KVN 2018: Major League

KVN - 2018: Major League - this is a real celebration of jokes and fun, which both adults and young people in our country are eagerly awaiting. After all, humor has no age limit. He, like love, obey absolutely all ages.

KVN 2018: Major League


KVN history

KVN 2018: Major League

Many TV viewers “with experience” remember that the first release of the program appeared on domestic screens during the “Khrushchev thaw” period. However, not all fans of the Club of cheerful and resourceful know that the popular program of our time had a predecessor called “Evening of fun questions”. However, it did not last long - only four years. The organizers of the project managed to convince the Artistic Council of the USSR that people need a different format of the program, filled with witty jokes and relevant satire. And so it appeared beloved by millions of Russians KVN.

Since 1964, the permanent leader and inspirer of KVN is Alexander Maslyakov. In Soviet times, the format of the program was a novelty to the national television audience. However, people liked the project so much that soon it became the most popular on Soviet television.

Unfortunately, many of the numbers came under strict KGB censorship and were simply cut out of the air. It got to the point that in 1971 the transfer was closed, and a rumor was spread among the people about the arrest of Alexander Maslyakov. The program returned to the TV screens only with the beginning of “perestroika”.

Currently, the Club is cheerful and resourceful is the most ambitious comic show in Russia, which at various times revealed the talent of such "star" artists, such as:

  • Vladimir Zelensky (team “95th quarter”, Krivoy Rog);
  • Mikhail Galustyan (“Burnt by the Sun”, Sochi);
  • Alexander Revva (“Burnt by the Sun”, Sochi);
  • Pavel Volya (“Valeon Dasson”, Penza);
  • Svetlana Permyakova (“Parma”, Perm);
  • Olga Kartunkova (“City Pyatigrsk”,);
  • Igor Lastochkin (“Dnepropetrovsk team”).

The brainchildren of KVN are such popular programs and shows, like “Kvartal“ 95 ”,“ Our Russia ”and“ Comedy Club ”.

Club regulations

KVN 2018: Major League

Any successful project on television sooner or later acquires the status of national. This fate has touched and KVN. From a popular comic show, he turned into a complex business structure that has its own rules.

Today, the games of the Club are fun and resourceful are held in several "divisions", the most prestigious of which is the Premier League. There are also informal (independent) leagues in which amateur teams compete.

Participants in the Higher League are professional teams representing various cities and regions of the Russian Federation.

It is in this “division” that the best KVN teams perform, with the humorous numbers enjoyed by millions of Russian television viewers.

Where are the games?

KVN 2018: Major League

As a rule, KVN games are held in Moscow. The filming of the program took place in the auditorium of IISS, MDM, Havana cinema, as well as other halls and clubs of the capital. At present, the Club is cheerful and resourceful and has its own complex called “MMC planet KVN”. This site is involved in conducting large-scale projects. For example, there are humorous battles for “Moscow Mayor's Cup“. The rest of the games are held in the “Central Theater of the Army of Russia”. During the “renewed” format of high-profile victories, various teams have been striving, and moreover, not always Russian. After the collapse of the USSR, the representatives of Ukraine, Armenia, and Kazakhstan became triumphant for the project, which once again confirms that humor knows no boundaries.

In the thirty-one years of the existence of KVN within the framework of the Higher League, 215 teams have performed. “New Armenians”, “Burnt by the Sun” and “Odessa Gentlemen” managed to achieve the greatest success in the games. These teams have left a bright and indelible mark on the history of the games of the Club, cheerful and resourceful.

Where to watch the final 2018?

KVN 2018: Major League

The beginning of the next edition of the Higher League of KVN is scheduled for the end of the winter of 2018. Games start from the 1/8 final stage. Semifinal fights will be held in autumn. The culmination of the season will be the final game, which will be tentatively held in December 2019. Unfortunately, viewers of Channel One, on the air of which the best battles of comedians will be shown, will be able to see only the mounted version of the program. For this reason, many KVN fans try to buy tickets for the final and personally enjoy the competition of their favorite teams.

The most unpleasant moment in the conduct of games KVN are organizational problems. It is often difficult for the project initiators and the management of television channels to agree on the date of the broadcast. In this case, those who want to watch the games of the Club are fun and resourceful can always use the resources of the Internet network, where you can find the right material and see the recording program.

Interesting facts about KVN:

  1. Year of the 1st international KVN project: 1992;
  2. the team that held a record number of games in the Highest League: “Burnt by the Sun” (Sochi);
  3. the team that celebrated the victory in all their games: “Gorod Pyatigrsk”.

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