Kungur Ice Cave (Russia, Kungur): description, facilities, schedule and reviews

To see this natural ice miracle, to the Uralscome from different corners not only of our country, but of the whole world. The largest Russian cave, equipped for visiting, has been known since ancient times, but excursions on it have been held since 1914. Its most part is hidden from the eyes of tourists, so as not to disturb the ecosystem.

Business card of the Urals

For a long time it has been recognized as a visiting card of the UralsKungur ice cave. Where is this unique miracle of nature? It is located in the Kungursky district of the Perm region, at the very base of the Ice Mountain.Kungur Ice Cave

With a local attraction connecteda few stories. They say that Cossack ataman Yermak spent the winter in front of his campaign to Siberia. In addition, crosses found in grottoes and even a small crypt indicate that Old Believers once lived here.

Kungur ice cave is a huge labyrinth, stretching for almost six thousand kilometers, with spacious halls decorated with ice crystals.

Exploring the cave

If you do not take into account the legend of Ermak, then up toNow scientists can not say for sure who discovered the amazing miracle of nature. It is known that in 1703 a well-known researcher S. Remezov, after visiting Kungur, compiled a detailed plan for grottos. However, it was full of inaccuracies, which 67 years later Academician I. Lepekhin tried to correct, having examined a small part of the cave.Kungur ice cave prices

In 1879, inside the labyrinths workedarchaeological expedition led by I. Polyakov, and in Soviet times professor of Perm University G. Maksimovich even published a work in which he examined in detail the halls of the cave and the various types of ice covering the grottoes. And to this day, research is being conducted and scientific articles devoted to the current state of the object are published.

Protected landmark

Kungur Ice Cave is the oldest in the world. About 48 grottoes and about 70 lakes located under the ground are located in the state-protected natural monument. According to scientists, the age of the Ural sightseeing reaches twelve thousand years. It was then that a global catastrophe led to the extinction of many animals on Earth.

Kungur Ice Cave: schedule of work

It is best to come here from February to April,When cave stalactites and stalagmites reach an incredible size. For tourists laid a kilometer route, and the duration of the journey through the magical halls of frozen music from the ice is an hour and a half.Kungur Ice Cave Chart

Group tours are held daily withoutdays off. From 10.00 to 17.00 Kungur ice cave awaits all visitors, the prices for visiting which since the new year have risen and start from 300 and 600 rubles for children and adult tickets. For an individual tour of the grottoes have to fork out for 1500 rubles.

Ice Palace

Everyone who visits the amazing halls for the first timecaves, feel like fairy-tale heroes who suddenly fell into the magic world of the Snow Queen. Admired by the beauty of the interior, adults turn into small children and walk around the natural palace with a sinking heart.

Every year the Ural sight is visitedabout 100 thousand people a year. Excursions are conducted along two main routes, and tourists note that it is best to visit both. Each group is accompanied by a guide, telling about interesting stories related to the cave, and tells about the main grottos.

Surprisingly, to this day the Kungurice cave, which is always cold. In some grottoes the temperature drops to minus thirty degrees, the earlier the merchants used to store meat.

Routes and excursions

A large ring is the maina route laid along convenient concreted paths for visitors and well-lit. The most popular grottoes of the Kungur cave will not be left without attention.

But rarely visited halls, barely touchedcivilization and poorly studied, constitute the Small Ring. Difficult passages along unsuccessful paths are not popular among the elderly, but are loved by young people. Often at the request of tourists, they are driven to the grottoes, lit only by candle lights, giving mystery. The most interesting route, which will not leave anyone indifferent, passes through the purest underground lakes.objects of the Kungur ice cave

Another innovation that can be usedvisitors, - sign up for thematic excursions with the final program of the laser show. A stunning spectacle, in which icicles glisten in different colors, shimmering and flashing lights, will remain for a long time in memory.

New services

Kungur ice cave, the schedule of excursionswhich is incredibly convenient for all visitors, introduces new services - lovers will help organize a romantic date and even register a marriage in one of the ice halls.

