Long caret with bangs and no bangs: types of extended carets with photo examples of haircuts for different types of face

on 08.05.2017

Long caret- The many-sided hairstyle suitable both to young girls, and adult women. It is such a square that remains unshakable, although the fashion for hairstyles changes every season. There are many variations of such hairstyle: with bangs, classic, asymmetrical, and so on to infinity. And what kind of elongated caret fits your face? Let's talk about this haircut and its types, as well as pick up hair for a certain type of person.

The main thing in the article

Long-haired - the most versatile haircut

zProbably, many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity wondered why the car sits confidently at the peak of popularity, although it has a long history. It's all about the universality of this hairstyle.

Long hair at all times was the main advantage of women, and a four-fold with lengthening allows you to create the effect of long hair, but at the same time have a fashionable haircut that always looks elegant.

Such a compromise between long hair, constantly in need of care, and short haircuts, which do not cause much trouble to their owners. And the most important “trick” of such a hairstyle is the fact that a properly selected look of a veil with lengthening fits any face shape, and it doesn’t matter if the lady who chooses such a hairstyle curls her hair.

An elongated bob is not only an everyday option: you can easily “pile” a solemn hairstyle out of such a haircut. Another plus in favor of such a haircut is that there is no need to adjust the length of the strands on a monthly basis, since, as they grow, the curls still look attractive.

Types of haircuts elongated caret with photo examples

Any female person will find an option for himself, since the types of elongated four of a kind are many. Surely, each of them at least once, but thought to try on such a hair. Many stars have long been actively using the elongated caret in their images. It looks sexy and at the same time strictly. Consider the most popular types.

A caret with a classic look

Classic is always at the peak of popularity. Characteristic of this hairstyle are long curls, falling in front, and short strands behind. As for the length of the front curls, they can reach the chin line, be on the shoulders or go down below. Best of all, the classic variation of the hairstyle looks on even hair. You can wear such a fashionable head of hair with bangs and without it. It will look equally impressive:

  • thick on the eyebrow - emphasizes the "youth" of the chosen style;
  • even to the eyelashes will give a look of mystery;
  • short bangs, which will give your face some kind of playfulness.

If you prefer variations without bangs, you can try to make different partings.

Asymmetric elongated caret

The asymmetry differs from the classic by a more pronounced difference in length. For this type of hairstyle, short back locks and long front ones, reaching the clavicles, are characteristic. Strands are cut at different angles. One of the main representatives of show business, which made the asymmetrical four of a kind, is Victoria Beckham. This haircut looks gorgeous "complete" with the bangs of the asymmetric type.

Double extended caret

Technique haircut involves cutting hair in two rows. This hairstyle looks interesting, even slightly extravagant. Two rows give shearing ease, weightlessness and bulk effect. As a disadvantage, we can note the fact that in order to make the installation, you need to spend quite a lot of time. To pay attention to the double car stands for women with thin hair and sparse hair.

One-sided square

The hairstyle is an almost classic version, only one side of the haircut is much longer than the other. The hairstyle looks original and "chosen by" many Hollywood stars.

Graduated extended caret

Fashionable hairstyle is performed by cutting the hair with steps or a ladder. The multilayered hairstyle turns out. This technique is suitable for representatives of the beautiful half, who have thin hair. Visually graduation makes the hair lush and voluminous. The hairstyle is suitable for people who do not like to spend a lot of energy on styling, since you can take your daily look into a “weekend-dress” in no time.

Long square with bangs: who will go?

Option for any age.The elder four-year-old with a bang adds to young playfulness, and the older ladies help to hide a couple of years. There are many variations of bangs:

  • shortened straight;
  • thick on the brow;
  • asymmetrical;
  • slanting;
  • torn and others

Any of the above looks great with a long caret.

Behind the bangs you can hide not only the high forehead, but also the first signs of aging in the form of wrinkles. Bangs can refresh hair and make the look expressive.

Who will bang, and what should be preferred, try to figure it out.

  • Confident women look official with straight bangs. It may be short above the eyebrows, on the eyebrows or below them. Most often, this is the haircuts option chosen by the stars of TV screens. For a change in the look, you can wind it up or lay it sideways.
  • Bangs straight rounded shape, eyebrow or covering them, make the image romantic.
  • The oblique fringe will add mystery to the image.
  • With an asymmetrical four-piece, the ragged look of the bang will be the best variation. Such a bang is a great way for people trying to hide the angularity of the face.

Long caret without bangs: when is it better to give preference?

1It is simply impossible to miscalculate with an elongated four of a kind of bang, as this haircut goes to almost all female individuals. She will be equally spectacular to look at classes in the gym and on romantic dates. Haircut does not require a long grueling styling, and always looks great.

For girls with a high forehead, it is better not to use this look without a bang, since the parting will emphasize and emphasize attention to the upper part of the face.

Long caret below shoulders without bangs

For those who change their image, an elongated square below the shoulders is perfect. This option is especially relevant for girls who previously had long hair, but decided to try something new. Haircut will be a trial option. Choose a hairstyle better chubby ladies.

Haircut extended square with bangs for different types of faces with photos

Let's try to find out what form of face a particular type of haircut will suit, supplemented by a bang.

