Liliya Khegai: biography, date of birth, photo

Liliya Khegay was born in 1965, on July 4 in theresort Obi-Gram in Tajikistan. In her veins, Korean and Chinese blood flow in half. Children's life was not the easiest, because my father worked in a rather responsible post.

An Extraordinary Gift

After the victory in the contest, Liliya Hegai became extremely popular. Biography, her date of birth is interested in a lot of viewers, fond of the topic of the transfer.

lily of hegai

The girl had to be in charge of the kolkhozes. Lily Hegai grew up in an uneasy environment. Her biography contains information that a family crisis occurred when the father was removed from office and expelled from the party. For a long time the house for the woman was Uzbekistan.

Very early began to exercise extrasensorythe ability of Liliya Hegai. The year of birth was the starting point, after which her strength only increased. The turning point was clinical death, which was the result of a serious illness. This was one of the most difficult moments that Lilia Hegai experienced. The biography of the woman contains data that unusual abilities could also pass from the grandmother.

An interesting fact is that the well-known surname was from a woman not from birth, but appeared after she took her from her great-grandfather as a pseudonym.

"Battle of psychics" only further increased and developed the strength of women.

Liliya Khegay became famous, her help and advice are asked by many people.

The departed past

In addition to unusual abilities gifted by fate yetand a good family Liliya Hegai. Her personal life is quite harmonious. Successful was a marriage with a politician and businessman Alexander. They live in Moscow together with two children who were born in previous marriages.

Before this union Liliya Khegay lived in civilmarriage with two other men - a Spaniard and a Korean. They were happy unions, in each of which a son was born. After parting with the first man Liliya Hegai began to look for a new partner in life. The main thing was that he did not have a wife and children, because the destruction of another's family was not part of the woman's plans.

Contrary to dreams of living together to the grave, withthe second partner she after a while broke up, giving in this union the life of another son. The man liked the other, while Lily still loved him and did not want to let go, even she was ready to tolerate treason. In spite of everything, the second beloved left.

lily hegai biography

The beautiful present

With the current husband they met at a reception. Alexander turned to her for help, and while they were discussing the matter, the woman had sympathy for his loneliness. She wanted to help, become a matchmaker, to introduce one of her friends who do not have a pair. The interlocutor only approved such an initiative, easily agreed to meet with friends of Lilia in the restaurant.

But it all worked out in such a way that it wasThe benefactress liked the businessman most of all, and he began courtship. However, each had personal problems, which somewhat interfered with the favorable course of relations. The meetings continued, on which they looked closely at each other. The woman noted that the politician has developed intuition, he could even develop his gift. They have very similar characters, thanks to which the relationship developed well. Next to him, she felt like a woman defended by her courageous companion.

lily hegai biography date of birth

Full mutual understanding

Their feelings were mutual, and from the initialThe couple realized that together they would be very good. Alexander led courtship for Lilia, gave beautiful gifts, provided support and helped not only her, but also children.

Sons, in turn, very much approved of thisstepfather and treated him with confidence. Their opinion is very important for the mother, so seeing such harmony in the newly emerging family, Hegay also became even more sympathetic to Alexander. However, even when he proposed to her, she hesitated a long time. Since her previous unions were civil, in this case, official painting was a novelty for her. There were other reasons. The groom's involvement in politics caused slight concern.

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Even psychics doubt

Also, such an alliance would make her "personalstar ", engaged in planning the actions of a well-known politician and a participant in his struggle against competitors. But in the end the marriage took place, because the woman was very curious to open this new page in life, to find out the friends and relatives of a loved one. Lily felt insecurity for a long time, so she did not feel very upset about the obstacles, and even felt a little relieved. The wedding has already taken place, and understanding of the official status of their union has not yet come.

Lily is not selfish, so her goal was not to seek love for herself. But when she met Alexandra, she realized that it was quite possible. They became two parts of one harmonious whole.

Winning the competition

In the filming of the fifth season of "Battles of psychics"participated Hegai. They occurred in 2008. Already the initial tests Lily was brilliant. With the help of them, a woman managed to impress others with her unusual talents. She managed to convey the exact picture, detailing information about the details of the events that occurred.

The death of Valery Kharlamov was investigated,professionally played in hockey, as well as his wife. The results were unbelievable. It was possible to provide amazing fragments covering this tragic event. Hegai managed to see them very clearly.

lily hegai personal life

The people around were shocked, and also the son of the deceasedparents, Alexander, who continued to communicate with the psychic after the show. The woman stayed on the set detached and unsociable, did not say much, as if constantly in a trance state. Heavy were tested, having a connection with death. They took a lot of strength from Lilia. Several days had to restore energy, because the information was very heavy. It is psychologically difficult to come into contact with such terrible events, to dive into them. However, despite everything, she won with brilliance and became famous as the best psychic of the 5th season.

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Liliya Khegai: biography, date of birth, photo Liliya Khegai: biography, date of birth, photo Liliya Khegai: biography, date of birth, photo Liliya Khegai: biography, date of birth, photo Liliya Khegai: biography, date of birth, photo Liliya Khegai: biography, date of birth, photo Liliya Khegai: biography, date of birth, photo Liliya Khegai: biography, date of birth, photo Liliya Khegai: biography, date of birth, photo Liliya Khegai: biography, date of birth, photo