an unmarried girl that she is getting married (not to be confused to see the wedding and yourself in a white wedding dress), she will meet the chosen one. If you are dreaming of a woman who is married, this is an indicationthat should heed the advice or demands of her husband.

Patch.To put, in a dream, patches on home clothes, attempts to restore a good relationship.

CufflinksIf in a dream a girl was fastening cufflinks with her beloved man, to be married. If a young man saw in a dream a girl who was buttoning his cuff links, meeting with the girl he would lead to the registrar.

Slaughter..Cutting the chicken - family quarrels.

Zebra. A zebra symbol in a dream indicates rhythms in one of the spheres of your life (see additional symbols. For example, you see yourself on one side of a zebra, and your husband on the other. This shows that in your relationship a black bar will replace a light one, i.e. . there will be joyful, bright periods, as well as sad, depressive. Such a format of relations you have with him lined up)

The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams of the letter I

Treason.Treason never dream of sexual betrayal. If you dream that your husband (wife) has changed you, it means that your relationship is changing. You should look at additional symbols, how your relationships change. If they cried for the better, if they laughed for the worse. If you change yourself, your relationship changes only on your part.

Caviarto pregnancy.

The emperor. If an unmarried girl sees herself next to the emperor, she will marry an influential person, thereby raising her social status. Speaking in a dream with the emperor, contact with the government

Frost. If an unmarried man (or woman) sees frost in a dream, this may herald the onset of cooling of feelings. Also indicates a quiet period of life.

Spark.The beginning of feelings, love.

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The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams of the letter K

Heel.If a married woman sees in high heels, raising career or social status. Unmarried to a gentleman with a high social status. Heel snapped - loss of such a gentleman. If a man sees a woman in high heels in a dream, he sees an interesting woman if the heel is broken, such an acquaintance will not take place. your relationship with your partner is “worn out”, tired.

Pants.Modern dreams are now little point to this type of linen. But, if he is present in the old generation, it is a symbol of intimate situations in men. Protect your intimate life. Pure underpants -pure thoughts, dirty underpants -dirty thoughts.

Fireplace. To dream in a fireplace - to family prosperity, comfort. If an extinguished fireplace - to your family happiness is threatened with divorce.

Cemetery.. To see yourself walking with your first love in cemeteries, you are unlikely to experience such a feeling in your life as it was then.

Mite.To see a tick on a dog, you are very much attached to your relative or lover.

Leather.Leather shoes-to the present relationship.

Goat.Symbol of the woman - which is not respected.

Little ringTo see the golden ring on the ring finger of the right hand - to the wedding, on the left - to divorce. To lose the ring - to parting with your loved one. Find a ring to meet with your loved one.

Cradle, cot.To see a baby cradle (crib), to pregnancy. To see an empty cradle (crib) is about the threat of losing a child. If, in a dream, you see a doll in the cradle, instead of a child, you are not ready for the child yet (there is no true desire

Chest of drawers.Hidden, family problems.

Skates. If in a dream you rode on horses, you should be patient and wait: at the moment, your desire to find a partner is not feasible.Learn to ride a horse-learn a pairing relationship

Corals. If you see on yourself red coral beads - to love and new partnerships.

Basket.To dream of a basket with flowers - to success, love, recognition. The laundry basket indicates in a dream that it is time to pay attention to the problems that go in your family intimate life

Cow.The symbol of a cow in a dream can mean a complete, uninteresting, clumsy, without an emotional woman (slang of insult). events you “pulled” by your nervous and emotional actions. To feed a cow, you should pay attention to your nervous system, you started to loosen it. If someone milks your cow, permanent losses from some kind of selfish eka. If you are aggressive cow-aggression in the family.

Costume.In a dream to see a man's suit for a woman - meeting with a business man. For a man to see a suit-career enhancement. To see a man in a dream women's suit — to meet with a strict woman — to see a suit — for business communication.You should look at the color of the suit - if the color of the suit is black, to sad events, light - to good, color - to bright events (relationships)

Cat. (Cat)Cats dream of family relationships. By coloring a cat, its wool (clean, dirty), its condition. (Healthy, sick, evil, kind, affectionate) you can learn about relationships within the family. If the cat scratched you in a dream, someone close will bring the pain of their aggression. If the kitten is lost, the young family is on the verge of parting.

Wings. To see in a dream how you fly on your own wings - to inspiration, love, good luck. a dream of a winged angel, to love, to happy family relationships.

Pendant.Seeing the pendant in your body on a heart relationship, losing the pendant to the loss of a loved one. If you give someone a pendant in the shape of a heart, you will fall in love. The type of pendant is very important. If there is a stone on it, the relationship will be very strong and bright. If there are pearls in the pendant, the relationship will lead to the creation of a family.

The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams with the letter L

Lava. To dream of love to fiery feelings, love that came suddenly. Meet the old love and feelings that will flare up with a new force.

Lamp.Symbol of home energy. Strongly and brightly burning lamp - bright, positive relations that are strong. Lamp is weakly burning - the extinction of relationships

Caress.To dream of you as you caress your husband (wife) is a good kind relationship between spouses.

