Liquid wallpaper waste paper do it yourself

February 9, 2018
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When choosing materials for finishing the ceiling, they are guided mainly by the design of the room and their taste. But if your budget is limited, then you can try to trim the ceiling with liquid wallpaper, which you can easily choose the mixture in the store or make yourself using the right ingredients and proportions.

Making your own mixes for liquid wallpaper

To prepare you will need old waste paper, plaster putty or glue, and you also need to decide on the color of the ceiling and buy a color scheme of your favorite color. Of course, old newspapers, cardboard and paper are more habitual for us to take to the collection point for recycling and even to earn good money on this simple affair. You can sell recyclables by clicking on the link and thus freeing your balcony or garage from unnecessary things. Moreover, after the repair space in the garage will need for a new trash.

To prepare the mixture: finely cut any paper.Use for this old magazines, wallpaper, newspaper or cardboard. Fill the shredded waste paper with water and leave it to disintegrate for a while. For perfect application of the mixture to the ceiling, it is important to keep proportions. At 1 kilogram of cut paper you need to take 5 liters of water.

Using an electric drill with a special nozzle, you can grind the swollen mixture more thoroughly. After that add plaster putty or glue. To color the mixture, add color. Pick up the shade of color taking into account that after drying it will become brighter. Liquid wallpaper with time you can recycle again, removing them from the ceiling, soak, adding color schemes and causing them to the ceiling again.

How to apply a mixture of liquid wallpaper

The advantage of these wallpapers is that they do not need to level the surface for their application. Due to its structure, the mixture will cut and even out all the defects of the treated surface.

For applying the mixture on the ceiling using a spatula or a wide grater. The solution is applied with a layer width of 2-3 cm. For ease of application, the mixture should be of a specific consistency. After completion of the work, in order to gain sufficient strength, the surface must dry for 74 hours.The remains of the mixture can be dried and stored in a plastic bag to correct minor defects.

The advantage of this type of finish is that it can be done by any beginner. The mixture is easily applied to the surface to be treated with a seamless layer and does not peel off. Ceilings treated in this way look original and aesthetically pleasing. It should be noted that liquid wallpaper is afraid of prolonged exposure to moisture. Perhaps this is their only drawback, so you should not use them in wet areas.

Thanks to the liquid wallpaper made with your own hands, you can make an inexpensive repair in your apartment at any time.

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