For tourists who want to visit not only the cave,but also stop for a few days to consider the ancient city of Kungur and its museum exhibits, inexpensive hotels located at the very foundation of the Ice Mountain, offer their services.

Diamond grotto

What awaits visitors inside the fairy-tale kingdom? Let us consider what objects of the Kungur ice cave will appear before the visitors. Telling about all the grottoes is simply unrealistic, so let's focus on the most interesting.Kungur Ice Cave

The first grotto, which is meaningfully calledDiamond, shimmering in the beams of searchlights, like the cave of Ali Baba. Snow crystals, covering the walls and vault of the hall, burn with cheerful lights, and the severed passage to the next grotto overgrown with ice.

Polar Cave

The Polar hall of the Kungur cave once upon a timewas a single whole with Brilliant. Now the admirable spacious cave is famous for the largest accumulation of calcareous outgrowths on the ceiling and the bottom of the grotto, forming an incredible beauty of education. Here, fantastically beautiful stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes interwoven, creating original fairy-tale compositions.

And in the niche of the Polar Grotto a column is hidden, consisting of a monolith of ice and resembling a frozen waterfall.

The Grottoes of Dante and the Crypt

The journey through the icy realm continues, andbefore the gazes of astonished visitors, the picturesque view of Dante's grotto, named for the stone chaos, depicting the picture of hell described by the poet, opens.

After him begins the Crypt, from which gothe forks of the Big and Small route. The name of the cave was obtained from a small house built of stones here, which was mentioned by many research expeditions. Later, the shelter was destroyed, but the name remained.

Cross grotto

Next to the Crypt there is a new hall, in which they found the altar and icons left by the Old Believers. Scientists believe that here the hermits were hiding from the authorities' pursuit.grottoes of the Kungur ice cave

The ruins of Pompeii

Grotto The ruins of Pompeii are a cavern full of chaotic heaps of stone blocks, as if left after the eruption of an erupting volcano of an ancient city.

In the center of the disorder, arranged by nature itself, is a sculpture, highlighted by cave workers, whose outlines resemble a tortoise and a crocodile.

Seabed and Sculpture

Both children and adults will like the following grottosKungur Ice Cave - Seabed and Sculptural. In the first imagination, the expanded plaster formations, in which the figures of the inhabitants of the sea day are guessed, will hit. And in the center of the second tourists meets the Frog-Princess, made of stone.

The meteor grotto

A meteor grotto is known from the legend thatin the total darkness of this cave, a man with an unclean conscience will see the outline of the lame Light caver, left here forever after the betrayal of a friend.

The huge searchlight goes out for a few minutes, plunging all visitors into absolute darkness.

Coral grotto

Coral Cave will be remembered by movie lovershorrors, in fact in it the man-made profile of Count Dracula is guessed. And on a bright red background, the bizarre silhouette of a huge rhinoceros without a tail carved for many centuries by nature itself emerges.Kungur ice cave

Cognitive adventure: reviews

According to tourists' reviews, the Kungur ice cave -this is an amazing world of ice and cold. The stone chaos created by mother nature, and the ringing silence carry all visitors to an unreal world in which they begin to truly appreciate life.

After the end of an amazing adventure, a person realizes that he is just a grain of sand in a huge world, and his life is an instant compared to eternity.

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Kungur Ice Cave (Russia, Kungur): description, facilities, schedule and reviews Kungur Ice Cave (Russia, Kungur): description, facilities, schedule and reviews Kungur Ice Cave (Russia, Kungur): description, facilities, schedule and reviews Kungur Ice Cave (Russia, Kungur): description, facilities, schedule and reviews Kungur Ice Cave (Russia, Kungur): description, facilities, schedule and reviews Kungur Ice Cave (Russia, Kungur): description, facilities, schedule and reviews Kungur Ice Cave (Russia, Kungur): description, facilities, schedule and reviews Kungur Ice Cave (Russia, Kungur): description, facilities, schedule and reviews Kungur Ice Cave (Russia, Kungur): description, facilities, schedule and reviews Kungur Ice Cave (Russia, Kungur): description, facilities, schedule and reviews