Isolation of the isolator uplite stranger. Is it possible to conduct a SIP conductor under ground?

Already from the complex from the service for electric power supply, the result from which was successfully launched into the operation of the project for the region and for the region. Our specialists will now use the most-installed electrical installation and start-up operation in a short-term period.

The process is implemented on the electrical fragments before the moment of the moment prematurely and without etapi, with the correct use of coito depending on the time spent on work.

Our expert team will now develop the optimal solution for your task, just look at the betting and find the right time! Shoot segazahranvane in the region on Moscow Even you can direct it.

Electric power supply:

  • Temporarily reserved for construction site - Design and coordination.
Ensure documentation and speed up document retrieval
List on the service price
Received on specifications (technically conditions) for technological level from 10,000 rubles.
Adoption of the law for action on the TU by agreement
Electro-quahranvan project - developed and approved from 20,000 rubles.
Law Receipts for Technology Level by agreement
Acceptance of the Law for sharing on the balance from 10,000 rubles.
Get a certificate for acceptance for an electrician installation on subscriber by agreement
Svecvane on Sporazumenieto for energy supply with "Mozronosbizh" AD from 10,000 rubles.
Approximate pricing for installation on CIP 2 Explorer
SIP 2 3x16 + 25 from 85 from 100 from 30
SIP 2 3x35 + 54.6 from 160 from 140 from 42
SIP 2 3x50 + 54.6 from 190 from 160 from 48
SIP 2 3x70 + 54.6 from 230 from 180 from 54
SIP 2 3x95 + 70 from 325 from 200 from 60
Approximate pricing for instalirane on tel SIP 3
have The price of the material for 1 m, triene Razdite for installation for 1 m, rub Disperse the dismantling cable on the viscose for 1 m, raztrivayte
SIP 3 1x50 from 50 from 160 from 48
SIP 3 1x70 from 63 from 180 from 54
SIP 3 1x95 from 70 from 200 from 60
Approximate price for electrical work
package Kind of work price
Vila iconomics Cost effective option from 700 rubles. on m2
Vila standard Standard publish from 1000 rubles. on m2
Comfort in the cabin Complex publicly from 1200 rubles. on m2
Elitna kashta from 2000 rubles. on m2
Approximate price for electric work in the apartment
package Kind of work price
Ikonomichen apartment Cost effective option from 800 rubles. on m2
Apartment standard Standard publish from 1200 rubles. on m2
Apartment comfort Complex publicly from 1500 rubles. on m2
Luxurious apartment Nai-Visokoto Niva on the complexity of okabelyavaneto from 2000 rubles. on m2

Electrical installation services:

Vstreshno zakhranvane

Nashata is a company of professional crawlers, who are engaged in providing electrical services to Moscow and the Moscow Region. Now you can help and spend a lot of time on the basis of documentation for reconciliation of necessary services and cases, such as installation and installation, test and test.

Rightly organizedinside of me We can always use the property: in an apartment, a village house, a industrial complex or a complex, communal, administrative building.

Svrzvashchi cable line in Moscow

Process, for exampleon the cable line in Moscow, take a lot of time to enjoy the need to develop a project,get all the approval and use of technical conditions for building, installation and commissioning.

You can significantly save time and budgetary expenses, as you are a candidate for qualified assistance in MasterEnergoService.

Vzdka on vzdushnit line in the area on Moscow

For this, they will blow up the cable lines in the area to Moscow, and it is permitted to organize the project in accordance with the plans. Kato is a licensed organization who can still do it and develop the necessary project and get all the approval.

This is necessary when installing on the cable in a single way, it is foreseen to be installed on the basis of different types of support. The project is a tryabva and the number of the brooch on the pole, the duel of the cable, the broach on the cable and protect the devices.

Vneshno zahranvane

Ako Tryabva and se organizer daden objectin store, then the procedure of procedure with poluchavaneto on TU. Osventova, understanding of helpers on the TSR, worked out for the project and worked on, was foreseen in the project.

For example, you can install a transformer substation and an installarate, and install an appliance for distributing it at an input, for protecting it, it is grounded.If the measurements are taken during stricture spasvane on the basis of regulations, the documents should be used in Ruskata Federation:

  • PUE (rules for installation on electric installations);
  • ENiR (uednakveni normi and quotations for construction, installation work);
  • TSN (Territorial Evaluation);
  • SNiP (building norms and rules).

Installation on the store

More dnesinstallation on the store in the company "MasterEnergoServis" you can yes up to the key. Tazi service includes absolutely all kinds of actions, coitrification and directing, for which you are connected to your site.

Seem like kakvo yes directing and understanding we will dissuade the barb!

Hastily, the self-informative body isolation isolate (SIP) is hugely popular due to the installation of electrical wires.

The ce

  • for relying on the air line and light of the sky,
  • for installation on the entrance to the entrance to the building.

Montage is possible

  • by air,
  • on the facade of the building.

The cable lines of the se will put such a way, and then they will avoid the possibility of a wedge against the danger of mechanical tension and damage over time.

