January 2019 vacation at sea

Winter is a long season. If it were not for the New Year holidays, it would be harder to wait out the cold season. Before January, all people are preparing for the holidays, buying presents, coming up with programs, a festive banquet, and after the New Year’s meeting they are looking forward to a quivering spring and a sunny summer. But you can leave the cold January for a while and go abroad, to places of eternal summer.


Where the sea can go in January 2019

There are several popular places to relax on the sea in winter, some of them are perfect for families with children, and in some resorts, it is better to refrain from staying with kids. The rating of visited summer resorts in January and prices for tours are presented in the table:

Countries, Islands Price for the tour for 1 person for 7 days / rubles
1. Egypt To date, banned the purchase of tours from Russia
2. Thailand From 32 000
3. Tenerife From 32 000
4. UAE From 27,000
5. Sri Lanka From 37 000
6. Maldives From 65 000
7. Goa From 24 000
8. Vietnam From 52 000
9. Dominican Republic From 53 000

Depending on the tour, a certain list of services will be presented. So the cheapest tour includes:

  • flight from Moscow and back,
  • transfer from airport,
  • accommodation,
  • breakfast,
  • insurance.

However, in the winter time, you can inexpensively buy an all-inclusive tour package; to attract a stable flow of tourists, most countries reduce the cost of services. Tour operators always point out that the fact that early booking can significantly save the budget, so if you buy a tour in January in the summer, you can relax with a saving of over 50%. Information on burning tours and discounts should be clarified in the proven travel organizations.

Holidays in January 2019 on the sea. Where to go to rest

You can go to many hot places without a visa, for example, to Vietnam, Thailand, you can rest 15 days without it, you can spend a month in the Maldives, visa-free travel is possible in the Dominican Republic.

Pros and cons of resorts

Each of the resorts presented has its own advantages and disadvantages for tourists, the table shows the characteristics of the resorts.

Country, Islands pros Minuses
Egypt The visa can be issued at the airport, tours in January are low, there is no scorching heat, the flight to the country is fast, the rest is varied and there is no language barrier Due to the crisis, the level of service and tourism has fallen, a lot of bad reviews about the kitchen,the sea is cool, there are many armed guards walking through the streets, which is alarming for tourists; excursions have become tiresome and sometimes life-threatening.
Thailand Visa-free travel up to 15 days, beach rest, warm sea, developed tourist infrastructure, suitable for families with children, in some regions interesting excursions, bright festivals are held In January, many tourists, there is a language barrier, a long flight, a difficult acclimatization, the cost of tours is above average.
Tenerife Low cost of tours, favorable temperature for swimming and excursions, from January 7, you can buy goods at a profit, large discounts, an interesting and varied excursion program, a high-quality tourism service, and delicious and inexpensive cuisine. Flight 7 hours, you need to issue a Schengen visa.
UAE A variety of leisure, wide and affordable shopping, a lot of festivals and shows Cool water, the flight lasts from Moscow for 5 hours, a difficult visa, you can not drink alcohol, even in the room, the price level is above average
Sri Lanka Warm water in the ocean, hot weather, easy registration of the visa, natural delights, you can watch the whales, a lot of attractions. The duration of the flight, the high cost of tours
Maldives 1 month visa-free regime, warm ocean, the possibility of diving, beautiful views, clean beaches. Flight 9:00, strict rules of Islam, a kitchen that does not suit everyone
Goa The lack of a language barrier - English is common, large sandy beaches, lots of attractions, warm water Bad Internet
Vietnam Visa-free travel for half a month, warm sea, clean streets, lots of fruit, beautiful scenery The language barrier, few shops, and on the goods there are no price tags, as tourists sell everything 2 times more expensive, traffic rules are poorly respected
Dominicana Visa-free regime, sandy beaches, all-inclusive, favorable for families with children, carnivals Long flight, expensive tours and excursions

Vacation in January at the sea with children

Families with children are faced with the choice of where to go to the sea, so that the climate and high level of security is favorable. There are many resorts where it is warm in January, but Thailand, Egypt and Tenerife will be the most suitable holiday destinations, since today it’s impossible to fly to Moscow from Moscow, you should give preference to the remaining two resorts.As for expensive Thailand, if you plan a trip after January 5 and take a week of training days, you can meet 100,000 rubles for a family vacation.

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