Which is better - plastic or MDF in the kitchen: reviews. Kitchens from plastic: advice, reviews

Kitchen area requires special design. This applies not only to the choice of quality finishing materials, but also furniture sets. Quite a large number of people doubt what to choose: plastic or dyed MDF in the kitchen. With confidence, we can say that in recent years, preference is given to plastic kitchens.

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What are the kitchens made of plastic?

Some may have the impression,based on the name of the kitchen plastic headset, that the kitchen is completely made of plastic. This is not true. The material is used only in the external finishing of the headset, that is, the kitchen has a facade - plastic. Reviews are quite diverse.

For this, PVC lining is not used. Manufacturers use only plastic lining, which can be mounted on the frame or MDF or on the surface of the fiberboard. But this is not all ways of manufacturing products.

Important.Many people try to make the kitchen area completely plastic, not just the headset. They make both walls and ceiling. Especially often the plastic apron covers the kitchen apron.

How is the plastic kitchen made?

Plastic kitchens are increasingly usedpopularity. All this is due to their technical characteristics and attractive appearance. Many are interested in the question of exactly how they are made.

The process of production of plastic kitchen is not tooplain. It is performed only by highly qualified specialists in this field. Initially, the frame of the kitchen set is made. It can be made of WPV or chipboard. Then on its front surface a plastic sheet is applied and securely fixed with the help of modern adhesives.

The ends are also treated. On them, manufacturers glued the edge of PVC or used for this aluminum edges. Often used for making kitchens from MDF plastic. Reviews about such furniture are diverse. Everything depends on what technology the manufacturer uses and what the quality of the product is.

kitchen facade plastic отзывы

What are the advantages of plastic?

It is worth noting that the reviews of the kitchen from plasticare almost always positive. This is due only to the technical characteristics of the material itself. Plastic is not only practical and durable. It can have a variety of surfaces and structure, as well as a wide range of shades of exterior design and imitation of a variety of materials.

Properties of plastic kitchen furniture

Many people have a question about why they have positive reviews of kitchens from plastic. The answer is simple. Plastic has a lot of advantages.

So, to them it is possible to carry:

  • moisture resistance;
  • practicality;
  • reliability;
  • fire resistance;
  • strength;
  • durability;
  • wear resistance;
  • frost resistance.

But this is not all the characteristics of the material. These are considered the most basic, which play a big role when choosing a plastic kitchen.

Moisture resistance helps to remove on the surface of the kitchen set various kinds of dirt by any convenient means.

Council.Professionals do not recommend the use of abrasive substances in the cleaning of plastic glossy furniture. They are able to scratch the surface.

The life of the kitchen from this materialquite long and reaches 20-25 years. Also, plastic is not subjected to various external influences and has an original design of its surface. It is for this reason that the reviews of the kitchen from plastic are only positive.

plastic or painted mdf in the kitchen

The main and main advantage of plasticThe kitchen is its durability. It is due to the properties of the material itself. Due to the fact that the plastic has a rather dense structure that does not contain any pores, it is practical in its application and easy to care for. It does not undergo deformation as a result of a change in the temperature regime. Even if a cooking surface is installed under the facade of plastic, nothing will happen to it.

Moreover, in modern productionmaterial, it can rightly be considered environmentally friendly. In the process of exposure to a direct source of fire, it will not burn. Only after reaching a certain temperature the plastic will begin to melt. And at the same time, no harmful substances are released into the atmosphere.

To constantly maintain the external designfacades from plastic, it is enough to wipe them regularly from dust and grease stains. This especially applies to the glossy surface. Even fingerprints can be seen on it.

With the help of a plastic kitchen a uniquethe design of any kitchen space. Brightness of colors and the opportunity to see on the surface of the plastic facade any image you like will not leave anyone indifferent.

kitchen plastic gloss reviews

Difficulties in choosing kitchen furniture

Quite often the client does not know what exactlychoose and what he would like to see in his kitchen. Suppose the kitchen set is enamel or plastic? Reviews, it is worth noting, they are significantly different. Let's try to understand their features.

Kitchen sets from MDF, covered with enamel

MDF kitchens, facades of which are painted with enamel,have quite a bright design. To apply such a paint to the surface of the material, MDF is carefully processed and primed with special means. According to the technology of production, the more layers of enamel will be applied to the surface of furniture, the longer will be the period of its operation.

Each layer of enamel is dried and grinded with special equipment. To give the surface shine, it is polished.

Not only that the kitchens have a wide range of shades, they can also be with different surface coating:

  • matte;
  • glossy;
  • metallic;
  • chameleon;
  • nacre;
  • pearl.

In this case, the shape and size of the facades can be different, from smooth to wavy. All this is only due to the compliance of MDF in processing.

The main advantages of these kitchen sets are:

  • moisture resistance;
  • mud resistance;
  • Do not absorb odors.

In addition to visible advantages, there are also disadvantages. These include the fact that in the case of impact on the surface of different chipped, which damage the external design of furniture. It will be impossible to restore such deformations. Repair of enamel coating is not amenable. It will be necessary to call specialists who will remove the facade and re-cover it. Also it is worth considering that the enameled facades will be several times more expensive than plastic ones.

Kitchen sets with plastic decoration

At once it is determined how the kitchen is made. The plastic in the frame of the reviews gets quite contradictory.

kitchen enamel or plastic reviews

Not only does this furniture have similarcharacteristics, as plastic, so it can still be formed in different ways and manufactured using a variety of technologies. So, there are several ways to fix the plastic on the frame of MDF, which are significantly different.

The manufacturer can use for registrationends not only aluminum edge or PVC tape, but also simply paint the ends of the facades with acrylic paint. In some cases, this design of facades and ends may be different.

kitchen from mdf plastic reviews

The most effective way of applying plastic on MDF is to bend it on opposite sides.

Council.You need to choose exactly this method of manufacturing a plastic kitchen, as it reliably protects wood material from moisture and other harmful effects.

If the manufacturer did not comply with all standardstechnological process of manufacturing a plastic facade, then eventually MDF, which is inside, will collapse. This may entail a change in the appearance of the kitchen unit. This is due to the fact that the plastic can be easily deformed as a result of mechanical action.

Types of plastic for decoration of kitchen furniture

To date, kitchen sets, the facades of which are made of plastic, not only differ in their originality. They are also more economical, since their cost is rather low.

In the production of this furniture is used simple and acrylic plastic. They can have two kinds of their surface:

  • glossy;
  • matt;

These types of material have similar characteristics, only it is necessary to take into account that the glossy facade will be more marquee than matte, although it has a larger spectrum of surface design.

Important.Kitchen (plastic-gloss) reviews are varied. Some are not too happy with this kitchen set because the manufacturer used low-quality plastic for the facade decoration and all the glossy film has faded. It is because of this that it is worth carefully choosing the manufacturer.

Glossy kitchens made of acrylic plastic are the most popular. Reviews in this case can be not only about the surface design, but also the technical characteristics of the material itself.

kitchen plastic in the frame reviews

Forms of kitchen sets from plastic

There are two options for making kitchen furniture withusing plastic. The kitchen can be angular or straight. There are also differences in the number of furniture components. For example, someone prefers a full-fledged kitchen set, which consists of upper and lower cabinets. And someone will have enough to have only multi-functional lockers and drawers below. It all depends on the size of the kitchen space.

Before choosing a headset, you need to carefullyto study the reviews. Kitchens made of plastic - an excellent solution, and it does not matter what they have shapes and sizes. The most important thing is the technical characteristics of the headset (and materials), a long service life, a diverse design and a quality manufacturer.

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