Juice "Santal" is one of the best!

This article will acquaint you with the variety of juices "Santal". You will learn about their usefulness and popularity. No one keeps a secret manufacturing formula, you can also learn about it from the article.

Who makes "Santal"?

The manufacturer of juices "Santal" produces 6 typesdrink with 100% flavor. The assortment includes nectars with pulp of fruits and vegetables. In nectars, the mass fraction of fruit is 50%. For the preparation of "Santal" juice, fruits and vegetables are used that meet all standards and requirements, such as freshness, ripeness, uniformity, weight. They perfectly preserve the taste and aroma of fruits and vegetables. The juice of Santal, manufactured by Parmalat MK LLC, is made of high quality fruits and natural concentrates. Drinks of this brand can be consumed by children of older and middle groups of kindergartens.


Juice production

Restoration of the concentrate is carried out by one of thethe simplest ways: in specialized production, add concentrated fruit or vegetable mass to purified water, then poured into boxes. Multilayer packaging perfectly protects from direct sunlight, which contributes to the preservation of all its useful properties. Even glass does not have such a degree of protection.

Variety of products

pear juice

"Santal" - juice that attracts the consumerunsurpassed quality, and to ensure the popularity of its product, the manufacturer is constantly expanding the range. To date, there are three branches of taste:

  1. "Classical". It includes juices from orange, grapefruit, banana, apple, peach, apricot, pineapple, pear, mango, tomato, strawberry, sweet cherry. This line is popular among mothers, for such drinks are most useful for children. They can be safely given to babies, because they are safe, contain a small amount of sugar, do not contain dyes and preservatives.
  2. "Red fruits". This bright, beautiful and very useful "branch" includes juices from red fruits, namely red Sicilian orange, black currant, cherry, pomegranate, grapefruit, cranberries and forest berries. Such drinks are very useful for people of mature age and hospital patients. And all because the substances that color the gifts of nature in red, contribute to the development of the body of red blood cells. Pomegranate, for example, enriches the body with iron, cranberry is a preventive agent and at the initial stage of infections kills bacteria and viruses in the human body. Each fruit has its own individual properties.
  3. "Active life". This "branch" consists of nectars "carrot-orange" and "carrots-tropic". And the line is not for nothing named so, for tasty drinks are preferred by people who lead an active lifestyle, athletes, and, of course, just lovers of carrots. Nectars please not only with color and taste, but also with their usefulness. They are especially popular with people with poor eyesight.

juice santal manufacturer

The most popular pear juice. And it's not surprising. It includes a natural pear pulp and fruit juice. Pear juice is the taste of a real ripe juicy fruit. Contains many vitamins and microelements in easily digestible form. It is produced in two versions, and the first one is without any additives. There is also a separate product - sap "Santal" pear with sugar. Juice from this fruit is useful, it is advised to drink with catarrhal diseases accompanied by high temperature (since it contributes to its lowering), it activates the work of the intestines, normalizes digestion, it is used as a diuretic. And the drink contains a lot of fiber, sorbitol, pectin. The juice "Santal" can be called the most natural juice.

In the manufacture of concentrates,technology of freezing, which allows you to save all vitamins, the taste of fruits and vegetables. These qualities are primarily appreciated by the buyer, and this raises the product rating among the other competitors. Juice "Santal" is considered to be one of the most natural, environmentally friendly and useful in this category of goods.

What do consumers think about juice?

santal reviews

Quite a large number of people usejuices of Santal. Reviews about it, of course, are of interest to those who face a difficult choice. Even big fans of a delicious drink will be called not many manufacturers who produce banana juice. "Santal" - one of the few and, probably, the best of them. Many consumers respect and love the juice "Santal". This is a high quality of both juices and nectars. And although the price is noticeably higher than that of neighbors in the shelf, the drinks disperse no worse than hot pies.

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