Krasnodar Territory, Nebug. Nebug: hotels. Nebug settlement: reviews of tourists

A few years ago the resorts of Krasnodarthe edges were considered a budget option for a summer vacation with appropriate comfort. Today, the Russian cities on the Black Sea are not much inferior to foreign places of rest. If you decide to visit the Krasnodar Territory, Nebug is a great place to live. It has a well-developed infrastructure, and prices are slightly lower than in the more highly advertised resort areas.

Location and features

Krasnodar Territory Nebug

Nebug is located near the famousthe city of Tuapse. The distance between the settlements is only about 15 km. Its name was given to the village in honor of the river of the same name. Private residential sector stretched in this area in the direction from the beach to the mountains. This area is remarkable for its natural beauty. On the outskirts of Nebuga begins a pine forest, the trees of which, according to some information, not less than a hundred years. Today it is a developed resort center due to a large number of entertainment facilities. In the afternoon you can see a huge number of tourists on the streets, but in the village itself there is a relatively small number of them during the holiday. Most of them come for one-day excursions from neighboring cities. The village of Nebug is a magical place for rest, not surprisingly, even its name is unusual - in the literal translation from the Adyghe language it means "wide eyes".

Climatic features

Nebug on the map of Krasnodar Territory

The sun in this area shines at least 200days in a year. The official tourist season is the period from mid-May to October. At this time you can swim, and a light day is enough to get an even tan. The climate in this zone is mild, Mediterranean. Average temperature for the middle of summer - +23aboutC, for the winter it is typically cooling to -4 degreesCelsius. The village of Nebug on the map of the Krasnodar Territory is worth finding, because this is a great place to relax. The thing is that in the tourist season, fresh breezes are blowing from the sea, and even a strong heat of discomfort does not bring. In winter, a large amount of precipitation falls in this area, mainly rain, hail and snow here is very rare.

Beach holidays

Krasnodar region nebug holidays

Lovely sea and lots of sun ... This is what attracts the Krasnodar Territory. Nebug, like many seaside villages, has both pebbly and sandy bulk beaches. In close proximity to the village there are many sanatoria and rest houses, some of them can boast of their own exits to the sea. These beaches are usually landscaped better than urban ones. If you want to get on them can vacationers who do not live in a sanatorium or hotel, but for the entrance will have to pay. You can go free to the comfortable main beach of the village, there are also "wild" places for swimming. Those who wish to swim in a secluded place should be extremely cautious. On the "wild" beaches there are no rescuers, and in case of disaster there will be no one to help you.

Sanatoriums and boarding houses

After Nebug Krasnodar Territory

Accommodation in a boarding house or health resortthe complex is somewhat more expensive than the rental housing from the owners or rooms in mini-hotels. The main advantage of this option is the developed infrastructure, included in the cost of living meals and additional services. The village of Nebug (Tuapse district, Krasnodar region) has a large number of boarding houses, some of which were built during the Soviet era. The most famous of them are Nebug and Chernomorye. Key features of holiday homes are landscaped territory, modern comfortable rooms, designed for a different number of guests. Boarding house "Nebug" also offers treatment, and "Black Sea" boasts a favorable location. Nearby there is an ice palace, a dolphinarium, an aqua park.

Krasnodar region. Nebug: sanatorium treatment

The most well-known preventive-treatment centers invillage: "Zorka", "Yamal", "Prometheus". The trip to the sanatorium is not cheap, it is advisable to choose such an institution according to the necessary treatment profile. The centers listed above offer various services: from the therapy of serious pathologies of the cardiovascular and nervous systems to weight correction and general health programs. It is recommended that before the booking of a voucher, the details of the proposed procedures be verified by telephone from the administration. Some sanatoria have their own children's summer camps.

Nebug Hotels

Hotels & Accommodations

In Nebug there is a large numbermini-hotels and private holiday homes. Several major hotels stand out against their backdrop: Molniya, Sea Club and Aqua-Vit. Any tourist will find accommodation option, suitable for him in terms of comfort and cost. In the tourist season, too many tourists come here, it is recommended to book accommodation in advance. The settlement of Nebug hotel has different, the minimum cost of living in them - from 200 rubles per day per person or from 1000 rubles per room. The cost of housing increases in proportion to its comfort and location relative to the sea. Some hotels have their own beaches, from others on the road to the waterfront will have to spend at least 10-15 minutes. Not all hotels of the village are focused on family holidays. If you are going to go on vacation with children, it is worth to clarify a number of parameters. As practice shows, the most important is the availability of children's furniture or special rooms for children and parents living together, playgrounds and swimming pools on the territory of the hotel, a special menu in the dining room or cafe.

Entertainment and leisure

Settlement Nebug

Discos until the morning, inexpensive cafe andrespectable restaurants, modern amusement parks are all Krasnodar Territory. Nebug is no exception, the village has its own dolphinarium and water park. These centers will appeal to children and adults. In the dolphinarium you can see the performances with the participation of marine animals, touch them and take a picture for memory. The water park is a great place where you can spend an exciting day at an affordable price. Among the attractions are children's for kids of different ages, quiet family and extreme. An entrance ticket is paid, after which each visitor can ride on all the attractions any number of times. You can use the sun loungers and umbrellas free of charge. For some attractions, sliding mats and inflatable rafts are given for descent. A bright nightlife is another reason to visit the Krasnodar Territory. Nebug recreation offers the most different in the evening hours. You can find restaurants with exquisite cuisine and live music service, no less popular nightclubs or bars on the waterfront. There is in the village own diving center, and on the beaches a huge number of water attractions.

Excursions and attractions

Fans of unusual landscapes likea river in whose honor the settlement is named. The river bed curiously crosses between canyons and baths. The Krasnodar Territory is rich in waterfalls. Nebug including. In the vicinity of the village there are many waterfalls, the most famous of which are "Blue" and "Theatrical". A special place near Nebuga is occupied by dolmens, ancient structures whose true purpose is unknown. Many tourists say that after a trip to these stones they have had chronic illnesses and fulfilled their most secret desires. Great popularity among holidaymakers in the village enjoy excursions to neighboring cities and to various attractions located at a certain distance.

Nebug taapsinsky district of Krasnodar Territory

Reviews of those who have already rested in Nebug

Every season a largenumber of vacationers, many of them come back here again. All tourists, without exception, praise the nature of Nebug. There are beaches with sand and pebbles, a pine forest and green lawns. The infrastructure of the village is also pleased with the diversity - children's entertainment, cafes and discos for adults, various excursions and sea attractions. Undoubted plus - the presence of its own dolphinarium and water park. Pos. Nebug (Krasnodar Region) as a resort some negative reviews has standard. Koiu someone from the rest seems to be too crowded, and for some services prices are significantly inflated. These opinions are not entirely objective. At the very beginning and end of the tourist season of the people there is not too much. In Nebug there are enough markets and street collapses with souvenirs, local delicacies and home beverages. Private traders recognize the bargaining and, if desired, prices can be significantly reduced.

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