Kathy Lee Gifford: A Short Biography

On August 16, 1953, the futureTV presenter, actress and singer Katie Lee Gifford. The most popular in the United States, this woman acquired through activities in the show "Life with Regis and Cathy Lee." This project, Cathy dedicated more than fifteen years of her life.

Childhood and family

The birth of the girl was not at all in the US, but inthe capital of France. In girlhood, the girl was called Cathy Lee Epstein. Her parents were also associated with creativity. Mother TV presenter Joan was a singer, and her father served in the Navy, was an officer, but also engaged in music.

Childhood Gifford passed in the town of Bowie,located in Maryland, where the parents moved soon after the birth of the daughter. At school the girl took part in the folk group Pennsylvania Next Right. It was a school collective, which mainly gave concerts at any school events.kathy li gifford

Grandpa Katie Lee Gifford, whose photo knowsevery citizen of the United States, was a Jew. Already at the age of twelve the girl became a revived Christian. This was facilitated by watching a religious film called "Restless". The girl's brother David is a preacher and pastor, works and lives in New York.

Now Gifford has two wonderful children - Cody's son and daughter Cassidy.


After school, Cathy entered the university,located in Tulsa, Kansas. Here she studied music and dramatic art. Already in school years the girl began to earn a living. She got a job as a secretary, and she also worked as a nanny.

After graduation from a higher educational institutionThe successful life of Katie Lee Gifford began. A young girl quite successfully married a composer and arranger Paul Johnson. After this marriage, she was a member of the musical team of the TV show "Guess the Melody", where she was able to perform songs. After some time, the girl was invited to shoot a movie series "Hee Haw Honeys", and then she began to advertise, filming in roller skates. This was the first advertising campaign of cruise airliners in the history of television.

Second marriage

In 1983, Cathy, who by that timedivorced from her husband, meets a sports commentator Frank Gifford. Three years later, the couple played a wedding. An interesting fact is that both the husband and the wife had the same days and months of birth, but the years were different: Cathy was younger than her husband for 23 years.kathy li gifford photo

By that time, Li was the leading morningtelecast, and two years later became a colleague of Regis Filbin in the program "Morning Show". Three years later, this telecast was renamed "Life with Regis and Cathy Lee." Thanks to this program in 1988, the United States knew about Kathy Lee.

Additional Information

After saying goodbye to this talk show, which she gavefor many years, Katie Lee has changed several positions, participated in all sorts of projects, was leading in various TV shows. In 2008, Katy became the host of the "Today's show" program, which was broadcast on the NBC channel. It is noteworthy that after the appearance of Gifford on this television project, the ratings of the telecast dropped significantly.

Another remarkable fact of lifecelebrities of the United States. Katie was awarded a Disney award in the form of Mickey Mouse of silver, which was founded by Walt Disney, and the figure was designed by him personally. Kathy Lee Gifford was the sixth person to be awarded this prize.kathy is gifford young

Undoubtedly, Lee is part of the North Americanculture, her work from an early age was associated with television, which is why she is considered a person in one way or another influenced the formation and development of entire generations of US citizens. In addition to working on the television screen, Kathy Lee is also engaged in music, performing very popular songs in the US.

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