Round face shape

Chubby ladies hardest of all to choose a hairstyle that will hide the flaws in appearance, while making the face pretty, attractive. The output will be an elongated car. Suitable option with any bangs, except for short flat.If you really want a smooth thick bang, then it should be on the brow, but it would be better to look oblique or torn.

Square face shape

Girls - owners of massive square face shapes, are recommended to focus on the lightness and volume of their hair. This way you can smooth out the angularity of the features. On this basis, it can be stated that girls with a “square face” will suit asymmetrical or graded fours with a bang, which should be torn, oblique or laid on its side.

Oval face shape

Happiness with an oval face is incredibly lucky, as it is equally good with any form of an elongated bob with bangs. They can safely try all kinds of caret with all kinds of bangs.

Face with square cheekbones

If the lower part of the face stands out, then you should “try on” a square with elongated locks in front, which descend below the level of the cheekbones. This technique will help to make the distinguished features softer and visually hide the massive cheekbones, making the image feminine. Hair should be voluminous, fluffy. Perfect asymmetry, graduated and double caret. As for the bangs, it looks win-win torn bangs or laid to the side.

Four of a kind of bangs without lengthening for different types of faces with a photo

There are girls who do not like to bother with bangs, but this is not a reason to refuse the square with lengthening. Just need to choose your option, suitable for the type of person.

Round face shape

Chubby ladies should prefer oblique parting, as it will give the image of coquetry. It is better to refuse smooth partings. Hair should fall down over the cheekbones, then a haircut will visually make the face longer.

Square face shape

Individuals with square and rectangular shape will do well with a haircut of asymmetric or graduated type. Parting can be chosen by anyone, the main thing is that hair cascade fell on both sides of the face.

Oval face shape

Since the oval shape can be called ideal, then lucky women with such a face can choose any quads without a fringe.

With wide cheekbones

To hide the clearly distinguished cheekbones, you need to hide them under a cascade of strands. An elongated front part will help to cope with this task. It is allowed to experiment with the part.

Long caret: photo before and after


Who better to abandon the long-haired haircut?

No matter how multifaceted the bob haircut is, it is not suitable for everyone. It is necessary to refuse it:

  • ladies with short necks, since such a haircut is designed to emphasize the views on her;
  • if the curls are unnecessarily curly and naughty, then they simply do not “want” to keep the given shape of the chosen hairstyle;
  • it will not work out an ideal image on thin, sick, splitting hair. What to do in case of such problems, read the article: "Unbreakable split ends: causes and treatment."

Fashionable haircut in the style of a bob with lengthening looks great on healthy hair, so before you do it, heal your hair. Cut off the brittle ends, carry out wellness procedures and only after that go to the hairdresser to make a fashionable haircut.

Methods for laying an extended car with a photo

We will tell and demonstrate how you can beautifully lay an elongated car.

Laying with side partingcan be a daily hairstyle or will become one of the types of image diversity.

  • Apply mousse to curls, dry.
  • Strands should get smooth.
  • If the result is not achieved, you can apply the iron.
  • Straight hair parting and partly lay strands.
  • Laying fix lacquer.

Bulk styling.Perfect for girls, whom nature has awarded thin, sparse hair.

  • For this installation should use a special foam, giving volume.
  • It is applied over the entire length of the hair.
  • Begin laying at the side. All the strands are thrown back and stabbed with a clip.
  • Separate small parts of hair from the total mass and dry them with a hairdryer.
  • Direct the flow of warm air to the roots, in order to "give" strands of greater volume.
  • When the procedure is completed, lower the head down and sharply lift up.
  • Correct strands, part and fix all varnish.

Laying back.This hairstyle is considered evening.

  • Spread the foam over the entire length.
  • Using a round comb, dry the hair, wrapping each strand back.
  • It is necessary to begin drying from a nape. Conveniently used for fixing the bulk of the hair clip.
  • After drying, form the hairstyle with your hands and apply varnish over it.

Laying on curlers.This hairstyle will complement the romantic evening look.

  • Apply mousse to hair. They should be a bit wet.
  • Twist the curlers. They are selected based on the required waviness of the hair.
  • Dry hair with hair curlers hair dryer, leave for 20 minutes.
  • Remove the curlers, lay the strands, fix the part and fix with varnish.

More styling options, look at the video:

Long bob with bangs and no bangs: tips on choosing a fashionable haircut

Stylists have their own opinion on how to choose the elongated square in the shape of the face, so that it emphasizes all the advantages, and if necessary hides the flaws.

  1. If the features on the face are in proportion, then surely choose a square without a bang. You can try options with a scythe or torn chelochkoy.
  2. With subtle, fragile features fit haircuts with a graduation in front of the elongated curls.
  3. If there is a beautiful slender neck, then it should not be hidden. Choose shoulder-length haircuts in order to open a beautiful neck.
  4. Asymmetrical variations fit girls with outstanding cheekbones.
  5. A round face framed by a square with a bang will look better if the hair is slightly curled.
  6. Haircut without bangs can be considered an excellent option for women with outstanding cheekbones and angular face shape.

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