It is very simple - to increase living space!

How often do you go out on your balcony in order to just get some fresh air? What never? Well, yes, where will the clean air come from in such a big metropolis called Moscow? In a large number of cases, balconies are pantries, which throw unnecessary things. And you know that it is much smarter and more rational to approach the exploitation of this useful area. I suggest you use the loggia or balcony as an extra room, albeit small, but very functional.

And if you have a kitchen with a balcony or loggia, then you will be able to significantly expand the functional area of ​​the kitchen. Make to order furniture for the kitchen or the bar. Now Russian kitchens are not expensive, even making a new kitchen to order by individual design will not be expensive. A wide selection of materials, colors and textures will allow you to turn the kitchen into a small cafe or just a cozy dining room for the whole family.And with the new square, your imagination will be where to disperse.

Agree, this proposal is very tempting, especially if you take into account the prices of real estate in the capital. When you choose the material for the enclosing structure on the balcony, push off the load-bearing capacity of the balcony slab - I do not think that you will use bricks, the walls of which will be too heavy for this task. Your task will be noticeably simplified if there is a loggia in your apartment, and not a balcony. It already has side walls, which means that the monetary costs of rebuilding and the amount of time for repairs are quite noticeably reduced. It is clear that under our climate conditions, it will not be enough just to glaze a balcony. Moreover, this glazing must be clearly calculated in order for the windows to keep silence and heat well in the newly created room. For this purpose, most often choose the traditional hinged plastic windows, and at least two-chamber.

After you erected the missing walls and made the installation of PVC windows, you need to proceed to waterproofing and insulation.Insulation (mineral wool, isoplast or some other insulation) should be laid along the entire perimeter of the balcony, and also on the ceiling and on the floor. It was the turn of waterproofing - you need to install roofing material (modified polyethylene, folgoizolon, and the like), seal the joints with foam, arrange the ebb. Well, after you can do the finishing. It is necessary to think in advance about heating the balcony, since it is strictly forbidden to take out the steam heating pipes. So, you will need to conduct electrical wiring, not only for lighting devices, but also for local heating devices (electric heater, heater, radiator, split-system) or underfloor heating. The blessing in the market there is just a huge selection of building materials.

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