Lawn grills for parking by their own hands: montage

Any owner of a suburban area wishes,that its plot looked modern and well-groomed. On how well the lawns around the house will be decorated, the external picture of the landscape will depend. When laying lawn lately, the use of lawn grills is quite common. Grilles for parking with their own hands can easily be laid.

They are practical, and before you buy such grids, you need to decide which version of the design will be most preferable.

Appointment of lawn grills

As the main goal of lawn gridsadvocates the protection of green spaces from external influences. For this reason, most often such installations are installed in parking places, as well as near pedestrian paths. The grass is preserved, since the load is distributed to the cell walls. In the end, the root system remains intact, and an excessive amount of moisture leaves through the drainage system, which is located under the lawn.lawn grating

If you began to wonder whether you needsite lawn grilles for parking (with their own hands that are easy enough to install), then it is worth paying attention to their positive qualities. The lawn grate does not prevent the use of lawn mowers and facilitates lawn care work.

Varieties of lawn grills

The lawn grate are modules, in the basis of whichThe most commonly used plastic or concrete. The first type is considered the most modern, and recently it has gained the greatest popularity due to its attractive appearance and convenience of laying. Concrete lawn grilles appeared long ago.lawn grills for parking with their own hands Among their positive qualities can be identifiedinsignificant cost, durability and long term of ability to live. Such structures benefit from the profile, as the shape of the modules can be varied, each owner of a suburban area can find something similar for himself.

Plastic gratings

If you have already decided to install lawn grillsfor parking with their own hands, then you can choose plastic designs that are considered the most modern. At the heart of this installation is a high-strength material that is capable of withstanding loads of up to 1.2 tons per 1 square meter. The period of use of such a grating is also great and can reach 25 years. The shape of the plastic grilles can be different.self-parking grill

If you decide to use on your territoryplastic lawn grilles for parking, with their own hands they can be installed using special locks, which ensure reliable fixing of modules in one frame. In this case, you do not need to use a special technique. If the territory has geometrically irregular parts, the plastic grid for the lawn can be laid according to the territorial features of your site. Such structures are very resistant to chemical effects of oil products and acids. Under the influence of ultraviolet such elements do not melt, in addition, they are not afraid of frosts and retain their characteristics and qualities under severe external conditions.

Laying a lawn grate

A lawn grate for parking by one's own hands canbe laid down using the following technology. Initially, preparatory work should be carried out, which involves the layout of the territory on which the grate is installed. At this stage, you need to determine the purpose of the future lawn. This can be a common lawn or one that is supposed to be used as a sports ground, as well as for gaming or car parking. Based on the goals, you need to choose a variety of lattice. After the site was marked, it is necessary to remove the soil from it.laying a lawn grate for parking with your own hands

Grill for parking with own handsis set to a depth that is determined by the height of the gravel cushion - it should be 5-20 cm (the final value will depend on the expected loads). If you need to equip a parking space on the grill, then you need to use this parameter to the maximum. This is due to the fact that there may be situations in which it will be necessary to park not only a car, but also special equipment, as well as a minibus. The thickness of the leveling layer should be at least 3 cm. It should be noted that the height of the grid is 5 cm. In general, it will be necessary to remove the soil, the thickness of which is 28 cm.

Recommendations for work

Laying a lawn grate for parking with their ownBy hand at the next stage, it involves carrying out ramming of the soil, as well as strengthening the boundaries of the site. The last manipulations can be made using the use of bricks and stones, or the technology of concrete pouring can be applied. At the next stage, you can proceed to the installation of the grid. Preliminary should be prepared podsypka, which consists of sand and gravel, which will need to be mixed. Sand is needed to ensure that the rubble is sufficiently densely laid down and does not move under the influence of mechanical loads.installation of the grilles to your hands Over such preparation should be laidGeotextile, which will protect the lawn from weeds and grass. The next step is to fill the sand with a thin layer, the thickness of which is 3 cm. Geotextile is necessary not only to protect against weeds - it is used as a separating layer.

Features of the installation of gratings

The installation of the grid is carried out by handaccording to a certain scheme. In this example, the option will be considered, in which a plastic grid is used. The master needs to pay attention to the fact that there are docking elements on each module, they should be used when assembling the structure in a monolithic cloth. Before buying it is necessary to take into account that the dimensions of one module of the plastic grid are 40 x 60 cm.

The final stage

When eco-parking for a summer residence is arranged,The lawn grate (with its own hands to install which is simple) should be laid, and in its cells it is necessary to fill up the soil, which must reach the very top. It is preferable to use light soil - peat or compost is excellent for this. After filling, the platform must be filled with water, which will allow the soil to settle. Now you can fall asleep lawn grass and roll out the surface. The installation of the lawn grate by hand at this stage is completed.

Now you know how to install a lawn grate on your site.

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