Jumanji 2 - the 2019 film

  • World premiere:December 13, 2019.
  • Country of Origin:USA.
  • Genre:adventure, thriller, comedy.
  • Producer:Jake Cazdan.
  • Cast:Duane Johnson, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Salvatore Longobardo, etc.

Information that Jumanji 2 will see the world in December 2019 was announced during the presentation of the Sony Pictures studio during the April conference of CinemaCon, which was held April 23-26, 2018 in Las Vegas. As in the case with the previous part, it will appear at the box office a little earlier than another cult project - the ninth episode of Star Wars, which will be presented in the United States on December 20.

Jumanji 2

When to expect

The decision to shoot a sequel does not seem too unexpected, given the success of the previous picture. “Jumanji: Call of the Jungle” was presented to the audience on December 20, 2017 and brought the creators almost $ 962,000,000 with the stated “total” budget of $ 90,000,000. Such fees made the tape one of the most successful projects of the Sony Pictures film company. At the box office, she conceded only to no less than the iconic film of Bondiana Skyfall Coordinates.These figures were certainly liked by both the management of the film studio and the producers, so at the end of 2019, viewers will again be able to watch the fantastic adventures of the main characters in the deep jungles of Jumanji.

On a note! The very word “Jumanji” has no unambiguous translation and meaning. For some, it is the embodiment of the mysterious world of the jungle, others believe that it means "pearl".

The release date of the film “Jumanji 2” - December 13, 2019 - this is just the little that is known about the adventure sequel at the moment. Such information was shared with the audience by Duane Johnson himself when he published the first teaser for the film in his Ingramgram account. The video for 15 seconds also says that the game is not over, which, apparently, should be the main slogan of the new picture.

The 2019 film Jumanji 2

The project team

It is already known that Jake Kasdan, the son of Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote the scripts for Star Wars, will again be in the director's chair. The scriptwriters who will work on Jumanji will also remain unchanged. This will be Scott Rosenberg with Jeff Pinkner.The latter is known for the TV series "Edge", "Spy", "Lost". The writers are faced with the task of doing everything possible to create a truly high-level sequel that will not yield to the previous part of Jumanji: The Call of the Jungle.

According to the director of the film, Jake Cazdan, work is still underway on the script, and the shooting of the plan will begin around the beginning of next year. In addition, the team has not yet decided on the location of the shooting.

As for the actors "Jumanji 2", in 2019, viewers will still be able to see on the screens:

  • Duane "The Rock" by Johnson ("Fast and Furious 7", "Black Adam").
  • Karen Gilan ("Guardians of the Galaxy", "Doctor Who").
  • Jack Black ("Horror", "Soldiers of Failure").
  • Kevin Hart ("One and a half spy").

The cast of the film Jumanji 2 2019

The participation of these stars will certainly be an additional incentive for many viewers to go to the cinema again and see the third film of the franchise. It remains to hope that the combination of the already proven acting team, good humor and adventure spirit will justify all the assigned expectations.

No details about the storyline of the new picture is still unknown. Surely, the audience will have to watch the new game of the most unpredictable and insidious game “Jumanji” with life-threatening challenges.Players will again be in a dangerous gaming world, where the laws of cruel jungle reign. What awaits them on the way? Dangerous traps, unseen animals, endless puzzles? The main task for them is to defeat everyone and everything, because this is the only possible way to return home! How the main characters of Jumanji 2 will do this, viewers will be able to learn only towards the end of 2019.

Interesting Facts

  • Working on Jumanji 2 will be the third meeting on the set of Jake Kesdan with Jack Black. In addition to the previous part (“The Call of the Jungle”), the director has already worked with the actor in the film “Country of Freaks” (2001).
  • The new sequel to 2019 will also be the third joint work for Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. The very first of their joint work was the picture "One and a half spy".
  • According to actress Karen Gilan, the original 1995 film Jumanji featuring Robin Williams is her favorite movie.
  • The basis for the original “Jumanji” was the 1982 book of the same name. In addition to the film based on her motives in the period 1996-1999, they filmed the animated series.
  • It is known about another continuation of Jumanji called Zatura: A Space Adventure.The plot of the film, released in 2005, also deals with a board game, but there the main characters overcome all the dangers in outer space.

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