Leading Fence Materials

Decking - the leader among the materials used for the manufacture of fences. This fact is absolutely not surprising, because the fences of corrugated have many advantages. To begin with, the corrugated sheet (corrugated metal sheet) has exceptional strength, resistance to corrosion and mechanical stress. It does not require special care, the fence is mounted from it very quickly, and the price pleasantly pleased.

Of course, the professional flooring is inferior in beauty to stone, brick, and forging, but it looks quite decent, especially in combination with the listed options, but the democratic price fully compensates for the modesty of the design. On sale you can find decking with a decorative coating, imitating wood, stone, brickwork, so you can easily choose what best fits into the style of your site.

The fence made of slate is also quite common, it attracts with its low cost, but it can not boast of high decorative qualities.For the manufacture of fences used as a smooth, and corrugated slate. To somewhat brighten up the unpretentiousness of the fence, you can choose a slate with a color coating, moreover, this option is more resistant to weathering. Plain gray slate is best used for fencing the backyard, outbuildings.

Essential minus of slate - it badly resists to mechanical damages.

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