Kitchen floor coverings

A kitchen is not just a space used for cooking and eating it, it’s something more. The kitchen is the spiritual center of the house or apartment, it unites the whole family. Therefore, each person seeks to create in this room the maximum atmosphere of warmth and comfort. In addition to the ceiling, walls and furniture, the kitchen occupies an important place in the floor. The floor should be practical, give the owners a feeling of comfort and coziness. The most popular flooring for the kitchen are: ceramic tile, linoleum and parquet. Linoleum, as a universal floor covering, is used not only in the kitchen.

This material has its own advantages and disadvantages. The positive characteristics of linoleum include: low price and a wide selection of colors. Often the pattern of linoleum mimics the pattern of expensive stone or wood flooring.

Among the disadvantages of linoleum can be distinguished its susceptibility to burnout and mechanical damage. Another disadvantage of linoleum are spots that remain with prolonged exposure to fluid.Randomly spilled coffee, juice, ketchup leave an indelible stain on the linoleum.

Ceramic tile - is the leader in popularity of all flooring for the kitchen. Its advantages include: strength, fire resistance and a large range of colors. Neither chemicals nor waste products will harm it. The tile is resistant to various mechanical influences.

The disadvantage of tile is its high price. She is not affordable for everyone. It is advisable to lay the tiles in the kitchen on the “warm floor” system so that it does not disturb the atmosphere of comfort. Such a floor covering is likely to be injured when falling, because the tile is smooth and slippery. This opportunity is especially great after its washing.

The advantage of parquet, as the flooring in the kitchen, is the unique comfort created by the tree in any room. This is very noticeable when compared with cold tiles.

However, when using parquet in the kitchen, its advantages are reduced to nothing, because this coating is not resistant to various chemicals and fire. Parquet, like linoleum, is also subject to mechanical stress. For example, when rearranging furniture.Thus, the wooden parquet needs to be treated with care.

Marmoleum is a new type of material in our construction market. It is based on cork and plant-based resins. It is characterized by a large color range of about 2000 shades. A special feature of marmoleum are antibacterial properties of the resins based on it. Marmoleum is resistant to fire, ultraviolet rays, chemicals. It is a durable material that can withstand a pressure of 160 kg per 1 sq. M. see no damage.

Remember that when choosing a kitchen floor covering, you should take into account not only your taste, but also the characteristics of the coating. Summarizing, we can say that the first place in terms of reliability and durability belongs to Marmoleum, the second - to ceramic tile, the third - is occupied by linoleum.

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