Julia Wang predictions for 2019

The shocking winner of season 15 of the Battle of Psychics, was remembered by the audience not only by its spectacular appearance, but also by dark prophecies, but the predictions of Julia Wang for 2019 are encouraging. The mysterious woman calls herself “The Spirit of Chaos” and does not waste the gift of public speaking. The priority is global issues that are relevant to all mankind. The exceptions are forecasts for Russia and the countries on which, in its opinion, the fate of the planet Earth as a whole depends. What did the extravagant witch see in the future literally and how to react to her prophecies?


Meet Julia Wang!

Her interests are so versatile that you don’t immediately guess what role the “star” of the Internet and blue screens are at one time or another. She is subject to any reincarnations and performances. An extraordinary creative person and "socialite", today known as:

  • demanded model and perspective designer;
  • outstanding actress, singer and musician;
  • gifted clairvoyant, philosopher and poetess

Julia Wang predictions for 2019

Julia was born on October 29, 1981 in Riga. At the beginning of her life, she bore a different, less resonant name - Julia Gavrikova. The girl grew up in an incomplete family and studied in a regular school, but differences from her peers were already noticeable then. The young chosen one of fate was an irreconcilable loner and did not share the interests of her age group. Wang will discover the secret of alienation only many years later, when he appears in the program “The Battle of Psychics”, presenting himself as the physical embodiment of magic and calling himself the “Spirit of Chaos”. Up to this point she will hide her abilities, only occasionally interfering in the course of events.

Signs over and first predictions

Latvian Vanga from childhood realized that you should not advertise outstanding ability. The reason for this was the case. She warned a neighbor with a sore stomach, literally advised to abandon overeating and beloved kebabs. The man strangely perceived the recommendations of a juvenile seer and ate a lot more fatty roasted meat than always. The fool was hospitalized, but he accused the girl of his own stupidity.

Always on the side of Julia Wang was her mother, also possessing extrasensory abilities. Even in the period of gestation, she realized that the child would not be ordinary:

  • pregnancy lasted 11 months;
  • accidents during the period and exacerbation of appendicitis during childbirth;
  • an attempt by the obstetrician to kill the newborn.

Despite the strange and terrible circumstances, the child survived. Only in adulthood, the clairvoyant realized that its purpose was to inform humanity of the coming changes, warning against irreparable mistakes.

What year 2019 promises for Russia and the world?

The pessimistic predictions of Julia Wang left an indelible mark on the souls of Russians. Partly the medium turned out to be right, because it was she who literally predicted:

  • fall of the ruble;
  • fermentation of the middle class;
  • economic crisis;
  • sanctions, price rises and shortages.

Julia Wang predictions for 2019

However, for Russia, all these factors were on the shoulder, and now the psychic sees the way of the state in a slightly different light. The problems will not end, she says, but it will be easier to overcome them. In 2019, mankind will face serious upheavals, but they will become a springboard to a bright future, but for now:

  • worldwide decline in living standards is coming;
  • sharp fluctuations in currencies will affect the welfare of countries and their citizens;
  • Russia, despite the difficulties, will continue the course of reviving its former power.

A bit of a rare for Julia Wang positive is richly flavored with warnings. She sees the consequences of nuclear strikes. The pictures are shaky and blurred, so the soothsayer is confident that the Third World War is likely, but not predetermined. The universe sends messages to the beloved of events that are not necessary, but can occur. Purpose: to prevent and prevent. The global conflict, according to the predictor, may be caused by the dominance of Russia and China, and the main danger for the Russian Federation is maturing in the south of the state. What is meant literally is not entirely clear.

Julie Wang answers evasively to questions about resolving the situation in eastern Ukraine in 2019. A couple of years ago, she pointed to a decline in aggression, and just recently mentioned that the conflict would flare up with a new force, and for Russia there would come a time for making crucial decisions. Sanctions will climax, but the damage from them will be all the more insignificant.Perhaps the opposition of the elites and pro-government structures of the Russian Federation will escalate.

Every year, the clairvoyant is becoming increasingly self-contained. She reluctantly talks about politics and tries to avoid predictions, but cannot deny those who suffer. The official site of Julia Wang is intended for communication, where she tries to respond to letters, shares predictions and makes personal horoscopes.

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