Iron Sky: The Ark - 2018 film

  • Premiere: during 2018 (with a possible postponement of the release to a later date)
  • Countries of production: Finland, China
  • Genre: fantasy, action, comedy
  • Producer: Timo Vuorensola
  • Cast: will be approved later

For 2018, the planned release of the film "Iron Sky: The Ark", which will become the third part in the current trilogy. And if everything goes well, then in one year we will witness two new projects from the Iron Sky universe at once. Interesting?

What was before

Let's start with the fact that we will tell about the “Iron sky” what you need to know about it in the first place. This project would not have been possible without the support of people who cinema and non-standard humor. With the help of crowdfunding, Timo Vuorensol and the company in 2012 brought to the audience a fantastic action movie with elements of irony, embedded throughout the work, which told how German fascists managed to build a military camp on the dark side of the moon. Well, what else to add?

Timo Vuorensola

The project budget amounted to 7.5 million euros, while it collected a little more than 8 million dollars. But the producers saw this as a good sign and waited for the right moment to put the second part into production, thanks to which they intend to raise a noticeably larger amount of money. And if a profitable business pays off, then the third chapter in the history of Iron Sky will definitely be.

I wonder if Hitler will be riding a dinosaur in any of the future sequels planned for the future, as was shown in one of the videos?

Hitler and his iron sky

What will happen now

The film can get the same budget as the sequel: about $ 20 million. "Iron Sky 2" was withdrawn with a budget of 18 million, and the money obviously went to improve the quality of graphics.

Iron Sky: The Ark

Iron Sky: The Ark - the sequel to the sequel, judging by the promotional video, will request the same two dozen “Lyams” for its production, if not more, because the story will begin in it with the birth of life on planet Earth, which, naturally, need to show people.

No other details about the project. In the video, made to attract the audience attention to the future project, it is said that the Earth and the Moon are interconnected.In principle, this could be understood already when viewing the original tape.

Let's wait for the second “Iron Sky” to be released, let us estimate how much the authors improved the source and in what direction they moved in general, after which we will think whether to wait or not to wait for the continuation.

Director and screenwriter

The third part of Iron Sky is directed by Finn Timo Vuorensol. Naturally, only he! He is well aware of the outline of this whole story, because it was thanks to his extraordinary thinking that in the year when the end of the world was to happen according to the Mayan calendar, the “Iron sky” appeared, parodying almost everything sacred and trivial.

The script of the third chapter of the trilogy will write Max Wang. This man is known for producing earlier “Mongol” Sergey Bodrov and “Confucius” Hu May with Chou Yun-Fat in the role of an ancient thinker and philosopher of China.

People involved in the project

“The Ark” is only gathering a team of like-minded people, so to speak. The cast is unknown at this point.

There is information that Tuomas Kantelinen agreed to be the project operator. He is well-known to the Russian audience: the Finnish cinematographer shot the Icebreaker by Nikolai Khomeriki, the Territory by Alexander Melnik and The Yakuza Daughter by Sergey Bodrov.His work also included “Arn: Knight Templar” and “Mind Hunters” and “Hercules: Beginning of a Legend” Renny Harlin, also, by the way, a person who is not alien to the Russian audience. And then, the Finns are almost like relatives of the Russians, aren’t they?


The plot of the film is authentically unknown. The earth is connected with the moon, and everything began long before the appearance of man.

Iron Sky

Interestingly, in the film, which in the original has the subtitle "The upcoming race" or "Coming people", or something like that - The Coming Race - the events are known to take place twenty years from the moment on which original story. It is possible that the ending of the sequel will interact directly with the beginning of the triquel.

Movie release date

The release date of the movie “Iron Sky: The Ark” is set for hire in 2018. Probably, his premiere will eventually be shifted by a year, or even two. By the way, the release of the sequel has not yet been determined, although it is good that it has already been removed. In general, we'll see. And laugh. From the heart. Watching any part of the Iron Sky. Especially the one where the chief among the fascists subjugated the dinosaur.

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