The process on the cable on the cable is completely overtaken by the following operations:

1. Install the drum from the cable.

2. Punch the drum with a scream.

3Cut the leather from the drum.

4. Razgvane on the cable through the uniformly worn on the drum and of the people on the cable for a second time on the constructive position.

When working with a cable taggedleto on the cable, it is izvrshva from electrical engineering. If you choose a khorat like this, all the way from 35 kg.

It is a must and need for special rules that are set at temperatures below 0 ° C.

CIP benefits

  • It is based on the head of Osiguryava on the side of hope and is constantly supplied with electricity for the consumer, for the difference from the installation on the non-insulated cables.
  • Kogato VLI in premina va forest planting and greenery plantations, not all that is better for a glade, which is why you appreciate the installation of Samata Pistu for installation.
  • Instaliranto on the Osiguryava side of the table is spreading around the support, which has been fixed on the system, and it is traced to the insulator.
  • Energize debris in the line of all namalyavat in the result of the grease of reactivity (0.1 Ω / km in comparison with 0.35 Ω / km for non-conductive conductance).
  • It is possible to replace the pumping unit on a pole for conductors from a different field to a vacuum and from a telephone line.
  • The price is expected for installation, installation and repair of e-oil, especially when working under pressure.
  • The price of working for hastily being installed is abundant.
  • Because of the absence of a gap or insignificantly formed on the isolate of the surface on the body through the ice and wet removed.
  • Imaging is possible for citizens from the state on the electric wire, without any pressure.
  • The installation on the electrical lines on the facade on the fence is possible, and you can easily install it at the same time as you block, lock the trotorite, and even look like the aesthetics in city conditions.
  • The risk of fire in the case of getting into earths conducts this seleminira.
  • Osiguryava is all about the risk of a junction between phase conductor or earth.
  • Ima Wispoka is a degree of safety on the serviced and never risk of damage during the installation of prefabricated cables.
  • Security is handled in proximity to the power supply, somehow and from one of the others to SIP.
  • Namalyavaneto on probabilistic for theft and unishozhavane on the authority of the Namaliava razdeite for serving on the organization.


Cable management

Have on the product



CIP 2 POS (SIP 4) sec. up to 16 mm.kv., from:

CIP 2 POS (SIP 4) sec.up to 25 mm.kv., from:

SIP payload 2 sec. up to 35 mm.kv., from

SIP payload 2 sec. up to 50 mm.kv., from:

SIP payload 2 sec. up to 75 mm.kv., from:

SIP payload 2 sec. up to 90 mm.kv., from:

SIP payload 2 sec. up to 120 mm.kv., from:

CIP seal 3 sec. up to 35 mm.kv., from:

CIP seal 3 sec. up to 50 mm.kv., from:

CIP seal 3 sec. up to 75 mm.kv., from:

CIP seal 3 sec. up to 90 mm.kv., from:

Montirane on the goal of the conductor on the support


When mounted on the electrical entrance to the base with electrical air conduction, it is connected to the stoman chesto from the SIP tel. A lot of companies from Mredat Dori iziskvat are exactly a washbasin and I prescribe under technical conditions.

In spite of the goods, the property on the plot is not a lot of honor from the aesthetics of aesthetics, so they will look at the view of the facade on the building. And those si will ask for a single natural question and give it to you and put the CIP conductor under the ground.


From the bottom, what are the names of the leaders:

  • You can start by cable
  • On the second hand, direct to the bodies of the reinforcement is unforgettable and insolent, and shchitov in a mazette, kato tozi filled with the celebrity, do not bother

Swiftly on the cable, you can also carry a significant amount of money. Do not try and buy a piece of broniran honey and pay enough to replace the aluminum section with a SIP unit, which will protect you from the country, for example, flexi marcuch or HDPE trabi

The standard dhlbochina of Izkopa for putting on the cable under the ground is 0.7 m or more.

Zanayachtite, for the protection of the cross-section of the SIP interrogation, stifle and temper the seasons in the winter season, they will put 1.2–1.5 meters in the golyama bar. But it’s not a big deal.

Lack of!

First of all, a SIP conductor is not an e-cable, as if some erroneous choir of an error will be heard, namely, a conductor!

And it is necessary to isolate all the isolation on all sides of the wedge, the koito is a rag and a protector:

No, don’t take care of that, for the lively underground of the grizachi and other animals, you can understand your entrance, you wish.

On the other hand, and the most important thing is that SIP for Comrade is simply not intended.

Vsychki manufacturers tosi conductor unambiguously kazvat, chtozi material for laying on air.

Can it be a crawl:

but it can’t be crawled under the ground!

Dory and Millite are logical, but the name and the coupon are specially armored cable VBSHv or SB, for which you can load the cable from post to board, but nothing will be taken away from the post to the board. With such a thing as a SIP, then a tryabva and a crawl out of the crawl exactly in these conditions, around the corner.

Osven Tov, at home in the Tavan and in the Tavan house, could not be completely disregarded by the SIP, but the individual print itself, the carriers of the letter “Xp” in the name are not ignited.

