Laying cork backing

Laying cork backingIf it is necessary to smooth the unevenness of the screed, to reduce the negative impact of height differences when laying the laminate or parquet, use a cork substrate. Cork oak bark is used as a basis for its production, and therefore the main advantage is its environmental friendliness. The negative side of this material is moisture absorption.

And because such a substrate is not recommended for use in rooms where the humidity is increased. Otherwise, the surface of this material must undergo additional treatment with water-repellent agents. Before laying the cork substrate, it is necessary to prepare the base. If there are potholes or height differences, a cement-concrete screed is used or a ready-made mixture is used that has synthetic microfiber fibers. It must be remembered that the cork substrate should not be laid on a concrete screed. In order to waterproof the polyethylene under it creeps. On the surface with a wooden coating such a substrate can be laid without waterproofing.Further, the substrate roll is spread over the floor surface and secured with the help of double-sided construction tape in at least three places in order to eliminate its shift. At the joints of the substrate with the walls, a gap is left to remove moisture through it. These places will then be closed with a plinth.

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