Lie.If in a dream you are clearly lying to the other half, to betrayal, treason

Swan.Stately, beautiful woman. See the floating swans -to build strong family relationships. Black swan to sorrow, to the loss of a loved one. To see a flying swan, you will soon meet love.

Lily.If your beloved gives you a lily, you have perfect sexual compatibility with him. Also - it is good luck to meet such a person, or a pleasant sexual pastime.

Fox. To dream of a fox - next to you is a sly, affectionate, with a good soft voice, a woman who is deceiving you because of her greed.

Pawnshop.For a temporary separation due to material difficulties.

.Lover (ca).If you see your husband in a dream with his mistress, to change. If a wife with a lover, your wife does not have enough love (and this can provoke her to change).

Chandelier.Beautiful and luminous chandelier in the house to the well-being and well-being of the family. If the chandelier is broken or spoiled - to the strife and the threat of divorce

Frogs.To unstable emotions.Symbol ugly women.

The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams with the letter M

dream dream in a dream

PoppiesTo dream of a poppy flower to a young man, meeting a beautiful woman.

Makeup.If you put makeup on your face in a dream - try to please someone. If you see a familiar woman with a clear make-up on her face, this person is insincere with you, or hides her inner essence.

MatryoshkaFor example, a trip to your loved one in Russia. A round-faced woman of Slavic appearance.

Sailor.See the sailor, to the wrong love

Bear.If an unmarried girl saw in a dream how a bear danced around her on two legs, towards an awkward boyfriend. To dream of a polar bear - for patience

Get cold..If you see that your beloved is frozen, your relationship is cooling.

To measureTo measure someone else's shoes to a lover. To measure new shoes to acquaintance.

Dead manSeeing the revived dead come across what has already died. But still it will not be for long. (Those feelings that have already died may be revived).

Moth. To see a mole in a dream a young man will meet a girl in whom he quickly becomes disillusioned

MonasteryIf a young unmarried woman sees herself in a monastery for some time she will not be able to get married, for a number of reasons that will benefit her (perhaps she needs to “rest” from her previous relationship)

Monitor. Turn on the monitor in a dream - fake family relationships, an attempt to hide from real life, from real problems. Turn off the monitor — exactly the opposite: you will begin to live real life, you will try to establish relationships.

Marble. If a young man dreamed that he bought a beautiful marble vase, meet a beautiful girl in real life, but she will be cold to him.

Husband..If the husband is wearing blue panties - an indication that he likes anal sex (or he is homosexual). Black cowards on her husband in a dream indicate his problems, which he himself cannot cope with, require the help of a specialist (sexologist - if the problem is in sex, the parapsychologist - there is the likelihood of sexual love

Fly.You drive the fly away in a dream — soon you will part with an unloved person. See how a familiar person tries to drive flies away from you - perhaps you are too intrusive in some kind of relationship

To torment.If you see in a dream that your marriage partner is tormenting the cat, your marriage is on the verge of breaking. If you took off your wedding ring, but it did not give in and you had a lot of trouble with it before you took off, a difficult divorce.

Mouse.A unmarried man may dream of a mouse to the fact that he is acquainted with a shy, quiet, poor girl.

The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams on the letter H

Watch.If a young man is watching you in a dream, to a serious relationship.

A hen.If you saw a hen (but the word chicken did not sound), it can be a symbol of a woman tied to one, occupied place (for example, work for 20-30 years in one place.) You can be such a hen too. Symbol unnecessary (intrusive) care and attention in their loved ones.

Bride.If you see yourself as a bride in a white dress, but without veils, to quarrel, quarrel, to the partings. If you have a veil on your head, then you will be very worried about quarrels and quarrels. If you are wearing a dress not white, but red, but it is a wedding parting or quarrel with your loved one. To see from afar a bride to the experiences about her loneliness (if you dream of a dream of an unmarried woman), to be present during a quarrel of other people and the danger of being dragged into her (if the person is married).

Dumb.To see the dumb in a dream, there is a person next to you who can tell you about his feelings and experiences.

Housewarming.. If you participate in a housewarming dream, a family scandal.

New moon. For pregnancy.

Socks.Dreamed about your legs in warm, woolen socks - your relationship with your partner will be warm and gullible. If the socks with holes and dirty on your feet, the relationship is torn and getting worse and worse. If an unmarried woman buys socks in her sleep, she will meet her narrower on the way.

Handkerchief.If your beloved gave you a handkerchief bow-to parting. A dirty handkerchief is for unintelligible connections. A torn handkerchief is for a broken relationship with a loved one

Dive.Dive into clear water - fall in love

The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams of the letter O

Overtaking.If a young, unmarried woman is overtaken by other women in a dream — her potential suitors are taken away from her, while she is counting on her beauty and attractiveness.

Baldness. If you see yourself half bald, your other half (husband, wife) may get sick with cancer.

Hug.If in a dream you embrace Your husband (wife) to a good relationship.