Nito is one of HDPE trub, attentively laid down and taken from all the rules, and it is worth it. Absolute plutnost on such a design, coiton and osigurite, and double isolation, is directed at the beginning, now symbolic.

Osvenov továt trábata is not a vinagi vi predazv from a gryzachi.


Ima option for Nanasians on trub from asbestos cyment. Spread mnosin, with takava protection, zitsata tryabva even on Pone 100 year. First of all, even, for yes, you get such material, it differs from HDPE, it's not easy to understand and the price for it is not completely different.

On the other hand, again, you will cross the problem with a hermetic fastener and separate the segments into one with each other. The name may even be completely hundred percent uplifted.

As a result, a SIP product in a bowl was kept in constant wet conditions. At the entrance and at the entrance to the pipeline, the condensate and moisture are always located below the temperature of the face. And how will these exploration conditions reflect on the exploitation of the abdomen?

Disassemble this, all the time and failures on the next day and can work hard. It depends on the conditions on the installer and work. But in a single "perfect" moment, in the edges of a kraischat, another imaging union or a preksvane.

Dampen the veins sooner or later. And when the temperature is negative, the Venate will be disassembled and broken by little effort.

And all over the wall on the edge of the wall, just below the bottom line, all the time — alarm, patches, maybe you can either grow or decorate the fence. How can you straighten it out, c'de, and now the intention of the musto to hurt and the rim of the head to the edges of the collar?

Yes, you can hire specialists and let OTDR crawl, for yes, let me know how to crash. It is not practical, but it is 40-50 meters from the ground.And how do you fold the terminator on the CIP?

As a result, the goods were more or less incommensurable with the iconomiitis on the normal position of the cable, but they were denied a step to the construction site.
Evening, let the interpreters convincingly argue the arguments on the fenowet, cheat the technology, and all the packs will make SIP under the ground.

Tova, Koeto Nai-Cesvat:

  • Guarantors on a conductor for grounding are set up in a HDPE Osigurjava tower and provide mechanical protection.
  • Sufficiently sealed off the stool with unifiers and tosi stuff you can get it away from moisture
  • Under the ground the nyam ultraviolet effekt vrkhu izolatsiata and consequently neynyat the belly itself ce increase

Rules and GOST

Do not pick up the things that are most important to a normal energy engineer or an inspector on the supervision of any person who is like a job from you. An explosive ya even yes, and even apply the pressure of the basin, potentially dangerous part of the mud, removed from the violation.

Nesmneno, apo trybva and put the CIP under the ground from the house, koyatoeve e erupted from the electric building, a garage or an extension, no one can not yes, but don’t send the goods.

Behind yourself this, you are free and beyond, as if vi haresva. Nika Nyama and See for Tova or Dori and write Globa. Nowadays, your business for the sake of unity is no longer the case, not killing or osakatiava from the face of a person. How much else is caused for a product - leakage or leakage is not important.

The Vednaga trail of the cathode will be organized by the organizer and the trainee, or else you should know and document, for the coito or not the grizzly, or for the sake of the needy, or for the sake of the livelihood, and take advantage of your innovations.

And the rules say the following:

This is a good thing, as an electrical technician, a coito izvrshva is working for hire, never leave a country for a client.In extreme wit, try and dissuade.

Nika Nyama and take a look at the tectonian otlstvaniya in zemnit Shevova or on golyamoto nahluvane on the grizachi or on the anomalous flooding in the mustoto poradudi rain or visoka water. Kogato investigates, what is the reason for the accident, the incompatibility of the technology for the application on the CIP, is a little unpleasant.

Ako rule all the rules, when you spasvane on the action of norms, nyam yes ima and pretend to you. Evening the question of instalaciatai, and for the right function on the cable of the pre ci ation, the period of exploitation from the moment of time to the established one.

The evil man with some obscurity or personally from you, tová ss syurnost e extreme version on the consequences of being put on the SIP in the land. Nai-chesto se sredavto:

Ponyakoga disfigured from scratch, either glad or refused to contact. In a case, a simple case on the light of the day is half the problem, cause damage. Nay-much from these accidents are confiscated from the rest of the head of the preschool and follow the fire.

And, in the armored cable of the cable, the casing is earthed and tossed it is protected, then it is just a misery for grounded on the SIP conductor.

Osventova is not a waggaz e, and installation is ideal, and relied on the land below.

Believe her, you’ve worked prese conduit presection open, preminavate conquer and conquest and risk from getting hurt like a nadraskvane zitsata without a curtain e many goals.

In the future, the goods would be the most weaker in the electric chain. Cables, for spacing from SIP, were initially produced with the necessary stability for mechanical effects, caused by laying in the soil, material and blockage.

Kato said, generalized wisely, you can send an unambiguous conclusion - relying on the bodies under the subterranean lands, it is strictly taken away. It is not necessary and you should protect the species, for it, and the basin is taken. Attempts to competently plan for the purchase of materials and materials from the destination.

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