Jewelry box with compartments

Posted by16.05.2017

Proper and convenient storage of jewelry is important. Of course, all the chains, bracelets, rings and earrings can be placed in a large jewelry box and get them as needed. True, it is terribly inconvenient, because they all cling to each other, get confused. And some even manage to get lost, among others, so that six months later their owner is happy with the decorations, as if she saw them for the first time.


So is it not better to keep the accessories on hand and in sight? A very convenient box for such purposes can be made with your own hands. As a basis, you can take any box or even your familiar box-chest. But we will do the dividers independently. To do this, we need an old towel and a piece of pretty fabric (you can use an unnecessary scarf, velvet will also look very cool).

How to make a box?

Towel cut into pieces. Their width should correspond to the width of the base.We twist the pieces of towels into tubes, as shown in the photo. If they do not hold well, you can additionally fasten them with a thread. We put the tubes in the box and cover them with a beautiful cloth (by the way, you can use not cloth, but thick corrugated paper or any other thin and durable material). Now it remains only to put dividers. You can use wire or wooden skewers (it all depends on what kind of material you choose as a coating.

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