Wedding ring. Find a wedding ring - to marry (marriage). If you lost a wedding ring - to parting. A broken wedding ring on your hand is a chance of damage. If you see a wedding ring on your boyfriend’s (or girlfriend’s) hand, he is ready to make you an offer. (Or she is ready to marry). to dim family life.

Footwear.If you are trying on a new shoe in your dream, you’ll receive new job offers or meet a new man (woman), put on someone else’s shoes, a hint that you don’t need to accept the offer, or you have no future with this new man relationships are not over). We saw a lot of new shoes - there will be a lot of choice. The color, style - additional tips. Sports shoes for a short relationship. Shoes with marriage - relationships can lead to marriage - but they will not suit you. Trying on old shoes, maybe you will return to the old relationship, at least you'll think about it. The old, old shoe is a hint that such a relationship does not promise anything good.

Sheep.There may be a scornful symbol to a woman who is not respected.

A blanketIf you are lying on your bed with a dark or gray blanket, your intimate life is gray and problematic. If the blankets are colorful, your intimate life is diverse. A bright red blanket speaks of ardent relationships (or the likelihood of such) If you are hiding under a blanket, you are not ready to understand your intimate problems. Dumped blanket on the floor - the threat of parting with a sexual partner.

OceanIf you are sailing with a young man on a boat and kissing him, you can get acquainted on the Internet.

Butt.May symbolize a man of very small stature. If a woman picks up a cigarette butt (but in life she does not smoke), this is a symbol of the fact that she meets a man not only of small stature, but also with a bunch of his complexes.

Intoxication. (Not to be confused to see drunk) To love.

Be late..To be late for a date- there is no development in a pair relationship.

WeaponIf an unmarried woman sees that a man has brought a hunting rifle at her, an acquaintance with a lady will happen.

Wasp.It may indicate a not very pleasant female, with a thin waist. If a wasp stung you - an evil woman will hurt you

The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams of the letter P

Stick.The stick symbol may indicate a thin girl.The stick can symbolize the male penis. To throw a stick in a dream, you will soon have sex.

Cock.Symbol of a man who wants to stand out from the crowd in one way or another (clothing, behavior, actions)

Saw.The symbol of a woman who constantly "saws."

Horseshoe. Find a horseshoe in a dream, fortunately. If the horseshoe gives you a loved one, marriage with this person will give you a happy family life. A broken horseshoe in half in divorce after a happy period of family life.

Fire. See fire to passionate love. indication in a dream that your actions, feelings, and relationships are artificial (for example, marry by calculation).

Pond. A small, overgrown pond says, in a dream, about a quiet, calm and boring life.

Desert.Walking in the desert, in a dream, to loneliness.

Pooh.If you unpick the pillow with a knife and in all directions the fluff is flying - to the aggravation of relations, quarrels that will soon cease.

The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams of the letter P

Divorce.The symbol of divorce is deception, fraud, treason.

Wound.To see the wound in a loved one - it needs your support and comfort. To see a cat's wound - your family needs to be visited by a family psychologist or psychotherapist. The dog - your favorite person is sick

PartingTo part with your loved one in a dream - your views do not coincide on life and this can lead to a real separation.

Jealousy.If in a dream you are jealous of your loved one - for a long but difficult relationship.

HornsSee horns on the wall of his house-treason.

rose flowerRed roses - to passionate passion. If the rose falls to the ground, to the extinction of feelings. Pricked about the thorns of a rose - to the betrayal of a loved one. Yellow roses are a deception. If a guy, in a dream, breaks a rose, he will meet a young, beautiful girl. To plant roses is the birth of feelings.

ChamomileSymbol of hobby, doubt in feelings

SwearingSwearing in a dream with your loved one - the desire to be closer.

MermaidTo see a mermaid in a dream for a man, meet a woman who will have sexual frigidity, despite her erotic appearance. This can be a big problem in a paired relationship.

TrickleTo a calm, uniform life.The raging stream - to the feelings, strong emotions in sexual relations. A dried stream - to the loss of love and cooling of feelings.

A fishSymbol of feelings and desires. There is a fish - information about pregnancy. Catch the fish - get pregnant. See fish in an aquarium - the atmosphere in the house will improve if you keep silence somewhere.

LynxAggression in the family.

KnightNoble man.

Glass.May symbolize a girl with big hips.

Rowan.To tear a bunch of mountain ash from a tree to late love. Black ash - to tears, disappointments

The dream of love - the interpretation of dreams with the letter C

GardenA well-kept fruitful garden to see in a dream - to love, happiness. Launched garden - to loneliness, depression.

Boots.Women's new winter boots in a dream, say that a woman will find a new boyfriend in the winter. There is a look, color of boots, and also like or not. For example: red high-heeled shoes, with rhinestones boots - to passionate love with a smart and wealthy person. Comfortable, brown-heeled boots with a steady heel - to a stable, stable and comfortable relationship

A heartYou see an artificial heart (dummy) - to deception in heart matters.

SilverTo put a silver ring on your finger - to create a family

Doglover, who began serious feelings.

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